Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, This morning when I realized I forgot your bag once we got to the car – and then had to go back up 3 flights of stairs to the apartment, then back down.. then I realized I forgot to lock the door, and we went back up, and then back down… it was pretty funny that you chanted, “UP-UP DOWNNN, UP-UP DOWNNN, UP-UP DOWNNN” … really if someone carried me up and down stairs that many times I’d probably come up with something to shout too.  (I carry him because when he walks up and down the stairs takes like 10x longer and we’re always late).

Dear Candy Crush, seriously level 211?  I can’t quit you.

Dear The Neighbors, I know Fridays are the days ABC puts shows on to die.. please don’t die…  I LOVE the Neighbors, seriously such a good show.  And I don’t mind watching you on Fridays.

Dear The Taste, I didn’t think I’d watch you… but I started… and you’re not so bad… you’re actually quite entertaining.

Dear the tumbling class NF is going to tomorrow, I CAN’T WAIT!  I know NF’s going to love it!

Dear Dentist, I haven’t gone to you in almost 3 years.  Yeah yeah I was all anti paying for dental insurance and thought I could do without… well ok I felt amazing after that cleaning (it did hurt a lot but that’s what I deserved).  I think I was mostly terrified I’d have like 5 cavities and it’d cost me a fortune… but GUESS WHATTT!?!  No cavity club for this gal!

Dear Smellen, So excited you’re going to tumbling tomorrow with me.  Aunt Elbie!!! (That’s what NF calls my sister now).

Dear Shark Tank, I can’t believe that guy just called Lori Barbra.  If I was Lori I’d say “I’M OUT!!!” immediately.  (yeah I’m watching Shark Tank as I’m writing this).

Dear the cost of stamps, WHYYY Do you go up like ALL THE TIME!? (I know inflation is a reason)  49 cents for a stamp?  emails and texts are free… 49 cents costs way more than the cards I send… a book of stamps used to cost me $9.20 now it’ll be $9.80…. maybe I should just buy a ton of forever stamps……. orrr I could just take them from my parent’s house as needed (sorry mom and dad).  If I was to get married (someday HA!) and I’d sent bridal shower invites, save the dates, invitations, and thank you cards… OMG that’d cost so much!

Dear Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer, I finally gave in and bought you.  I really hope you’re as amazing as people say.  I am excited to take everyone’s temperatures.

Dear new tall gray Uggs, Thank you for keeping my feet very warm during this freezing weather.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday
It’s Wednesday and THIS is what I’m loving…
My little Family: We’re not traveling to Vermont this year to see my family.  I was SO upset about this… but Christmas being on a Wednesday (omg a week away) it made it too difficult for C (not for me though) and he didn’t want us to be split up for Christmas.  Before having NF I would have just gone to Vermont and we would be apart… but kids change everything and now it’s about my little family.  It still breaks my heart not going to Vermont.  I LOVE my little family and Christmas will be different this year but it still will be good.
NF: I’m always loving my baby!  It is incredible how smart he is.  I love hearing him say his letters and numbers.  I am amazed by him so many times a day.  I don’t know how he has SO much energy all the time.  I love him!!!
Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream: This is magic.  NF was getting horribly dry skin on his face and I had no idea what to put on it.  I found this at the grocery store for like $9 and it’s perfect.  I only need a little at a time so it’ll last us the season.
Johnson’s Baby Bath Soothing Vapor:  I was going through NF’s stash looking for lotion and I came across this.  I had never used it – I received it at his baby shower (which was September 2011)… so I thought why not let’s try it for his bath tonight.  So NF had his first bubble bath… he would NOT sit in the bath, he LOVED the bubbles, but was NOT going to sit in them.  SO I threw on my bathing suit and hopped in (Do other moms do this too?  I know Bethenny Frankel used to with her daughter) and after about 10 minutes I got him to sit in the bubbles (I think by then he was freezing!) and he said, “awwww soo niceee!”  and I thought so too!!  It made my skin feel soft and it smelled great.  I think I’ll be using this for myself too!
The Neighbors: I had never seen the first 4 episodes of the Neighbors… and we watched the first two Tuesday night.  AHH it was like seriously finding lost episodes of your favorite show!  I want to do this with The Middle too, since I don’t think I saw the first two seasons of The Middle…. problem is, they aren’t on Netflix!!  Anyone who has dismissed this show as being dumb before watching it, give it a chance, it’s hilarious!

