Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Coconut Vendor, what are you?  what do you do?

Dear Jen Ray aka Nancy Donahue on the middle, You’re my new favorite character.

Dear guacamole and chocolate chip cookies, love you for breakfast.

Dear Harrison Ford, glad you’re alright.

Dear Geraldo Rivera on FOX this morning talking about Harrison Ford, okay… we get it… you guys were dare devil pals in the 80’s.

Dear Dr.Herman on Grey’s, Ohhh Shonda Rhimes… you real me in every time.

Dear Droctors who don’t simply read someone’s chart before seeing a patient, I hate you.

Dear Lisa Rinna on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that’s right, no body touches Harry!!

Dear Kyle Richards, FFFFF Brandi for saying that pot smoking comment… she’s stupid and I’ve decided I hope she’s not asked back on the show.

Dear Smellen, get a manicure by yourself… it’s relaxing and peaceful and you don’t need me there!

Dear Yolanda Foster, you’re so classy.

Dear Kim Kardashian, what in the world is up with the Draco Malfoy hair?

Dear Fashion Police, what is going on?  I’d love to see Khloe Kardashian on the show… more so than NeNe.

Dear Teresa Giudice, I occasionally think, I wonder what you’re up to right now in prison… hope you’re stayin strong!


Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


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WHERE is that missing plane?  Really…where is it?  Every morning I turn on the Good Morning America right when it starts as I am getting ready for the day… and they’re always talking about the plane and I am like WAIT did they find it??!!  No?  Oh… so do they know anything new?!  No?  Oh.


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Sooo today is the day!!  Syracuse plays their first game of the NCAA tournament!!  I did not pick them to go far (I know I am horrible!) but that doesn’t mean I WANT them to.  Let’s be honest… they haven’t been playing that well their more recent games.  The ONE SU game I went to this year was the 1st one they lost all season… so I think I’m pretty unlucky.  Anyway, GO SYRACUSE!!!  Or as NF would say, “GO ORANGE!”
SOOO… was it James or was it David??  And WHAT Shonda Rhimes, the writer of Scandal, thinking????  MY theory… it was James… and they put him in some kind of coma.  Which will let Cyrus be more evil for a while.  I mean look at Grey’s… way crazier things have happened?
So far in Syracuse we’ve had 128.6 inches of snow… this time last year we had 93.4 inches… and the normal average to date is 114.8 inches.  In conclusion, we’re done…k universe… Syracuse has had enough.  I got those numbers here.

So What Wednesday



It’s Wednesday and I’m saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’ve had a headache more days that I haven’t the past couple weeks… reasons?  Allergies?  Eye problems?  all a mystery… I NEED to get this taken care of… advice on meds to take for a sinus/eye headache/migraine?
  • I am really excited for this season of Dancing With The Stars.
  • I am really disappointed that either David or James was shot on Scandal… I almost don’t even want to know who.  Would they really kill off an Emmy winner?  I want to know what Shonda Rhimes is thinking!
  • I am SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOOOOO over winter like SO over it.
  • I gained 4 lbs in a week what in the WORLD whyyy?  It better go away as fast as it came!!
  • I look forward to wheel and jeopardy every  night and that might make me about 60 years old idk but idc.
  • yeah, so, I said idk and idc.