So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’ve been dressing NF in comfy clothes so often (thermals and sweat pants) that when I dressed him in jeans and a button down Sunday he said, “WHAT?  Is this a man costume?”
  • I went to 2 stores and called 5 to find the pie face game last night… and finally got it in a city 60 miles away that my cousin picked up
  • I just want to eat stuffing… just a giant bowl of stuffing with a little turkey and super hot gravy
  • I haven’t had a frappuccino months, just no longer in the mood
  • I thought DWTS finale was just from 9-10 and when I realized it was on until 11 I was panicking about how late that was for me to stay up
  • I am so sad DWTS is over, but I think I was one episode away from finding Bindi annoying… but still super happy she won
  • I put people’s birthdays on the news
  • I refused to watch the Below Deck finale because I hate Rocky and Eddie
  • I am finally wearing leggings that fit me and don’t slide down my butt… and it feels so great
  • I passed my diabetes test but my iron is low even though I was already taking iron pills
  • I need my RH shot asap (they forgot to give it to me last time I was in) HOLY MOLY this means I am getting close!!
  • I am excited for the The Great Holiday Baking Show (I had to goolge what the name of the show was called… but ya know that baking competition on abc now that dwts is over)
  • I still haven’t watched SNL from Saturday… America is obsessed with Adele it’s official
  • I DIDN’T finish Oprah’s book and I have to return it to the library today
  • I bought a frozen cd at Target for the car… and now NF requests that it’s on whenever we’re driving….. it’s been 6 days and I was totally over it by the 3rd day
  • I wasn’t really feeling Nick Carter’s new single last night
  • I am love with feeling the baby move inside me… like really really like it… but it can give me weird dreams (Like the one that I had leaches inside of my moving around and doctors were going to cut them out of me… yeah like that one)
  • I am glad Chaka Khan performed last night on DWTS but I wanted MORE
  • I NEED Kourtney Kardashian’s avocado drink/pudding… she said on twitter that the recipe will be on her app and her app comes out soon… sneaky Kourt.  My guess is it’s avocado, almond milk, and some sort of protein vitamin mix… but I just gotta have it post pregnancy, call me cray
  • I wish I didn’t cry when I heard Adele’s song Hello… It’s crazy because she’s been on hiatus about the exact time between when I had NF and then this baby…. ughh ADELE…
  • NF likes to make sounds like snoopy… and honestly… it’s obnoxious
  • I love to have singing conversations with NF


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Thanksgiving, I really am so excited to eat stuffing and turkey and pie.

Dear Holiday Challenge at my gym, damn you but thanks for keeping me on track for another year….. I NEED that t-shirt (you only get the t-shirt if you maintain your weight or lose).  HOWEVER, I havent offically weighed in yet (I have another week)… and I kindaaaa plan to eat a lot that morning… please say that’s fair game and not cheating… I’ll have to make up for it later right?

Dear NF, you FINALLY said I love you… and it was to a stuffed animal… but still you’re saying it!  I’m next I’m next!  Please… oh melt my heart.

Smellen, I nearly DIED when you sent me this photo…
You found these underwear mixed IN with your laundry in your apartment building… omg I would have LOVED to seen your face pulling those things out of your hamper to fold.  You can’t tell from the photo but the band says Papi and that’s bright pink stitching… who really wears those???  Someone living near byyy… and they’re probably wondering where they went!  Please tell me, did you put them back in the laundry room?

Dear Syracuse Basketball, pretty excited to watch your game tonight!  You’re WAYYYY better than Syracuse Football.

Dear mustard on the beat, What does that even mean?  I’ll google it.  Ok so it means DJ mustard is making the beat for that song… gotcha.  Learn somethin new everyday.

Dear new season of Girls, Mad Men, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, when are you happeningggggggggg… I need dates!!  and I want them all in one nice neat little place on the internet.

Dear Real Housewives of NJ, Alright let’s get real real housewives…. my favs?  Tre and Dina… then comes Melissa.  The rest of you all are annoying.  and the very worst part of the show… Jim.  Why did you allow him to be the biggest part of part 3 of the reunion?  I wonder if he’ll comment on this since he’s so prevalent on the internet…

Dear Dancing With The Stars, HOW is Tommy Chung STILL THERE!??  I mean it’s getting down to the finals… and you can’t have Tommy still there!?  I like him really I do… but I am not like yeahh team tommy winning dwts!!  Noooo I actually really would like Sadie or Alfonso to win.

Dear Scandal, whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa hotttt DAmNNN!  I can’t I just can’t!  Shonda Rhimes this is not HBO this is network television you’re makin me uncomfortable!

Dear Haley on Modern Family, I’ve had this moment… and yelling at the car to go around… ahh I love it.


Dear Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, are you together or not?  and I actually really don’t care… but I just wanna know.