Thursday Thoughts


It’s THURSDAY!  and I’m linking up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts.

Okay – I’ll start with TV…

Dads… unfortunately there’s nothing else on and I’ve watched both aired episodes… and it’s just not good… with like one laughable moment.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine… again, there’s nothing else on at this time… and I find myself not paying attention… I’m more busy with my candy crush, cleaning, whatever it is I do when I’m “multi tasking”.  I just can’t get into it?

Michael J. Fox Show… love it.  I’m not into the kids yet?  But Michael and his wife… I love it.

Super Fun Night… they gave way too much away of this in the previews promoting the show… also Rebel Wilson has like 4 different accents through out the show – which is totally confusing me.  Since it’s on after Modern Family and before Nashville, I’ll def catch this each week.

Back in the Game… shockingly C likes this show?  I know he loves baseball, but I didn’t realize he liked James Caan (who I didn’t know who he was until I did some googling… apparently he’s an actor who played football at Michigan State, he was in the godfather etc etc).

New shows that have started and I haven’t watched, We Are Men, Hostages, The Blacklist, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Trophy Wife, Lucky 7, Welcome to the Family, The Crazy Ones, Sean Saves the World, Betrayal…

Some original shows I’m watching… DWTS, New Girl, Mindy Project, The Middle, Modern Family, Survivor, Last Man Standing, The Neighbors, Nashville…


Some Real Housewives of NJ news… The finale had low ratings I guess?  It didn’t even feel like a finale… but at least there wasn’t fighting.  Caroline is getting her spin off, so will she be off the next season?  Will Dina come back?  and then there is the question, will Joe and Tre go to jail?  All I can do is wait to find out.

I have my Chinese cooking class tonight!  I am so excited.

So here’s my question to you… WHAT do you like to order at starbucks?  Like tell me JUST how you order it… example – “tall java chip frap no whip cream”  “grande decaf skinny caramel macchiato”

TV shows Fall 2013

As Big Brother 15 slowly approaches it’s  inevitable summer season end… I should start figuring out what NEW shows will be starting soon – and if they are worthy enough to be added to my TV watching schedule.

Some new shows:


The Blacklist: I’m just not interested.  James Spader is great – it’s just not my kinda show.

Sean Saves The World: I don’t think this will be on my line up, unless there is nothing else on Thursday.  It reminds me too much of The New Normal, which I invested my time into and it was cancelled.  I think I’ll have a difficult time picturing Sean Hayes anything but his character from Will and Grace, and then when he ISN’T Jack from Will and Grace I’ll be disappointed.  I’m feeling pessimistic about this one.

The Michael J. Fox show: My mom LOVES Michael J. Fox.  I might just watch this because I know she will and then we’ll have something to chat about.  MJF worked/works as a news anchor but stopped and has Parkinson’s Disease (and does in real life).  It reminds me of the local meteorologist we have in our town who has MS and still does the weather.  His hands tremble and his speech is affected but no one is bothered by it… he’s an inspiration!  And I think this show will probably make me cry with happiness and remind me to appreciate the little things and to really love the people I love.

Ironside: No interest in another NYPD show.  Only interesting thing I have to say about this is Michael Caleo is an executive producer / writer and he was a writer for The Sopranos (and was nominated for an Emmy).

Welcome to the Family: Ummm Mike O’Malley is a funny guy… but the plot… young pregnancy before marriage and an unhappy dad that will obviously will fall in love with the idea later (this hits close to home for me)…  will I find it relatable and funny?  Or will I find it inaccurate and annoying?  I’m thinking the latter.  I don’t think this show will last long enough for the babies to be born, which is fine because then the plot falls apart anyways.

Dracula: Vampires were SOO 4 years ago.  Over it.


