Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Friday, it took FOR-EV-ERR for you to come this week…

Dear NF, last night you told me about bears in the desert…. now… was this from a tv show you saw??? orrr… Idk I googled it and saw that there’s the gobi bear… are you really talking to me about gobi bears?  Or am I looking too far into this?

Dear Scandal and Grey’s, it feels like forever since you were on… and american crime is just not good like I thought it’d be…. I need my ABC dramas back

Dear shoveling, you were a bad idea….

Dear Hobby Lobby, so glad I chose to visit you over target last night….

Dear Top Chef, it still feels like there are 10433 contestants on… can we get a double elimination or something to move things along?

Dear lindor chocolates, why can’t I just eat ONE of you!?

Dear sprinkle, I can’t believe you’re tomorrow!  What am I going to even wear?

Dear current wardrobe, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  LIMITEDDDDDDD.

Dear Smellen, I hope you are making tiramisu cake because I need everyone to try it.

Dear sinuses, WTF.  It’s been WHAT 21 days?!!!  I just want to breathe normal!!!!!

Dear life, you scare the bajeezus outta me…. sooo I think I’ll listen to bob marley’s 3 little birds (every little thing gonna be alright).

Dear Powerball, can’t win if you don’t try… I didn’t try…

Dear Kylie, you’re currently in my opinion the most annoying kardashian(Jenner).

Dear making a murderer, I am on episode 10 ughhhh.


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I want my kids to grow up and consider me their hero
  • My sister’s wedding is in like 10 days not to mention her bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner etc etc
  • I am stronger than I think I am
  • my eye has been twitching for almost 2 weeks now
  • I love decaf non fat toasted graham lattes
  • NF doesn’t like swim lessons and as a parent I am totally confused as to what to do
  • My bridesmaid dress doesn’t even come close to fitting me in any way and after they alter it I am sure it’ll look like a completely different dress… but that’s ok right because I am the pregnant maid of honor… right?  ughh
  • Sometimes I need to remind myself to just breathe
  • I am so happy survivor, modern family, and The middle are on tonight, and that scandal and grey’s is on tomorrow night
  • I am exhausted
  • I am one of 14 left out of 50 in the nfl pick game… I hope I make it to next week
  • I want to vacuum my car, but don’t know when I’ll ever have the time right now
  • I’m ready for Paula Deen to be off DWTS


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t even explain how funny you were last night making wii people.

0212051803  0212051757 0212051755

Dear Mom, You’re so good to me.  On my desk this morning.  Thanks for putting my gifts in lock & lock containers.  My lottery tickets though, I never win.


Dear KK, could you be a better friend?  Not a chance.  Thank you.

Dear temperatures outside, WTFFFFFFFFFFF.  OMGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Dear Kris Jenner, Change yo name girl.  Change it!  It’s GOT TO GO.

Dear Florida temperatures, HAHAHAH it’s 48 there right now!!  and your highs only 61.  wait… it’s -4 here.  AHHHHHHH get me out of here.

Dear C, oh yeah it’s your 30th birthday today… happy birthday.  You getting old makes me feel old… but I’m glad I am always going to be 15 months younger than you!

Dear TEEEVEEE,  Miss you lots.  Come over soon.  Always.

Dear myself,  you’ve done a good job saying *this* to yourself and closing your eyes while things get messy…. keep it up… you’re in control of your own peace.


Dear Scandal, I am so behind… idk if I can handle 3 episodes … did you jump the shark… I think you did.

Dear February, for some reason I like you a lot more than January.

Dear DVR, I KNOW… I know… I need to catch up and clear you out… taking a week off is rough… (wait what?).

Dear Smellen, my goodness gracious I want to do something relaxing with you asap.

Dear 50 Shades of Gray or is it Grey.. i dont even care, I AM SOOOO sick and tired of you.  I read you like 2 years ago, and I didn’t even finish because I was so not into it… I think there are way better erotic novels we could all read over this one… but for some reason it’s all about this one… and I am so over it like so long ago I was.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Thanksgiving, I really am so excited to eat stuffing and turkey and pie.

Dear Holiday Challenge at my gym, damn you but thanks for keeping me on track for another year….. I NEED that t-shirt (you only get the t-shirt if you maintain your weight or lose).  HOWEVER, I havent offically weighed in yet (I have another week)… and I kindaaaa plan to eat a lot that morning… please say that’s fair game and not cheating… I’ll have to make up for it later right?

Dear NF, you FINALLY said I love you… and it was to a stuffed animal… but still you’re saying it!  I’m next I’m next!  Please… oh melt my heart.

Smellen, I nearly DIED when you sent me this photo…
You found these underwear mixed IN with your laundry in your apartment building… omg I would have LOVED to seen your face pulling those things out of your hamper to fold.  You can’t tell from the photo but the band says Papi and that’s bright pink stitching… who really wears those???  Someone living near byyy… and they’re probably wondering where they went!  Please tell me, did you put them back in the laundry room?

