So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • Fleet Feet came to my gym and they instantly convinced me I needed new sneakers and 2 pairs of inserts… got me!
  • I am really excited to wear my new sneakers…. on a plane!!  (not even to work out, but to walk around an airport)
  • I’m fresh to death
  • I know I’m not the only one totally confused as to how they’ll have two bachelorettes
  • Syracuse basketball is worthless this year… I love Jim Boeheim
  • I am so tired today and I’m going to blame it on the time change… let’s blame everything on the time change


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Thanksgiving, I really am so excited to eat stuffing and turkey and pie.

Dear Holiday Challenge at my gym, damn you but thanks for keeping me on track for another year….. I NEED that t-shirt (you only get the t-shirt if you maintain your weight or lose).  HOWEVER, I havent offically weighed in yet (I have another week)… and I kindaaaa plan to eat a lot that morning… please say that’s fair game and not cheating… I’ll have to make up for it later right?

Dear NF, you FINALLY said I love you… and it was to a stuffed animal… but still you’re saying it!  I’m next I’m next!  Please… oh melt my heart.

Smellen, I nearly DIED when you sent me this photo…
You found these underwear mixed IN with your laundry in your apartment building… omg I would have LOVED to seen your face pulling those things out of your hamper to fold.  You can’t tell from the photo but the band says Papi and that’s bright pink stitching… who really wears those???  Someone living near byyy… and they’re probably wondering where they went!  Please tell me, did you put them back in the laundry room?

Dear Syracuse Basketball, pretty excited to watch your game tonight!  You’re WAYYYY better than Syracuse Football.

Dear mustard on the beat, What does that even mean?  I’ll google it.  Ok so it means DJ mustard is making the beat for that song… gotcha.  Learn somethin new everyday.

Dear new season of Girls, Mad Men, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, when are you happeningggggggggg… I need dates!!  and I want them all in one nice neat little place on the internet.

Dear Real Housewives of NJ, Alright let’s get real real housewives…. my favs?  Tre and Dina… then comes Melissa.  The rest of you all are annoying.  and the very worst part of the show… Jim.  Why did you allow him to be the biggest part of part 3 of the reunion?  I wonder if he’ll comment on this since he’s so prevalent on the internet…

Dear Dancing With The Stars, HOW is Tommy Chung STILL THERE!??  I mean it’s getting down to the finals… and you can’t have Tommy still there!?  I like him really I do… but I am not like yeahh team tommy winning dwts!!  Noooo I actually really would like Sadie or Alfonso to win.

Dear Scandal, whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa hotttt DAmNNN!  I can’t I just can’t!  Shonda Rhimes this is not HBO this is network television you’re makin me uncomfortable!

Dear Haley on Modern Family, I’ve had this moment… and yelling at the car to go around… ahh I love it.


Dear Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, are you together or not?  and I actually really don’t care… but I just wanna know.


Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


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WHERE is that missing plane?  Really…where is it?  Every morning I turn on the Good Morning America right when it starts as I am getting ready for the day… and they’re always talking about the plane and I am like WAIT did they find it??!!  No?  Oh… so do they know anything new?!  No?  Oh.


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Sooo today is the day!!  Syracuse plays their first game of the NCAA tournament!!  I did not pick them to go far (I know I am horrible!) but that doesn’t mean I WANT them to.  Let’s be honest… they haven’t been playing that well their more recent games.  The ONE SU game I went to this year was the 1st one they lost all season… so I think I’m pretty unlucky.  Anyway, GO SYRACUSE!!!  Or as NF would say, “GO ORANGE!”
SOOO… was it James or was it David??  And WHAT Shonda Rhimes, the writer of Scandal, thinking????  MY theory… it was James… and they put him in some kind of coma.  Which will let Cyrus be more evil for a while.  I mean look at Grey’s… way crazier things have happened?
So far in Syracuse we’ve had 128.6 inches of snow… this time last year we had 93.4 inches… and the normal average to date is 114.8 inches.  In conclusion, we’re done…k universe… Syracuse has had enough.  I got those numbers here.

Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom
I love all the Teen Moms in a special way.  So that said… I need to address Leah’s hair.  What is going on with that Christina Agulara 2002 hair?  It’s insane!
I am already thinking about Easter Basket ideas… and I’m anxious to start making one… and I realized that Easter is like so far away.  I never know when Easter is, because it changes every year.  I am thinking of a Finding Nemo theme?
It feels like as SOON as I get really excited about Syracuse Basketball they lose.  I’m ready for the tournament and I hope they do well.


