So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I really can’t STAND this season of the bachelorette… but I still watch it to be apart of the discussion the next day, about how bad it is…
  • I am so excited that Orange is the New Black season 3 premieres Friday
  • I beat my corporate challenge 3.5 mile race this year from 2014 by 3 whole minutes exactly to the second
  • I feel like June early July is the calm before the storm… we’re insanely busy end of July – end of October with weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners etc etc etc
  • I love rent the runway
  • I want the Tory Burch fitbit bracelet, so I can dress up with my fitbit still on…. but it’s $195, more than the fitbit itself.
  • I hate going to spin class ONLY because I don’t get steps for riding a bike
  • I got NF this toddler Jeep bed… so what…


Make Me Smile Monday



“I’ll have an organic low fat vanilla milk and a hot tall skinny caramel macchiato for my mom please” (no he actually didn’t say that… but he’s saying a LOT lately… more and more since like last week!!)  I know it’s Sunday but I just want to post this now and not wait.

I’ve been so busy… way more busy than normal.  We bought a house beginning of June… we’ve attended 4 weddings since memorial day weekend (I was in one and NF was in one).  Here’s some photo’s from the weddings… (click on them to view them larger)

Wedding #1 Cara and Doug

017 021 023cara

Wedding #2 Christina and Mike

001 003 005 006 007 010 018


Wedding #3 Ashley and Mike

003 - Copy 005 - Copy 006 - Copy 007  010 016 01710392334_10152440827532200_7870648623843317213_n

Wedding #4 Melanie and Patrick

001 002 003 004 006 007 008

I also ran a two 5ks… and my dad did them too…  Here’s a photo from one of them…


My family from Vermont came to visit and they were able to see my new house… here’s a photo of us together…


Our cousin Patrick is leaving for Germany today and we were able to say goodbye to him this weekend…

008 patpat

And there’s been lots of softball…


NF plays the piano at church… (after everyone has left)


We had a tornado here last week (that like never happens)… and it interrupted big brother.


A snake lives on our front steps.  SERIOUSLY it does.  It’s always there… and we named him Henry… and I can’t use the front door I have to use the garage… and I am too afraid to kill him or remove him… so we’ve just done nothing… ugh… and I think he eats mice… am I crazy?  I think that I vacuumed mice bones… C thinks I am nutso… I think that I am a normal paranoid person.


And so much more has happened in the last 2 months… NF had croup last week and it was horrible… but it came as fast as it went… but that was a rough time.

I think I am sort of caught up and hopefully I can keep up on updating now that things are slowing down and I have less to update about!!  Strange how that works huuh?


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You’re the cutest.  I love that you’re counting to 14 and you’ve known all your letters since you turned 2… you amaze me every day.  I can’t believe how much you’ve changed my life in the best ways.  Mommy loves you!!


Dear summer weddings, I do love a good wedding.  Forces C and I to get dressed up and go on a date.  I used to cry at them but I don’t any more.  Maybe because I have what I want now.  I do however cry during the mother son dance now… I never did that until I had NF.  It’s because I think of the day I will get to do that (hopefully).  And he’s just my baby right now so I cry.

Dear rent the runway dress, I love you I really really do!!!  I can’t wait to wear you tomorrow… and  hopefully I get lots of compliments.  I hope that I am not too drunk and tell everyone the story about how I rented it online (is that tacky to tell people that?)  I better look up who the designer is so I can tell people who I am wearing.  Seriously though if I don’t get any compliments I will be disappointed.  (is that vain?  I don’t care).

Dear Tracy Morgan, I hope you have a full recovery and that truck driver never drives a truck again… seriously trucks can be scary… stop speeding and driving like jerks!!

Dear Mad Men, I am so into you right now… already on season 4… I can’t believe how much I am in love with Donald Draper, even when he’s being terrible.

don draper

Dear Mug shot guy, I know everyone is saying he is gorgeous… I just don’t think  he’s like THAT gorgeous… maybe because I am just into Donald Draper right now and that’s not the same look.  Ehhh I just looked at him again… he is pretty amazing with those eyes I take it back.


Dear House, you’re coming along… I just wish I this time of year wasn’t SO busy that I could get more done!!

Dear Smellen, thank you thank you thank you for saving the day when I had a migraine Sunday morning.  Idk what I’d do without you (or NF)…. you showed up within an hour with dunkin and 3 animated dvds for NF (because I thought all the dvds were packed) and let me take care of myself for a couple hrs.  THE BEST sister ever.

Dear parents, thank you thank you for watching NF for all our weddings and being a major help… he loves his gay-ma and My-cool (he calls my dad Michael because my mom does and gay-ma is just funny to me).

Dear Lady at the grocery store at 8:20 PM, yes, my adorable son was still awake at this hour… it’s Friday… normally he’s in bed at 8 but it’s so bright out and still normally he’s in bed at 8… tonight we were very busy and we were grocery shopping at 8:20 PM (and it was still light out)…. didja really have to say to him, “you’re awake!”  because then he repeated the whole rest of the shopping trip, “IM AWAKE MOM IM AWAKE IM AWAKE”… nevermind it was cute… it didn’t bother me that much… and he did call you gay-ma (grandma) so I hope that made you feel loved and old at the same time. (Idk why he called her grandma, she looked nothing like my mom).