So What Wednesday!!

Today is so what Wednesday and this week I’m saying so what if…

  • I track Lamar Odom’s every move via tmz.
  • I watched the Tigger Movie last night basically by myself because NF wasn’t interested… *spoiler alert*… there is only one Tigger and he doesn’t find his family… but he realizes his friends are like his family… uhhh I saw that one coming like 6 minutes in.
  • I researched energy efficient hair dryers because someone told me that hair dryers make your energy bill go up a lot.  Energy is included where I live now, but when it’s not anymore (i.e. we move) I am going to be so aware now of my 10 minute hair drying routine costing real $.
  • I bought those foot pad things that take the toxins out of your feet… and they came from China and took like two months to arrive…. should I be sketched out and not try them?
  • so what if I got pretzels with my sandwich when I really wanted potato chips… I just felt like it was a healthier decision?  Is it even?  Someone research this for me, thanks.
  • I’d like to never hear or read the name George Zimmerman again.
  • I went on a wine tour and only bought two bottles of wine and now I am regretting it sooo much, I should have bought lots and lots more!

Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you love walking up and down those apartment stairs dontcha?!

Dear Smellen, glad you read this thing and you care when I don’t post.

Dear Janman, excited to see you this Sunday… and that you get to experience what life is like with a toddler and NFL football.

Dear NFL Football, go easy on me this year… I don’t want to dread you.  Make it about fun, food, friends, family… not screaming at the tv the entire day… thank you.

Dear Pumpkin flavored anything, I haven’t had any of you yet… I refuse in August… but it’s September now… MAYBe it’s okay… but if I drink you, that means Summer if officially over… I think.

Dear C, keep on being good to me!

Dear wine tour tomorrow, Pah-lease do not get me too drunk.  I think since I was pregnant I am unable to drink and enjoy it.  I hopefully will enjoy this, sans baby boy.  And don’t make me ridiculously tired either.

Dear pedicure I had Thursday, I didn’t want to spend the $ but I am SO glad I did.  I’ve been doin them myself for a year now… and seriously every now and again you gotta get a good one.  Also, I had them do a dark purple (yeah I googled fall 2013 colors so what)… and I typically am not so great at painting the dark dark colors… so having a professional do it… perfect!

Dear Sushi I had Thursday, AMAZING following to my pedicure… loved you!

Dear Candy Crush, STOP taking OVER my 9-11 PMs!!!!  This is my cleaning, reading, relaxing time… I play candy crush, and request more lives, and wait for another life, and before I know it I wasted two freaking HOURS!  Whattt.

Dear Big Brother, Why’d you have to have a double eviction?  You totally ruined my Amanda being out celebration by immediately sending Elissa out too.  BOOO!  500th episode of Big Brother did not go the way I wanted it to.

Dear new season of TV, I’m not ready for you yet!!  Usually I’m dying for new TV to be on… but right now I just feel so overwhelmed!  What do I watch!  How do I keep up with it all!?

Dear new workout routine I added, love you!  You’re making me sore in all new ways!

Dear Lamar Odom, so TMZ said you went to a sushi place, had miso soup and 2 green teas but no sushi.. your bill was $7 but you left a $20…… WHAT?!  Why do I need to know this… and why did I remember every detail of the article I read.  TMZ you stalk Lamar’s LIFE …anndd I guess that means I do too?  Sorry Lamar, have your miso soup in peace.  And I hope you get off crack or was never even on it… truthfully I mean it.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, I thought I needed a break from you… but I didn’t…. I want you backkk!!