Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom
I love all the Teen Moms in a special way.  So that said… I need to address Leah’s hair.  What is going on with that Christina Agulara 2002 hair?  It’s insane!
I am already thinking about Easter Basket ideas… and I’m anxious to start making one… and I realized that Easter is like so far away.  I never know when Easter is, because it changes every year.  I am thinking of a Finding Nemo theme?
It feels like as SOON as I get really excited about Syracuse Basketball they lose.  I’m ready for the tournament and I hope they do well.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

It’s Wednesday and THIS is what I’m loving…

NF: This guy!  I am just amazed at the words he’s saying… tonight he said “shut” while playing with the doors on his toy buses.
Olay Body Wash Plus Body Buter Ribbons With Jojoba Butter 10 fl oz: I got this in my stocking for Christmas and I love it especially during the winter.  I like that it’s all marbled.  When I googled it – they make different kinds!  So after I’m done with this one I might be picking up a different one.
The Chew: I LOVE this show.  It started right before I went on maternity leave and seriously I looked forward to it everyday.  I was able to work from home today because of the snow storm (I never do that)… and I put NF down to nap at 12:30 and it was SO nice to have The Chew on in the background from 1-2 during his nap.
Book Club: It’s month three for my book club and it’s going great!  This month we are reading Labor Day and then the first weekend in March we’ll see the movie together then discuss the book and movie afterward somewhere at the mall.  Not sure if we’ll have coffee, sushi, frozen yogurt, or what but whatever we do I am so excited for it!
syracuse sweater
Syracuse Orange: my mom made NF that sweater last March… I’m starting to really feel the orange pride around here.  Seriously I think we NEED a championship after this winter, it’d really mean so much!  Go Syracuse!!  (P.S. we are #1!!)

Make Me Smile Monday!



This picture was taken Saturday BEFORE SU lost, but this is how I’d imagine they’d look after the terrible game.  They’re actually watching King Kong, which I kept calling Godzilla (100% on accident not just to annoy them).

st patricks

How adorable is this cake!?  I saw it at Biscotti’s while picking up pasticiottis and cannoli’s for family dinner.

coleman's shirt

Nicholas is all ready for St. Patrick’s day in his Coleman’s Irish Pub T-shirt his Great Grandparents got him.  I’ve been saving this shirt for St. Patrick’s day for months.  It’s white so I was scared it’d get stained before the big day.

st patricks shea and nicholas

Cousins enjoying St. Patrick’s day at their Italian Grandparent’s house.

nicholas drawing

Nicholas’ first Kindle drawing masterpiece.

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday

water fountain

Nicholini: My baby.  I’m always loving him.


Sushi: Today is Christopher’s 28th birthday and so tonight we’re going to have sushi!  We got a $60 gift card for Christmas, and we plan to eat $60 worth of sushi!

su basketball

Syracuse Basketball: Syracuse is playing Conneticut tonight at 7:00 PM!!  Let’s Go Orange!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Kelly Clarkson’s Energy: Did you happen to catch Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy’s?  Well her energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  She just made me feel happy!  She kinda looked a hot mess, but she was so positive and cheerful I hardly noticed.


Dark Chocolate Kit Kats: I love kit kats and I LOVE dark chocolate… so why wouldn’t I love dark chocolate kit kats.  They are just difficult find.  Right now I can only find them in the mini kit kats multi pack with the white chocolate and milk chocolate… AND even then there is significantly less dark chocolate ones in the bag than the other ones.