Dear Syracuse Basketball, pretty excited to watch your game tonight!  You’re WAYYYY better than Syracuse Football.

Dear mustard on the beat, What does that even mean?  I’ll google it.  Ok so it means DJ mustard is making the beat for that song… gotcha.  Learn somethin new everyday.

Dear new season of Girls, Mad Men, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, when are you happeningggggggggg… I need dates!!  and I want them all in one nice neat little place on the internet.

Dear Real Housewives of NJ, Alright let’s get real real housewives…. my favs?  Tre and Dina… then comes Melissa.  The rest of you all are annoying.  and the very worst part of the show… Jim.  Why did you allow him to be the biggest part of part 3 of the reunion?  I wonder if he’ll comment on this since he’s so prevalent on the internet…

Dear Dancing With The Stars, HOW is Tommy Chung STILL THERE!??  I mean it’s getting down to the finals… and you can’t have Tommy still there!?  I like him really I do… but I am not like yeahh team tommy winning dwts!!  Noooo I actually really would like Sadie or Alfonso to win.

Dear Scandal, whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa hotttt DAmNNN!  I can’t I just can’t!  Shonda Rhimes this is not HBO this is network television you’re makin me uncomfortable!

Dear Haley on Modern Family, I’ve had this moment… and yelling at the car to go around… ahh I love it.


Dear Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, are you together or not?  and I actually really don’t care… but I just wanna know.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Scandal, You did not disappointment last night!  I had my doubts since I never thought Shonda Rhimes could top the winter finale… but I was wrong wrong wrong.  I mean she’s kept Grey’s going this long – why would I think she’d lose a gem like Scandal… That Olivia Pope with her dramatic lip quiver.  Idk if that will ever get old.

Dear ATM, so I can deposit money into you?  You can also deposit checks if I sign them?  I am so not 2014…  oh and it blows my mind when people take photos of checks w their phones and deposit them… whaaa???

Dear Casino, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow… but no bingo or gambling for this lady… just VIP club dancing bachelorette party FUN!

Dear Smellen, thanks for the shoes!!  It’s the best to have a sister with the same shoe size as you!!!

Dear Candy Crush, STILL goin strong!!

Dear NF, so Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday you decided to cling to your bed screaming NIGHT NIGHTTTTTT when we tried to leave the house in the morning!!! but Tuesday and Friday you were an angel.  What’s that about?  I can’t deal with your inconsistent behavior.. let’s just be an angel Mon-Fri.  Thank you!

Dear Cher, You can wear whatever outfit you want because you’re fabulous for LIFE.

Dear Hillary Clinton, I love how you made the softball jab at the woman who threw the shoe at you!

So What Wednesday



It’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I can stop watching Grey’s Anatomy and then start again and pretty much immediately be back into it
  • I feel like Scandal can’t ever be as good as the winter finale… did it peak!?
  • I’ve been saying I’ve been over winter since January I think… and it still feels not even close to over
  • I don’t think I’ll be playing co-ed softball this summer and I’m sad about it
  • I need a new car but I still haven’t done a thing about it
  • I haven’t bought any new clothes since December 11th… that’s an accomplishment but it’s also procrastination… I think that I do need some new clothes
  • I haven’t gotten a hair cut in 13 months… that is total procrastination… my hair starts to seriously dread by the end of the day… when I brush it I am literally ripping it out
  • I reloaded the twitter page with Ellen’s group pic that she wanted everyone to retweet to beat a record like 40 times to watch the number go up and up and up and it was the first thing I checked Monday morning
  • I am underwhelmed with the dancing with the stars cast this season… but I think I always am
  • I am SO behind on Pretty Little Liars I may have given up on the show… they just don’t make it easy to watch without cable

Thursday Thoughts

Today’s Thursday and it’s time for some Thursday Thoughts.  Linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom (my favorite blog ever).
I’m totally into M&Ms with almonds.  I bought these two bags from Target over the weekend and I mixed them up and was hoping for an almond joy taste.  I wasn’t in love with the coconut ones.  Maybe because they are just flavored with coconut, and not actually coconut… but the almond ones WOW!  I love them!
SOOO I was hoping to find Olympics diapers.  Summer Olympics 2012 I had USA pampers diapers (I got as a gift) that I loved!!!  So I found this box online at Target, and had it ordered to the store.  I was a little nervous they weren’t actually really Olympics diapers… and I even went to a different Target store than my normal one to get the box.  AND just as I feared… not Olympics just an Olympics size bonus box?  Oh well.  Anyone else wish that they made different designs than Sesame Street characters?  Don’t get me wrong I love that there are Sesame Street characters on them… but you know, like the USA ones were awesome!


image credit:

