Thursday Thoughts

I haven’t been posting much this week!!  Sorry… I guess my excuse is I’ve been busy and sick.
This guy!!  We had a great day on Saturday!  Denny’s then Shopping Town Mall.  He road the quarter cars (see the picture)… Here’s the video (He’s yelling Elbie, which is what he calls my sister, his aunt)

Then Saturday night the sickness started… I could sense it coming and boom… full force on both me and NF.
Sunday we spent at the doctor’s office… where we waited for for-ev-errr to be told NF has a cold.  Oh really?  I think I knew that.  Anyone else have this happen to them?  I don’t ever want it to be more, but I wish it was something I could do!  Like other than TLC…. I can’t help but think of the Tylenol commercial, “For everything we do, we know you do so much more”.  But seriously though, thank you Tylenol.  OMG that JUST came on the TV as I wrote it… weirdddd.
Monday, after being at work for two hours, I realized I had a sticker on my pants.
Then I watched the Bachelor… I think I like Nikki the most.
Tuesday… I felt crazy sick and had soup.  And NF stayed home with C.
All of NF’s before bed night products…
Wednesday… I ate Indian food for lunch… which isn’t normal for me.
We spent most of the week like this…
NF has been watching DVDs a lot the past couple weeks.  He calls them D-D-Ds.  So far he’s seen Lion King, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, The Incredibles, Madagascar, and Toy Story 1 and 2…. his favorites are def Finding Nemo and Toy Story.  I REALLY wish it was Spring already…. the darkness and snow is REALLY getting to me.
I am going through Subscription box withdrawal.  SO… I went for it after reading Jen’s Pop Sugar poll… I ordered 3 Must Have Pop Sugar boxes starting March.  I am SO excited.  Then I’ll stop I swear!!  I REALLY hope they are good ones.
OH did anyone else catch the AMAZING Syracuse vs Pitt game the other night???   Tyler Ennis got a 3 pointer to win the game with like 2 seconds left!  WATCH IT!

What I’m loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday


Nicky Flash: I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since he turned 1!!  We’re half way to 2!

Search Teresa Giudice: This is a random fun thing to do from time to time when you feel like you need some Teresa in your life– check out tumblr for some gifs… … or I like to check her website for her apperance schedule to see if she’ll have a book signing near me… (I have all her cook books, and I’ve never once made anything out of them… maybe that should be on my totally trying it May edition!!).


Home made pizza: C made chicken bacon ranch, and tomato spinach garlic pizza last Friday… AHH so so so good – he really makes like the best pizza!

bet on your baby

Bet on Your Baby: I love this show!!  And so does the little guy… he seriously sat and watched it with me, and CLAPPED when the babies came on.  He really enjoyed it!  I love that Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman) is the host and that she’s 5’10 but just towers over some of the parents.


Salt Potatoes: I didn’t know that not everyone in the USA eats these until I got to college and my roomates from Long Island were like “what the f are salt potatoes?”.  WHAAAT?!!  Duhhh they’re like little potatoes that boil in really salty water… you eat them out of a styrofoam bowl filled with melted butter?  And we eat them ALLL Summer long.  It’s a BBQ side staple.  I was shocked when I learned that this was really a Syracuse (Central NY) thing.  I mean it makes sense though – we’re pretty salty around here.  We have a big history of salt production.  Oh and duh, we’re the “Salt City”.

What I’m Loving Wednesday


what Im loving wednesday

nicholas sweater

My Baby: Ohh he’s had extra energy lately… he is tiring everyone out!  Check out the Syracuse Sweater!


Clyde’s in Washington D.C.: When we were in DC for the NCAA tournament games this was the HOT SPOT.  I picked it without even knowing this was were to be for sure.  They have multiple bars inside, excellent food, and celebrities wondering around.  By celebrities I mean Derrick Coleman and Lavar Arrington.  I totally recommend this place to eat, watch a sporting event, have a drink, meet up with friends etc.  We were totally loving it.

derrick coleman

Derrick Coleman: HELLOO Derrick Coleman!  Played for Syracuse basketball 1986-1990!  The first years of mah life.  Then he went on to play in the NBA.  Honestly, I didn’t know who he was… but everyone else did so I got my picture taken with him.


LaVar Arrington: HELLOOO LaVar Arrington!  Former linebacker in the NFL… played for the Redskins for 6 seasons and then 1 season for the NEW YORK GIANTS!  We’re basically now best friends.  Can’t you tell?

jimmy b cutting the nets

Syracuse in the FINAL FOUR: Chris took this picture of Jim Boeheim cutting the nets.  Syracuse is goin to the final four!!!!!


Make Me Smile Monday


su game

On Thursday we drove down to DC to watch the Syracuse vs. Indiana game and Miami vs. Marquette!  IT WAS AMAZING!  Chris stayed for the Syracuse vs. Marquette game Saturday… but I back by in NY with Nicholas by Friday night.

syracuse sweater

Leave it to my mom to knit a Syracuse sweater JUST in time for the Elite 8 game for Nicholas.  He wore it to the cupcake shop before the game – and everrryyone in town loved it!


I made Pizzelles Saturday… and I only had 2 eggs!!  GREAT thing lets you change the servings and I played with the number until the ingredients listed 2 eggs… for everything else I had like random amounts like 1 cup and 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour… but no biggie… I have all the measuring tools.  Sooo I was able to make like 20.

What I’m loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: Always loving Nicholini!  This picture was taken when he was 6 months old.