Though it wasn’t technically a link up I am still linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with a currently post.
Currently Burning… Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle White Barn collection Renew and Refresh.  I love this scent it’s so clean… I guess you could say it’s just like the name, renew and refresh.  I can’t find it on the bath and body works website sooo I’m worried it is discontinued?  I take forever to go through candles though so I’m not that worried.  I’ll find something else I like next.
Currently Watching… Teen Mom 2 from last Tuesday.  I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to watch this episode!
Currently on my “to do list”… Laundry is always on my to do list.  I did all of it except for my delicates and work clothes… which I hang dry.  I will have to do that and grocery shop tomorrow.  NF was not a fan of our Target trip today, I am hoping he’s not the same for our grocery shopping trip tomorrow.
Currently I’m excited about… Syracuse basketball!!  They just had another incredible win tonight!  I didn’t get to watch the 2nd half though.  It was on our regular antenna TV and C went out for the game.  I did get to see basically play by play run down on FB sooo a win is a win is a win!!  I can’t WAIT for March Maddness!!!
Currently lusting over… Olivia Pope’s work wardrobe on Scandal.  I…just…LOVE ITTTTT!!!!  Ugh so amazing.
Currently loving… My little boy!!!  I’m loving my Nicky Flash!  Most pictures I take of him look like this…
Currently anxious about… Just the normal stuff I’m always worried about.
Currently buying.. a little rug from Target that says “I’m a wee bit irish” which I can’t find a photo of for the life of me!  I’ll add it tomorrow since it’s in NF’s room and he’s sleeping now…

Thursday Thoughts

I haven’t been posting much this week!!  Sorry… I guess my excuse is I’ve been busy and sick.
This guy!!  We had a great day on Saturday!  Denny’s then Shopping Town Mall.  He road the quarter cars (see the picture)… Here’s the video (He’s yelling Elbie, which is what he calls my sister, his aunt)

Then Saturday night the sickness started… I could sense it coming and boom… full force on both me and NF.
Sunday we spent at the doctor’s office… where we waited for for-ev-errr to be told NF has a cold.  Oh really?  I think I knew that.  Anyone else have this happen to them?  I don’t ever want it to be more, but I wish it was something I could do!  Like other than TLC…. I can’t help but think of the Tylenol commercial, “For everything we do, we know you do so much more”.  But seriously though, thank you Tylenol.  OMG that JUST came on the TV as I wrote it… weirdddd.
Monday, after being at work for two hours, I realized I had a sticker on my pants.
Then I watched the Bachelor… I think I like Nikki the most.
Tuesday… I felt crazy sick and had soup.  And NF stayed home with C.
All of NF’s before bed night products…
Wednesday… I ate Indian food for lunch… which isn’t normal for me.
We spent most of the week like this…
NF has been watching DVDs a lot the past couple weeks.  He calls them D-D-Ds.  So far he’s seen Lion King, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, The Incredibles, Madagascar, and Toy Story 1 and 2…. his favorites are def Finding Nemo and Toy Story.  I REALLY wish it was Spring already…. the darkness and snow is REALLY getting to me.
I am going through Subscription box withdrawal.  SO… I went for it after reading Jen’s Pop Sugar poll… I ordered 3 Must Have Pop Sugar boxes starting March.  I am SO excited.  Then I’ll stop I swear!!  I REALLY hope they are good ones.
OH did anyone else catch the AMAZING Syracuse vs Pitt game the other night???   Tyler Ennis got a 3 pointer to win the game with like 2 seconds left!  WATCH IT!

Friday Letters

Friday letters


Dear NF, The beginning of January you went to bed like a champ.  Lately not so much.  This week you went nuts from 730-8 like full hyper speed… then putting you to bed was like torture… for both of us.  On another topic, I love that you sing the amen song.  And since when did you start saying echo?  And I can’t believe you count now!  Even if  it’s 3, 4, 9 usually.  And you call 6 up up down 9 and turn your head like you’re trying to look at it upside down.  Oh, you still call W cereal… and I hope you do for forever.

Dear The Bachelor Juan Pablo, you’re the best bachelor ABC’s ever had, I really do think so.

Dear The Olympics, Where’s the hype?  Are we too caught up on the Super Bowl to even talk about you?

Dear Friday nights, I think I’ve always been weird on Friday nights.  The pressure you bring.  Everyone is like TGIF!  And you come and I am like yes!!!  Then Friday night comes… and I’m pretty much doing the same thing I did during the work week except I don’t shower the next morning and I stay up maybe 30 minutes later.  I get a feeling in my stomach I’m missing out and then it’s time to go to bed and I did nothing fun.