Mom: A Chuck Lorre comedy… I love Allison Janney (ever since Juno).  But this show will probably be ridiculous… and I don’t think I’ll watch.


The Millers: I’m going to go out and say it right away… Will Arnett = Gob… and NOTHING can top Gob.  Just STAY GOB!  Running Wilde, Up All Night, and now The Millers… I do not want to say it but I think we’re doomed for another failed sitcom.  (However the mom, Margo Martindale, seems to be pretty funny from the previews).

The Crazy Ones: Uhhh… Robin Williams… returning to television… I was JUST thinking, where has Robin Williams been?  And BOOOM the TV genuineness snag him for a new TV show with…. WHAT!  Sarah Michelle Gellar (another disappearing act).  Yeah, I’ll be watching this…. pretty much because of the two MAJOR stars.  I just can’t imagine this pair wasting their time on a flop… it’s gotta be good, right?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: No thanks.

Back in the Game: Isn’t this sort of like Family Tools?  Except it doesn’t have Leah Remini in it.  My kids are going to grow up at the softball fields (they play pretty much every day of the week seriously)… but does that draw enough interest for me?  There are SO many shows about a single mother moving back in with their parent’s.  I just don’t think this is going to be a home run (haha get it…).

Betrayal: Ohh another one word named sassy drama… like Scandal, Revenge, Mistresses… It comes on Sunday at 10 PM… maybe I can get into it… maybe it’s just on too late.

The Goldbergs: I want to love this… I really really do… and Wendi McLendon is hilarious… I just think this show could fizzle out quickly once they run out of 80’s jokes

Super Fun Night: I 100% want this to be the best show ever… BUT… how much fun can Rebel Wilson be over and over… will I O.D. on her funniness after 4 episodes and say… ugh I have a Rebel hangover and I want out.  I will REALLY give this show a shot – I am expecting some laugh so hard I’m peeing moments… so if it’s anything less I’ll be disappointed.  That’s some high expectations.  (Wouldn’t this make a better movie than tv show?)

Lucky 7: Why do they have to win the Lottery… why can’t it just be about 7 people who work at a service station in Queens…. maybe I’m weird but I’d like that better.

Trophy Wife: I thought this was a movie?  Eh maybe I’ll watch it… I do like Marcia Gay.


almsot human

Almost Human: I started reading the descrip of this and I nodded off.  Not a good sign.  So it’s the year 2048 and he’s a cop and he was in a coma after a catastrophic snooooorrrrree.  Am I the meanest?  Sorry, it just takes a lot for me to get into any sci fri…. for some reason I decide it’s too much effort for me to imagine the future with androids and ridiculous technology.


Brooklyn Nine Nine: I want to want to see this but I don’t.  It just looks like a rip off of Reno 911?  But I LOVE Andy Samberg!!  This show has a really good chance I watch it since it’s right before New Girl.


Sleepy Hollow: nope.


Dads: Old man/young bachelor man humor.  Inevitably they get gfs and their dads or sons cramp their style?  idk I’m just not that excited about this one.


Enlisted: I have no interest in this exceppptttt… they are extremely hot.  Sold.  (am I shallow???)  Parker Young was my favorite part of Suburgatory… and now he’s in camo?  Enlist me in Enlisted!!! (I’m hilarious right?  Maybe I’ve been reviewing too many shows in a row that I’m deliriously writing nonsense… is anyone still reading this blog post?)


Us & Them: who doesn’t love Rory from Gilmore Girls??  Except her MOM from Gilmore girls, Lorelai, DATED Jason Ritter on Parenthood…. it’s a little weird… if you followed all that…. then you understand..

That’s all I’ve got for now…. as for the regular season shows I’m pumped to have back on…. Modern Family, The Neighbors, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Nashville, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, and Parenthood.  (I’ve given up on Glee … yeah I admit it… no more Glee…. oh and Grey’s… they’ve been out of my life for some time now also ).  I might watch Survivor this season…. and Dancing with the stars… who am I kidding.