We’re GOING to the SU vs. Indiana and Miami vs. Marquette game TOMORROW:  You read that correctly.  After Syracuse won Saturday – we said, let’s just GO to the DC game… let’s just do it.  And so it’s happening.  This is very spontaneous for me.  I used to be spontaneous, and then I had a baby and I became Predictable Pam.  (I seriously just googled girl names that start with P so I could come up with that).  ANYWAYS – I am pretty excited.


Green Tea: Way to follow the SU game with GREEN TEA… I really am Predictable Pam.  Or Boring Betsy?  So… instead of having 3 cups of coffee a day.  I am having 2 in the morning and then 1 green tea in the afternoon (between 1:30 and 3:30) omg I really really am Predictable Pam.  I researched (googled) the benefits – and I thought… why not… it basically tastes like nothing but hot water with some boring but not terrible flavor… I can drink that for the antioxidants.


Spring Breakers: Umm this movie came out last Friday…. has anyone seen it?  I think it looks like it’d be terrible (because James Franco has cornrows).  But I am totally intrigued.

5 guys

5 guys: As much as I’m loving this, I am hating it.  I ordered little cheese burger and small fry… and what I actually recieved was a large cheese burger with a grocery bag full of fries.  I inhaled this meal, thoroughly enjoyed it, and then felt tremendous guilt.  That doesn’t exactly mean I wouldn’t do it again… because I know I will… just maybe like once a year.  I won’t return until 2014 now.


Tweezerman Stainless Steel No Slip Skin Care Tool: Have you ever used one of these?  It’s a tool to extract blackheads and achne and basically pick your face.  Well they can be addicting and disastrous.  I do not own one right now.  I am scared.  If I did own one then I wouldn’t use my hands and random objects to pick my face… but I’d also spend probably 30 minutes a night destroying my face.  So I’m loving it… but I’m hesitant.


Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray: Does anyone use this product other than me?  They have to or they wouldn’t make it right?  I use it all the time.  This was my conversation with my friend Kristin… Me, “Do you ever use wrinkle releaser spray?”  Kristin, “no the only thing I use on my face is the st ives cream Dr.Oz recommends.” ……. seriously…. that convo happened.  So… the point of saying that I am loving this is because I am and other people probably should too because it gets wrinkles out (of your clothes, not face) and smells good.

cool ranch

Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos: Have you seen Jim Gaffigan’s stand up?  Where he discusses McDonalds – like if you’re there and see some one you know you’re like oh no I’m just using the ATM they have what are you doing here?  That’s why they invented the drive thru… you can pretend you’re invisable while scarfing that cheesey gordita crunch in the parking lot with your 16 month old in the back judging you but you know they’ll never tell because they can’t really say more than a few words.  What am I going to do when he can talk!?  “Dad, mom vacuumed the entire time you were gone, and then we went to the drive thru and she had 2 rodeo cheese burgers in under a minute.”  (I always vacuum the second he leaves because I love it and I don’t need to be judged for how often and long I like to do it).  OKAY, so to the point, I tried cool ranch doritos tacos, but then had to pretend I never tried it when Chris brought it home.  But Nicholas knew I ate it… he just couldn’t tell on me yet.

A-frame house on the river

This weekend my sister and I went to an open house that was featured on as the house of the week.  It is an A-frame located on Onedia River.  Two bedrooms, deck, waterfront… besides being an A-frame on the river – it is decorated like something I’d see on pinterest, and I got to see it in real life.

Outside of the house…

front houseback house



Front Room…

front room

Master bedroom…




2nd bedroom



What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: Oh my baby had 3 shots Monday.  I love him!  This picture was taken summer 2012.


Pastabilities Spicy Hot Tomato Oil: Pastabilities is an excellent Italian restuaurant located Downtown Armory Square Syracuse, New York.  When you sit down to eat they bring you bread and this Spicy Hot Tomato Oil (SHTO) and it is unforgettably amazing.  I recently discovered they’re selling it at Wegmans now!!  You can also buy it at their bakery across the street from the resturant or online here:


Replacing your shower curtain liner: Ya know when the bottom of your shower curtain liner starts to turn gross… and you decide you’ll clean it.  Maybe pinterest how to wash it in the washing machine with vinegar or something… well I realized that clear mildew resistant shower curtains cost less than $7 at Target.  Totally worth the price to just replace that dirty one.


Celebrity Wife Swap Kate Gosselin / Kendra Wilkinson: Last night was the premire of Celebrity Wife Swap and I loved this pairing!  My favorite part of the entire show was when Kendra had the 8 kids have a taco basement picnic and one of the sextuplets stepped on their sibling’s taco.

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday

water fountain

Nicholini: My baby.  I’m always loving him.


Sushi: Today is Christopher’s 28th birthday and so tonight we’re going to have sushi!  We got a $60 gift card for Christmas, and we plan to eat $60 worth of sushi!

su basketball

Syracuse Basketball: Syracuse is playing Conneticut tonight at 7:00 PM!!  Let’s Go Orange!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Kelly Clarkson’s Energy: Did you happen to catch Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy’s?  Well her energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  She just made me feel happy!  She kinda looked a hot mess, but she was so positive and cheerful I hardly noticed.


Dark Chocolate Kit Kats: I love kit kats and I LOVE dark chocolate… so why wouldn’t I love dark chocolate kit kats.  They are just difficult find.  Right now I can only find them in the mini kit kats multi pack with the white chocolate and milk chocolate… AND even then there is significantly less dark chocolate ones in the bag than the other ones.