Dear Super Bowl, I hope I enjoy you?  No one’s team is in it… so I don’t really care about the outcome.  I did buy a square so that should make you a little more exciting?  And the half time show?

Dear Smellen, you said you’d call me back and you did NOT.  I’m jealous you and your boy friend do things like go to Kohls’s on Friday nights together.  You’re probably watching a movie together right now. #doisoundlonelybecauseiam

Dear Abs Class, I hope I am sore tomorrow.  I really really do.

Dear Grocery Store, I am going to see you tomorrow as early as possible (by 8:45 AM is the goal?).  I really hope it’s not a zoo because of the giant Syracuse Duke game and the Super Bowl.

Dear Syracuse Basketball, I’m not into you this year and I have reasons that have nothing to do with you.  I’m sure once March Madness is here I’ll care more.

Dear Laundry Machines, I HATE that you’re 25 cents more a machine.  Gathering $3 in quarters today was rough… rougher than $2.50 that’s for sure.

Dear Winter, I’m over you too!

Dear Tredmill, I wish I owned you.  I’d go on you right now and run a mile.

Dear Shark Tank, you made me so hungry tonight!  I wanted that cookie dough so bad!

Dear Garmin, thank you… you bring me right where I want to go.  Living without a smart phone isn’t so bad because I have you.

Dear Stomach, NO I will not feed you right now.  There’s no need it’s too late and almost time for bed so stop.

Dear Mind, Have I lost you?  Maybe?

Dear Blog Readers, who are you?  Comment so I know.  Who really reads this thing?

What I’m Loving Wednesday


what Im loving wednesday

nicholas sweater

My Baby: Ohh he’s had extra energy lately… he is tiring everyone out!  Check out the Syracuse Sweater!


Clyde’s in Washington D.C.: When we were in DC for the NCAA tournament games this was the HOT SPOT.  I picked it without even knowing this was were to be for sure.  They have multiple bars inside, excellent food, and celebrities wondering around.  By celebrities I mean Derrick Coleman and Lavar Arrington.  I totally recommend this place to eat, watch a sporting event, have a drink, meet up with friends etc.  We were totally loving it.

derrick coleman

Derrick Coleman: HELLOO Derrick Coleman!  Played for Syracuse basketball 1986-1990!  The first years of mah life.  Then he went on to play in the NBA.  Honestly, I didn’t know who he was… but everyone else did so I got my picture taken with him.


LaVar Arrington: HELLOOO LaVar Arrington!  Former linebacker in the NFL… played for the Redskins for 6 seasons and then 1 season for the NEW YORK GIANTS!  We’re basically now best friends.  Can’t you tell?

jimmy b cutting the nets

Syracuse in the FINAL FOUR: Chris took this picture of Jim Boeheim cutting the nets.  Syracuse is goin to the final four!!!!!


Make Me Smile Monday!



This picture was taken Saturday BEFORE SU lost, but this is how I’d imagine they’d look after the terrible game.  They’re actually watching King Kong, which I kept calling Godzilla (100% on accident not just to annoy them).

st patricks

How adorable is this cake!?  I saw it at Biscotti’s while picking up pasticiottis and cannoli’s for family dinner.

coleman's shirt

Nicholas is all ready for St. Patrick’s day in his Coleman’s Irish Pub T-shirt his Great Grandparents got him.  I’ve been saving this shirt for St. Patrick’s day for months.  It’s white so I was scared it’d get stained before the big day.

st patricks shea and nicholas

Cousins enjoying St. Patrick’s day at their Italian Grandparent’s house.

nicholas drawing

Nicholas’ first Kindle drawing masterpiece.

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday

water fountain

Nicholini: My baby.  I’m always loving him.


Sushi: Today is Christopher’s 28th birthday and so tonight we’re going to have sushi!  We got a $60 gift card for Christmas, and we plan to eat $60 worth of sushi!

su basketball

Syracuse Basketball: Syracuse is playing Conneticut tonight at 7:00 PM!!  Let’s Go Orange!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Kelly Clarkson’s Energy: Did you happen to catch Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy’s?  Well her energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  She just made me feel happy!  She kinda looked a hot mess, but she was so positive and cheerful I hardly noticed.


Dark Chocolate Kit Kats: I love kit kats and I LOVE dark chocolate… so why wouldn’t I love dark chocolate kit kats.  They are just difficult find.  Right now I can only find them in the mini kit kats multi pack with the white chocolate and milk chocolate… AND even then there is significantly less dark chocolate ones in the bag than the other ones.