Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear strawberry sundae crunch bars,  I NEED YOU… all the time so good.  Only 6 in a box, I’m almost out!!


Dear Jackie Ibarra on big brother, I HATE double eviction night it was not your time!!  STEVE what are you doing!?  Why didn’t you put up the twins!?

Dear Wegmans self serve Mediterranean olive bar, I love it.

Dear refrigerated kosher dill pickles, I love it.

Dear Smellen, It makes me happy to know someone reads this and that you fit into your wedding dress on Wednesday (obviously I knew you would but still it makes me happy).

Dear Target, I haven’t seen you since July!

Dear car payment, 3 years didn’t seem like a long time… but after 11 months and I am not even half way there it is actually feeling like forever.

Dear kraft mac and cheese, why do the character shaped macaroni taste so much better than the boring regular shapes? #minionmacandcheese

Dear minions at mcdonalds, I’m sorry we missed out on you… I tried the last week at 3 different mcdonalds and they were sold out…

Dear sesame street, HOW HOW HOW can you go to hbo?  that doesn’t make sense to me.  I am worried about PBS.  I mean… I have hbo and pbs… but for 3 years I didn’t have cable and I really relied on PBS for accessible appropriate educational children’s television.

Dear NF, you crack me up every day.

Dear Caroline Manzo, I want to be a mom like you.

Dear Tom Brady Sketch, omgggg