Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and here are my Thursday Thoughts (Linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom)

ummm NF decided that he needs to wear Mr.Potato head’s glasses to see… it’s pretty ridiculous.


He went to the dentist and had no cavities but was lectured about sucking his thumb… but I think it made no impact.


I am 30 weeks pregnant today!


My sister made a home made ginger bread cake for my dad’s 60th birthday and it was very very good.


I can’t believe Teresa Giudice is about to get out of prison!


Kourtney’s website is now up… and as promised she put her avocado pudding recipe on there… but you have to pay for the app to get it…. hasn’t someone reposted it yet?  Is it everything in that picture?  It’s not even soy or almond milk…. I actually have all of that at home right now (except just regular sugar).


I am still cheering for Kieth on Survivor…


And I am LOVING the holiday baking show on ABC… but WHYYYYYYY is it on at 10 PM eastern time two weeks in a row… idk about you but I don’t want to stay up until 11!

holiday baking.JPG

umm that’s all my thoughts I’d like to share for now…!





Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of Suburban Mom

image credit: Ann's Sunny Day

image credit: Ann’s Sunny Day

I am having my sister’s wedding flowers pressed and framed by someone local… I am hoping it turns out amazing!  Here is her website.

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I love a #blindside on survivor…. now, I totally think Kimmi threw Monica straight under the bus, and was it really about depleting the ocean of clams or keeping the girls number up?  The real “snake in the grass” might just be Kimmi.  OR they got rid of a potential flip flopper early… was Monica less trustworthy than Wigglesworth?  UHHH debatable.  I think it usually takes about 5 episodes for me to get into a season of survivor… I might just be there finally.


I am trying to stay positive in my life!!


Look forward to hanging this on my wall!


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.


AHHHHHHHHH it’s a boy!!!!!!!!  I am going to be a mom of 2 boys.  This announcement photo was the very first of like 30 I took… isn’t that how it always goes?


The weather has been fantastic… and we’ve been able to hang outside / garage / back porch a lot which is amazing!  Nothing like watching football in the garage while getting some work done.


Syracuse football is 3-0 first time since 1991 (yes I just double checked that)… we play LSU this weekend… and uhhh we’re not expecting any miracles.


NF’s been to 2 swim classes so far and is the weakest of the 5 kids in the “non swimmer beginner” class ages 3-4 (the pikes)…. but he’s the most entertaining!  He was doing a little awkward boy dance and one of the instructors I think asked him if he had to go to the bathroom and he said about 6 times loudly “I just peed” … making everyone think that he just peed… like right there… but really, he had just gone before class.  He also tries to convince the other kids to just go play some soccer (and ditch this swim stuff).  I am so excited to see him improve each week, it’s the best!!  (and I am secretly glad I started him at age 3-4 instead of earlier when the parent has to get in the water too).


I’ve been going to gentle yoga 2-3x a week and it’s been great during my pregnancy…. I am still going to spin and boot camp also… but I’m able to do less and less in those classes… I am afraid of the day when spin is out and where I am mostly watching boot camp and not participating.


What is the bizarre news story about Kim Zolciak having a stroke after dwts monday but is now 100%…. I’ve been voting for her like crazy (mostly because I think she needs the votes).


speaking of Kims…. Look at these ankles… not looking forward to that.


Survivor 2nd chance premiered last night… and I watched… duh.


And right after the premiere of survivor… the big brother finale aired…. I stayed up until 11 PM to watch Steve win…… yup… that was like 100 hours of my life this summer…..


My sister’s bridal shower is this weekend and I ordered a tiramisu sheet cake from a local Italian bakery (where she is getting her wedding cake) and I am beyond excited to eat it.