So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • I was pumped to drive in blusterous weather this morning… it was kind of exciting (and now I have a car that can take it)
  • I am sort of excited for the dentist to see my teeth this afternoon because for the past 6 months… I HAVE been flossing!
  •  I am on episode 9 for making a murderer… and I’ll be pretty sad when I am done with it
  • I need 100k steps a week or I feel like I’ve failed
  • I can’t believe I am potentially 3 weeks away from having a baby… I am so not ready
  • NF asks me if I want to cuddle at night and I can’t resist when he asks me that… he really knows how to get me to let him stay up later


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


We’re ymca members now… idk why I didn’t do this 3 years ago.  I used to be a Y member and I went all the time.  So far we’ve been members less than a week and we’ve gone 4 times and went swimming.  And that photo in his ID…. that was the only one where he was still after like 20 takes.


NF joined a serious keyboard band that includes an accordion occasionally… it sounds great guys, you really need to hear it, and for over 30 minutes.


We went to the renaissance festival (thanks smellen for the free tix)… NF had a great time… but it was like 95 degrees out.


Who doesn’t love a cake pop?


NF was sick Sunday 4-9 (threw up 4 times!  once all over a couch, and the rest mostly caught my my hands, and a little in a bucket)… next day he was good as new.  It’s awful to see little kiddos throw up!!


Stopped in Cazenovia for my sister’s wedding hair trial…


Big Brother 17 news… who is it going to be Becky or Johnny Mac…. (I am hoping Becky).  Idk why Johnny Mac didn’t try to win the veto, that seemed gutsy.


I am LOVING the Real Housewives of NYC reunion…. just love it.

kourtney and khole

How is this pic of Khole and Kourtney real life… omg that thigh gap on Kourtney and that butt on Khole.  I can’t even deal.


Teen mom 2 is on tonight and I HATE to love it… it’s so bad.  It’s like the worst.  Jenelle and Nathan are horrible.  Leah and Jeremy are a mess.  Adam is horrible.  Kailyn and Javi are super annoying.  I ONLY like the kids, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s parents and her bf Cole.


Not much else is happening round here.  It’s supposed to rain today – otherwise NF was going to shoot for a local commercial outside (I’m kinda glad about that because he needs a hair cut!!!)


So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I stayed up until 11 TWO nights in a row because of ABC television finales and premieres
  • I can’t believe mad men is over
  • I am glad Kaitlin is the bachelorette
  • I can’t stop following the whole Bruce Jenner story
  • it went from hot as heck Monday to freezing Wednesday… and frankly I guess I prefer the freezing, it’s better for sleeping and I am not ready to stop wearing sweaters… yeah I said it…
  • both my boys got a hair cut and I feel tremendously better about being seen in public with them… or even just lookin at them at home…
  • I love Riker Lynch… I actually didn’t even know him before DWTS and now I am a total fan… but I am glad Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovkiy won last night
  • Real housewives of NYC… I love it… but it’s like Bethenny show and then RHONY – the editors blend it as well as they can but it’s like Bethenny could have her own show for real… and Kristen Taekman could be a friend of the show… sorry I said it yeah
  • I think cousins are really important… and everyone should try to keep in touch with them
  • I need new clothes, but I feel like I have so much already
  • I am craving a frappachino mini
  • I am a huge Trader Joe’s fan like over night for real
  • I dream of being able to dance really well… like DWTS kinda good
  • I am proud of my accomplishments but I am disappointed in my failures so I forget about the accomplishments
  •  maybe I want a puppy… but I know that I don’t really want to deal with a puppy
  •  I am worried NF will not perform perfectly as a ring bearer in October… and that he really needs to be potty trained by then


My pick for winter weather lips

Blistex simple and sentive chap stick is wonderful for dry winter days.  It’s simple and sensitive, just like the name discribes.  It has no smell or color and any guy or girl would have no problem wearing this.  The price is perfectly inexpensive at about $1.29.  I love how smooth it feels and I like to put it on before I go to sleep or before I go out into the extremely cold Syracuse, NY weather.