Thursday Thoughts

Today’s Thursday and it’s time for some Thursday Thoughts.  Linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom (my favorite blog ever).
I’m totally into M&Ms with almonds.  I bought these two bags from Target over the weekend and I mixed them up and was hoping for an almond joy taste.  I wasn’t in love with the coconut ones.  Maybe because they are just flavored with coconut, and not actually coconut… but the almond ones WOW!  I love them!
SOOO I was hoping to find Olympics diapers.  Summer Olympics 2012 I had USA pampers diapers (I got as a gift) that I loved!!!  So I found this box online at Target, and had it ordered to the store.  I was a little nervous they weren’t actually really Olympics diapers… and I even went to a different Target store than my normal one to get the box.  AND just as I feared… not Olympics just an Olympics size bonus box?  Oh well.  Anyone else wish that they made different designs than Sesame Street characters?  Don’t get me wrong I love that there are Sesame Street characters on them… but you know, like the USA ones were awesome!


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Probably with some more searching, amazon maybe?  I can find them?  Anyone else know anything about these?
Anyone else watch Modern Family last night?  When Cam called Lilly’s lice “hair pets” I died.  Seriously laughed so hard!!
I am SO excited for Scandal tonight!!!
Nikki vs Claire…. mehh… I wish that I cared after watching all season!  Juan Pablo just doesn’t seem genuinely into either one since he acts the same with ALL of the girls.  I have to admit though, all he’d need to say to me was “it’s okay, that’s how you feel, I understand, it’s okay.”  then say something in Spanish and I’d be hypnotized… I think.  But for how long?  Some how Andy snapped out of the trance and came to her senses… but it did seem like she was gunning to be on the bachelorette?  I think I’m ready for DWTS to start and this season of the Bachelor to be over with.
As always I’m loving this little guy!!!  Can’t wait for Sesame Street Live this weekend!!
We read Labor Day for our February book club… and planned to watch the movie together… AND THE MOVIE isn’t out anymore!  WHHHHHHHHHHYYYY?  it was only out for like 3 weeks!!  Now we will have to wait I guess.