What’s For Dinner

What’s for dinner… fried breaded eggplant and rigatoni with vodka sauce and sausages



What do you need…
1 pound wegmans mini rigatoni
1 large eggplant
wegmans italian bread crumbs
2 large eggs
wegmans hot italian sausage
emeril’s vodka sauce with 2 garlic cloves and some dried oregano

Cook sausages on medium heat.  Heat sauce on low heat.  Peal and slice eggplant.  Put vegtable oil in pan on high.  Beat 2 eggs.  Dip eggplant slices in eggs and then cover in bread crumbs.  Put eggplants in pan with oil about 2 minutes on each side or until they look done.  Place on paper towels to absorb excess oil.  Salt before eating.  Cut sausages up into slices and return to pan to cook more.  Drain pasta when done cooking, add sauce to pasta and sausages.  ANNNNNNNNNNND i think that’s it you’re done!  add red pepper flakes and parmesan reggiano if you want.


So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • I’ve been sick for 9 days and I just want to be betttterrr please for Christmas I can’t be sick!!!
  • I’ve been totally slacking at the gym and my fitbit steps but what can ya really do when you’re sick?
  • Christmas shopping has been difficult for me this year because I have a hard time not buying myself stuff too…. mmm that’s every year.
  • Wegmans has been out of anise (licorice flavor extract used in baking) for over a WEEK…. all the Italian grandma’s bought it all for their Christmas cookies (did that sound offensive because I mean that in the most endearing way possible… I am not Italian, though I aspire to some day be an Italian grandma, and that’s why I wanted to buy anise to make some pitzelles, for my Italian granmda in law who no longer makes them and gave me her ancient Pizzelle maker).
  • I am half way through season 2 of The Newsroom when i found out the forever finale was this week…. I don’t want it to end forever.
  • I am concerned Syracuse basketball is not going to be so good this year.
  • I’ve decided there is no way I want to be in a bathing suit ever in my life, and if that means I don’t go swimming again I think I am ok with that.
  • I like Real Housewives of New Jersey more than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… they are the only two I still watch… but I will probably start watching NY again since Bethenny is coming back.
  • I pretend like I sing much better than I actually do when driving in my car
  • Potty training is exhausting
  • Last week when I was sick I woke up at 3 am crying saying I just wanted my mom (I’m being really real, who doesn’t just want their mom sometimes?  especially when they are themselves a mom)
  • I had a $10 off Big Lots coupon that I got from spending over $50 on Black Friday that I was sooo excited to use… and when I went it had expired 2 days earlier, and I still tried to use it (didn’t work obviously)… what happened to the days when cashiers just used expired coupons?…were there ever those days?  anyways, I was more disappointed that I should have been about that happening.
  • I tried the Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks and was very impressed and I had no idea how to pronounce praline
  • I actually do not know how to pronounce a lot of words now that I think about it
  • I think my sister is really the only person who reads my list of so what’s each week, and is disappointed if I don’t do it… so this one’s for you Elbie.
  • I don’t do Elf on the Shelf.
  • instead of buying tissues, I carry around a roll of toilet paper from room to room, and my ocd 3 year old puts it back in the bathroom everytime I’m not lookin.


What I’m loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: I’m loving Nicholas (always)!  Last night I took out his blocks for the first time.


Wegmans Brownie Cheesecake:  I’ve had a few slices of this cheesecake now… and it’s offical.  My favorite.  I love the bottom.  Finding this photo I accidently got to see how many calories per serving… and it’s 500.  I wish I didn’t know that.


New meanings to Kelly Clarkson Songs: Let me explain.  This weekend Chris tooted first thing when we got in the car.  I hate when he does this.  The Kelly Clarkson song “Catch My Breath” was on and the song lyrics had me laughing so hard.  I was imagining she was singing about tooting.  (So you know I normally HATE anything to do with tooting).  I could write the lyrics in here – but it’s much better when you listen to it and imagine it to be about that.  ALSO, if you listen to Kelly Clarkson’s song “Because of You” and imagine the song is her singing about her seeing eye dog… you’ll find it hilarious, I hope.  Let me know if you try this.


Sim City 5: I preorderd this for Chris’ birthday Feb 13th – and it came last Friday.  The game is pretty awesome.

josh elliot

Josh Elliot:  I am a loyal ABC news watcher.  I’m lovin Josh Elliot.  So what who cares?

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: Oh my baby had 3 shots Monday.  I love him!  This picture was taken summer 2012.


Pastabilities Spicy Hot Tomato Oil: Pastabilities is an excellent Italian restuaurant located Downtown Armory Square Syracuse, New York.  When you sit down to eat they bring you bread and this Spicy Hot Tomato Oil (SHTO) and it is unforgettably amazing.  I recently discovered they’re selling it at Wegmans now!!  You can also buy it at their bakery across the street from the resturant or online here: http://shop.hottom.com


Replacing your shower curtain liner: Ya know when the bottom of your shower curtain liner starts to turn gross… and you decide you’ll clean it.  Maybe pinterest how to wash it in the washing machine with vinegar or something… well I realized that clear mildew resistant shower curtains cost less than $7 at Target.  Totally worth the price to just replace that dirty one.


Celebrity Wife Swap Kate Gosselin / Kendra Wilkinson: Last night was the premire of Celebrity Wife Swap and I loved this pairing!  My favorite part of the entire show was when Kendra had the 8 kids have a taco basement picnic and one of the sextuplets stepped on their sibling’s taco.