Thursday Thoughts


the neighbors purses

I was disspointed that The Middle, Modern Family, and Nashville weren’t going to be new last night… but I was very excited about a new episode of The Neighbors with BETHENNY FRANKLE!  I have to admit I used to be a bigger fan of her than I am now.  I would read her books… but now she has too many and I haven’t kept up.  Her new talk show I haven’t figured out what channel it’s on, and I don’t have cable so I’ll probably never see it.  I was devestated when I heard that her and Jason split… I was REALLY routing for them ya know.  ANYWAYS – the episode was pretty good.  I wish that ABC didn’t show basically ALL of her parts in previews but oh well.

march maddness

March Madness starts TODAY!  Technically it goes into April, so why is it March Madness?  Let’s go Syracuse!!  Why does the Syracuse game have to be on at 10 PM???

baby times cover

I never mentioned that Nicholas was on the cover of a baby magazine, Baby Times.  He’s 6 months old here.  I just went to the site and the magazine cover is still there!  It was totally weird/so cool to go to a diner or the zoo and see stacks of pictures of my child.  I HAVE to admit, I do have a good friend that works there, and she recommended him to be on the cover.  So he wasn’t totally discovered by luck – but he is pretty adorable if you ask me!  And yeah I have a copy framed to keep forever.

Thursday Thoughts



Spring is coming and that means time for softball.  Chris is playing 4 nights a week and I’ll be playing 1.  The picture above is from last summer.  It’ll be an adjustment having softball run our lives again – but I think I’m ready.


Who knew that white smoke meant Habemus Papum (we have a pope)?  I was really into the hype… I would have enjoyed the smoke to go on for like 18 hours before they told the world.  Everyone just staring at the white smoke waiting not knowing if it could be announced in seconds or days.  Instead it was like less than an hour?


The Neighbors had a musical episode last night!!  And I loved every second of it.


Syracuse won their first Big East tournament game against Seton Hall yesterday 75 – 63.  Today they’ll play Pittsburgh Panthers!  Let’s go OR-ANGE clap clap..clapclapcalp.

Thursday Thoughts


I was watching The Neighbors last night and there was this moment where Marty Weaver explains to his 16 year old daughter, Amber, that she will always be “the baby that changed my life forever”.  That Amber is 8 years older than the next sibling in the family and they they were only 25 when they had her.  At this moment in the show I hugged Nicholas tight and told him “YOU’RE the baby that change my life forever!!”  I totally get it.  When he’s 16, and his siblings are 8 years younger than him (yeah that’s competely possible) and he starts to drive and I’m all “oh my babyyy!!” about it – maybe I’ll show him this exact episode of The Nieghbors and tell him that HE is the baby that changed my life forever.  (too deep for my non personal blog?)



Changing the subject completely, because this is Thursday Thoughts and I can say whateverrr… I just wanted to mention how much I like Aziz Ansari.  I watched two of his stand ups (with my sister) the other day annnnd YUP I’m a fan.  Check him out on Netflix.  My favorite part of his stand up is when he talks about his cousin Harris.


The Neighbors… pretty good


I decided that I didn’t care for the show The Neighbors before it started and I didn’t really become a fan until about episode 11 “The Gingerbread Man”.  Once the new episodes stop airing I’ll catch up on the first half of the season.  The Neighbors happens to air on ABC at 8:30 after The Middle and before Modern Family (two of my favorite shows) – this slot is a big deal.  If you haven’t given it a try I highly suggest it.  Each episode has a theme that sort of captures and makes fun of what makes humans humans.


I also enjoy how crazy awkward and weird Dick Butkus is on the show.  My favorite part of the show is his odd one liners.


AND I can’t not mention that I really like Jami Gertz.  She was in Lost Boys and look at that awesome hair.  I also saw her on The Chew and fell even more in love with her.

The Neighbors

dick butkus

I have to admit- I assumed, just like the rest of the world, that this show would be awful.  Fortunately to it’s amazing time slot (between The Middle and Modern Family) I’ve happened to watch the show… and I’m hooked.  The show is great!  My favorite character is Dick Butkus… who I plan to post photos of similar to how I post photos of lily from Modern Family.