What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: it’s been so hot!  But you’re handling it like a champ.  You don’t know it yet but I’m getting your hair cut really soon!


BINGO: Every so often it’s necessary to spend 5 hours playing bingo… cause you MIGHT just win… but we didn’t.  I thought for sure this time we would, we had two trolls and a Tiki Barber bobblehead (that I used to have in the car – and the sun turned him lighter).


My Dinner at Peach Blossom: Had dinner at the casino at Peach Blossom.  I googled peach blossom and it’s a moth… so that’s not so cool for a resturant name… but whatever, it was very good!

cap it

Cap it: I recieved a few of these to sample at the race I was at.  I am trying one out now – I like it!  What you do is… use any bottle of water (I have a 20 oz Aquafina) put this cap on and push down, and the flavor powder mixture goes into your drink… and then you can drink from the new cap.  I like it because it’s like the squirt bottle caps.  I totally just downed 20 oz of this wildberry pomegranate drink.  Zero calories, sugar free.