Girls Season 4 Episode 2 “Triggering”

Girls Season 4 Episode 2 “Triggering”


The episode starts off with Hannah being elated that $250 in Iowa gets you what a fortune would get you in NYC… so she goes for the $800 a month house.  Personally I’d rather be in a tiny place in Iowa, than a giant house alone… exactly because of bats and empty rooms… which is what Hahhah deals with her first days living there.


Hannah rides her bike around campus with her retro hipster hot pink helmet… but it doesn’t seem to be going so well.  I am not sure we’ll see her riding this bike in future episodes because it is taken after she was told she doesn’t need to lock up her bike (because it’s Iowa).


New Character from the writers’ workshop played by Desiree Akhavan.


Marnie says… “No one is moving to Iowa ever, but I’m so, so glad you’re happy.”  AH Marnie you drive me crazy knitting that scarf ugh.

book store

The book store scene… hilarious.  Brought me right back in time.


I lived in a cell phone dead zone in college from 2004-2005… but it was my first cell phone (that I JUST got) and it was way more common.  I think I’d die if I was Hannah right about then… but it gets worse… bats…


I’d 100% sleep in the bathroom with my comforter every night terrified of bats.


Hannahh… worst first day of classes outfit ever.


I like D.August… I pretty much loath the rest of these people at the writer’s workshop thing


Bike is gone.


“TMI is such an outdated concept.  There’s no such thing as too much information, this is the information age!”


I love that Sosh and Jessa are watching Scandal… and the weird Huck and Quinn romance.  And I probably looked JUST like Soshanna watching that.


SO happy Elijah came to visit… and I loved the college party… all of it.  It really made me miss those days, but at the same time, so glad it’s over.  But I still want to do it again, maybe one more time.


Giving the blunt truth advice to a random crying girl in the line for the bathroom then cutting her… omg totally real life.

I can’t wait for next week.


Just some Real Housewives of NJ TV thoughts


Season 5 Episode 16 – The Blonde Drops a Bombshell…

Well everyone is tired of twitter attacks… we got it.  Can this story line end?


Richie Wakile can rock a pair of colored glasses like no other man.


During the lunch Teresa, Melissa, Joe, and the parents (minus Giacinto Gorga) they had amazing seafood platter thing and omg it looked soo good… that lobster on top, whoa!  I really want to see everyone get along like that.


I LOVED Teresa’s blue jacket outfit and bag… unfortunately it’s not up at where I can usually find out where the housewives get their clothes.


Were Joe and Rosie not hilarious together?!  They really should hang out a lot more.  “if we both planted our eggs”  “do I have eggs to or what do I have?” ahh I died.


I loved when Kathy yelled!  “Start pickin them up I can’t do this right now!!” I could relate completely.  I will seriously purchase Kathy’s cannoli kits totally… as long as they aren’t like $40 – oh I just looked and they are $40… ehh I don’t know Kath.  Kinda steep.


I like the awkwardness surrounding Melissa’s singing.


Caroline Manzo has a migraine… I REALLY love how human Caroline is.


I love Jacqueline and Chris Laurita’s relationship – they are so great!


I was so proud of Jacqueline after speaking.  I really love her and her story.


UGH, the episode ended with Penny (the new Kim G.)  Why is this a story line… also her hair is so fake it drives me crazy.  There’s no way she just happened to be there (I know it’s reality tv).  And the previews for next episode has more Penny ughh.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice


I feel like I’ve been waiting for-ev-er for this season to start!  I love celebrity apprentice, but ALL STAR celebrity apprentice ahhh!!

After knowing who is off first because the internet can’t keep a secret THIS is my prediction order list of “you’re fired” (or I quit, which happens SO much on that show)…

  1. Bret Michaels (suprise?  he already won a pervious season, give another celeb a shot)
  2. Dennis Rodman (Have you seen him on TV lately for his new friendship with North Korea?  – his interview with George Stephanopoulos was totally bizzare)
  3. Lisa Rinna
  4. Brande Roderick
  5. Claudia Jordan
  6. Gary Busey
  7. Dee Snider
  8. Omarosa
  9. Marilu Henner
  10. Penn Jillette
  11. Stephen Baldwin
  12. Trace Adkins
  13. Lil Jon (WINS IT ALL!!)


Last night I recieved a text message at 10:48 PM from my friend Tiffany saying, “Poor Gunnar!!”.  I was asleep and didn’t read it until 6:05 AM this morning.  NOW  I have to find out what happens to Gunnar about 3/4th of the way into the episode!

Everyone knows I dislike Avery Barkley (who doesn’t?).  I enjoyed the moment where he happened to go to the Blue Bird for open mic night – but it was closed for a private event (Deacon’s suprise birthday party) – he looks through the red blinds and sees Scarlett and Gunnar perfroming.  HA HA!


Annnd… I know why my friend texted me “Poor Gunnar”… his brother died.  This is going to sound TOTALLY insensitive (but it’s A TV SHOW)… Gunnar’s brother dead is actually a good thing… now he won’t drag him into trouble.



Nemo and Leonard Cooper

drive home

My drive home Friday, Feb 8th 2013… this was Nemo for central New York.  nbd.


GOOO LEONARD COOPER!  Leonard is going to the finals in the Teen Jeopardy Tournament – and he’s my fav.  I captured this photo of my tv while Leonard was telling the story of how a girl in school that sits behind him put a pink highlighter in his afro and he didnt find it until a few days later.  How adorablely weird (I’ll say what the world was thinking – so does Leonard take showers and wash the fro?  Or does he wear a shower cap?? – did the highlighter survive the showers and stayed lodged in his hair?)

Don’t Trust the B canceled


How could this happen?  They cancelled Don’t Trust the B!?  That show was good.

fire house

My reaction was similar to Bill Hader’s on SNL when he found out the news about the cancelation… “WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT NOT THE B… THAT’S BONKERS… WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT… WHATTTTTTTTTTTT… YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.”

So what should I do?  Write ABC?  Tweet Krysten Ritter, James Van Der Beek, and Drama Walker and tell them that’s BONKERS and I want them back?

The Middle – Sue Heck

sue heck's rainbow shirt

Sometimes I wonder if my future will be just like the Middle.  Except I know for a fact I’d never have that headboard.  I needed to share this photo to point out another one of Sue’s awesome shirts.  I wonder if there is a site where you can find Sue Heck’s clothing to buy (or something like it)… like they do for Pretty Little liars and other popular shows.

sue dress

Sue loves her mom’s old prom dresses.