Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts…


Long story short, Giulana poked fun at Zendaya’s dred locks on Fashion Police, Zendaya wrote a lengthy defensive statement about hair and stereotypes, Kelly demands Giulana apologizes or she’s leaving the show, Giulana apologizes acceptably on E! and on twitter.  OK… First of all, I love Giuliana Rancic.  I think Zendaya couldn’t take a joke… and I think Kelly wants to be BFFs with EVERYONE.  If Kelly threatens to leave Fashion Police over that, it’s only a matter of time before she leaves… and I hope it’ll be on good terms, but it probably won’t be.  JUST my prediction.  OHH I miss Joan Rivers.  Oh and Zendaya, I like you, I like your hair and I love that you change it up.


Madonna yanked to the ground!  MY goodness that was a nasty fall!


The announced the DWTS cast!!!  Who am I most excited to see… well…. I guess Rumor Willis?  and Suzanne Somers?  And the shark tank guy… I guess.  My sister told me that someone from Shark Tank was going to be on it and asked me who would I want to see the most… I said… well Lori Greiner.. and Mark Cuban… and then Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran.. and Daymond John… basically every person before Robert Herjavec, who I can’t ever remember his name I call him the Canadian guy on the right.  And it’s Robert.  Sorry Robert!!  I hope you change my mind, really I do!!


So I watched the first episode of survivor last night.  I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for my DVR that automatically taped it.  It’s white collar vs blue collar vs no collar…. my thought so far… the blue collar people are the most interesting.  I can’t believe he ate a scorpion.


The show Repeat After Me on ABC is SOOOOOOOOOO funny.  I LOVE Wendi McLendon-Covey.


So we are coming to the end of Bachelor season 19.  Who is he going to pick?  I think Whitney… but everyone I talk to thinks Becca.  My sister also said it’s pretty clear that Chris is going to be a surprise cast member of Dancing with the stars… she’s likely to be right.


I JUST discovered these at wegmans.  Snyder’s Peanut butter pretzel sandwiches… they are REALLY really good.


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I am linking up with Jennifer for Thursday Thoughts…


As you may know, I went to Florida (Disney World) last week… there certainly should be a post on this… I just haven’t done it yet… so here’s 1 highlight of the trip… NF meeting Buzz Lightyear…. he was SO excited… even got his autograph.


I tried The Flat White… it was so boring, but good.


We started our mouse trapping adventure yesterday… after a couple weeks of knowing they were among us I finally took the imitative to buy some traps.  The mouse ate the peanut butter… but did not get “trapped”… is this really common?  I should google it.  UGH I want them gone.

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I am getting dumber watching The Bachelor… but I just have to keep up with the talk about it.


I didn’t watch the grammy’s… I still havent watched fashion police from last week… but I did hear about Iggy’s hair (& the papa john’s thing)… and it does look like challah bread.


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • It’s 2 degrees outside… (it was zero RIGHT before I took the picture, I wish I got it at zero)


  • I wish my mpg were higher than 18.6
  • I’ve had my car for less than 4 months and I already have more than 5,000 miles on it
  • I wish Giuliana Rancic was my friend in real life
  • I think Marshawn Lynch is a tool and “I’m here so I won’t get fined” IS going to get you in the media, you’re in a 30 million dollar contract, it’s part of your job… 20k for a crotch grab, that’s a down payment on a house for a regular person UGH.
  • My 3 year old son yelled “30 lots a dollars!!!!!!!!!!!” at his hairdresser while getting his hair cut, and I have NO idea why, or where that came from
  • I vow to never get a tattoo HOLD ME TOO IT neverrr.
  •  If I don’t watch The Bachelor THE NIGHT it is on.. it’s difficult for me to gather enough motivation/effort to devote 2 hours (well minus the commercials) to getting through it
  • I love award show season


SO WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so what if…

  • it is freezing outside… literally freezing
  • my grandma got C a gray winter hat for xmas that I think I’ve decided will be mine
  • I just looked up when Princess Diana died (August 31st, 1997) because I remember I was in Colorado visiting my family… we were at a party and my uncle kept introducing my mom as one of the last Diana’s left living (my mom’s name is Diana), and my mom complaining to my dad that the joke wasn’t funny
  • I find the living canisteo sign kinda creepy
  • I can’t stop wondering what Teresa Giudice is doing at this exact moment in prison – and if it’s anything like the orange is the new black
  • I am concerned / relieved that Syracuse basketball might have a so so year
  • I am SOOOOOOO glad college football will finally be over after Jan 12 and NFL will be over Feb 1st
  • I can’t wait for it to be January 19th -ish because that’s about how long I expect these new years resolutioners to last at the gym – and the dedicated regulars can have their space, machines, showers etc back
  • I still don’t have a smart phone getttttttt over it
  • I can’t wait for Girls season 4
  • I am pumped I have more fitbit friends since it was a popular Christmas gift this year
  • I enjoy watching the foodnetwork and PBS shows where they make food – it’s so relaxing
  • I need to get on to reading my book club book!
  • I think NF has a chipped tooth but I can’t tell… I need to make him a dentist appointment
  • I am getting my teeth cleaned TODAY and I can’t WAIT!  but I know it’s gonna hurt real bad since I requested Mary, that woman who murders plaque like it’s her job, and it is…her job… once you go to Mary no one can compare… I’ve been going to her my entire life, and I am really afraid of the day she might retire.
  • I am LOVING Celebrity Apprentice this season LOVING!  Who knew Geraldo Rivera was so ughhh?  (Only word I could come up with to describe him at the moment)… also isn’t it Heraldo?  No Geraldo?…. is that a Spanish pronunciation thing?  And Kevin Jonas, you were robbed!  I really think you coulda made it so much further!
  • I can’t watch the bachelor… I just can’t get myself to sit and watch 3 hours of the premiere episode – it just feels like such a waste of life…. ughhh but my sister reallllly wants me to.  She should watch Celebrity Apprentice and maybe I’ll watch the bachelor?