What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday



NF: I love that he still sleeps like a baby… because oh Halloween this baby turns 2 years old.  I don’t like getting up before the sun comes up… can you tell NF doesn’t either?  Oh, and just a proud mama update… NF can identify and say a lot of letters – but he calls “W” cereal… and I die every time.  It is so funny and adorable.  ALSO, he got a hair cut Tuesday night (those morning pictures are from Tuesday morning)… so the cowlick mess is sort of fixed, at least it’s better for his birthday and party.  — Monday night we actually went to C’s softball game and it was  a lot of fun… I am a little bit sad softball is almost completely over for the year… but soon we can watch daddy play indoor football!


C: Last night C went to a Phish concert… he left before we got home… but he left us a note!  I was shocked, I don’t think he’s ever left a note… and I’m loving that it’s on a pink post-it (and look at that giant exclamation point).  What I’m not loving is Phish… I MAY have said oh yeah I like Phish when C and I first meet and went to a concert with him… but now that we’ve been together over 3 years I’m not faking it anymore… I dislike it… nothing against those who like to jam out to 10 min plus songs that all sound strikingly similar, have your fun!  But it’s not for this girl.

Snooki on DWTS: I didn’t love her dance on Monday (I mean what could top work bitch from the week before?)… but I’m still loving Snooki on Dancing With The Stars.


image credit: tmz.com

Kim’s 15 Carat Ring: DANG GIRL!  Okay, so I am biased.. because you know WHAT blog readers… I meet Kim Kardashian!  Okay… I didn’t meet meet her… I was within 5 feet of her once at her store Dash in NYC about 2 years ago… and I was paralyzed with fear and didn’t speak to her.  I know, I had no idea I’d react that way!  ALSO, did you know that she filed for divorce the DAY NF was born (Halloween 2011) and I was in the hospital watching it ALL over the news the whole day?


Cannolis: When am I NOT loving a cannoli… I took this picture at Biscotti’s this weekend… and I want one right now!