Flash Back Friday



September 4th 2010?  My cousin Maggie’s Bridal Shower… We did one of those toilet paper wedding dress competitions.  I wore a black dress to the shower, which I have no idea how I pulled it off – I’ve tried it on since and it seems super tiny on me… was I really that much smaller back then, or just more brave?  Anyway, it was perfect to wear under a toliet paper wedding dress.  I had my grandma, aunt Kathy, and My mom on my team (and probably some others that I can’t recall)… basically a group that was going to dominate any clothes making competition… and WE WON!  I believe we won gift cards to dunkin donuts?  Great memories… and I wish someone else in our family would get married already so we can do this again… Smellen (my sister)????  Maybe you’re next… because it’s been 3 and 1/2 years and a 2 year old later for me and I don’t think I’m much closer to getting married, at this point I’m saying it’s a statement we’re not married!  Power to the people!  I don’t need a marriage certificate to prove my love!  Although some day maybe?