Thursday Thoughts


Hello!!  Today is Thursday and I am linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts…


This snake lives at our front door.  We haven’t officially moved into the house yet… but it seems like this guy has been living there comfortably for a while.  I want him gone.  GONE!!  I can’t even enter or leave my house because he’s just THERE.  I have to go out the garage.  Ya know how you open it and then shut it and run underneath.  That doesn’t really work well with a 2 year old.


I didn’t think I’d have time for Big Brother this summer… but I made sure I watched last night…. already sooo excited!!  It’s on again tonight at 9 so I hope I am home for it!  I haven’t picked a favorite yet.


I need to get the carpet in the master bedroom stretched before moving in… ugh… do I hire someone?  Do I trust that someone who says they can do it can?  I just want it done at this point.  I can’t go without it being done it’s driving me insane!!!