Probably with some more searching, amazon maybe?  I can find them?  Anyone else know anything about these?
Anyone else watch Modern Family last night?  When Cam called Lilly’s lice “hair pets” I died.  Seriously laughed so hard!!
I am SO excited for Scandal tonight!!!
Nikki vs Claire…. mehh… I wish that I cared after watching all season!  Juan Pablo just doesn’t seem genuinely into either one since he acts the same with ALL of the girls.  I have to admit though, all he’d need to say to me was “it’s okay, that’s how you feel, I understand, it’s okay.”  then say something in Spanish and I’d be hypnotized… I think.  But for how long?  Some how Andy snapped out of the trance and came to her senses… but it did seem like she was gunning to be on the bachelorette?  I think I’m ready for DWTS to start and this season of the Bachelor to be over with.
As always I’m loving this little guy!!!  Can’t wait for Sesame Street Live this weekend!!
We read Labor Day for our February book club… and planned to watch the movie together… AND THE MOVIE isn’t out anymore!  WHHHHHHHHHHYYYY?  it was only out for like 3 weeks!!  Now we will have to wait I guess.

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Seriously you say fine and no… not yes and no… but fine and no… you’re crazy!  “do you want a pretzel?”  “Finnneee.”  “let’s put your hat on.” “no.”  Today I stripped ya down to a diaper for a bath, went to run the water, came back in the room and there you were diaper off, riding your rocking horse nakey.  I said, “You’re naked!”  you replied, “mum, it’s finnee!”  What?!!!  Since when do you reply it’s fine?

Dear Maple Bacon Muffins, you were SO easy to make… like so easy and I had everything to make you at home already.  And you taste so good… like pancakes with syrup almost… but with bacon… in muffin form.  Here is the recipe Maple Bacon Muffins.

Dear Target, I love you I do… but I was interviewed by the news today to talk about how I was a victim of identity theft.  It could have happened to any store… so it’s not personal. You can see it here

Dear Scandal, WHY are you waiting until Feb 27th to come back on tv?  WHYY!?

Dear Montreal, I can’t believe my trip to see you is coming so soon!

Dear sinus infection, it’s been 10 days… you can go away now.

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You officially say “no” now.  It’s actually pretty shocking that you’ve waited this long to add that word to your vocabulary.  So far you use it in adorable ways… like when I change the channels, no, no, no, no like you’re saying next, next, oh not that channel next, next.  I’m fine with that… it’s when you start adding it to the “MINE!  MY PHONE!” it’ll get old quickly.  No, it is not your phone, you are 2, I didn’t have a phone until I was 18 years old… and I don’t think you should either… but you probably will because we won’t have land lines – and if you’re home alone, I’ll want you to have a phone…. but maybe you can call me from your ipad (will ipads still be a thing?) or something on skype… who knows what’ll happen 10 or 15 years from now… your older cousins got ipads and kindles for Christmas this year and they are 6 and 11… like seriously?  is that normal these days?  If you’re 6 you should get a bike and dolls right?  Not a kindle… I have a kindle… it was a big deal for ME to have a kindle… sorry this letter has turned into a rant about Christmas presents.  In all honesty I wish my parents bought me a Nintendo which is probably the equivalent of getting a kindle these days.  And they never did… but I turned out okay… right?  Oh and I love that you say coffeeee ALL the time.


Dear C, Thank you so kindly for taking care of me yesterday.  I did however yell your name about 15 times from the bedroom like Kate Winslet did in Titanic to Leonardo DiCaprio a the end with zero voice left “JACK…Jack…jack…come back..jack..jackk…jacckkk….jack” (insert C’s name).  You finally came in and by that time I was so dramatic and pathetic that I just sobbed… and instead of telling me to get my ish together you did the exact correct thing!  You picked up NF and you picked up 4 cans of chicken noodle soup and made me some.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Dear Target, I HATE TO LOVE YOU.  Seriously.  WTFFFFFFFFF.  I got targeted.  That’s what we’re calling it didja know?  My info got OUT and I was a victim of identity theft.  Do I know it was because I shopped at Target, no… but I did… and it happened… so I can assume right?  It happened to my sister’s boyfriend who shopped at Target then too.  How many people has this really happened to?  Because you think, oh no it won’t happen to me.  I don’t even win GIVEAWAYS ever… what are the chances it’ll happen to me.  WELL IT DID TARGET… and I did receive 3 gift cards to your store for Christmas and I’ve used almost all of them… so there’s my loyalty toward you.  I can never stay away.  But seriously though is there some law suit I can jump on and get $20 in like two years from all this?  Sorry Target… you really blew it… I’ll still shop there… but man… that really sucks for you.

Dear Smellen, OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you got me riding boots for Christmas… I’ve been searching for a pair for two years… and I couldn’t find one… and bam.. you just buy me a pair in 6 1/2 and done and done.  Love love love love love love love them.

Dear new gray tall ugg boots, yeah yeah yeah maybe you are for college girls… but you are like walking on WARM CLOUDS!!  I love you.

Dear Book Club, yes the book was long… yes the book was boring… yes the book was long (again I know).  But more than just TWO people need to complete the book!  We’ll pick a simpler book for this month.

Dear Orange is the New Black, It took me 5 days to complete the whole 1st season…. WHYYYYYYY isn’t the second season not coming out until the Spring… is that just a rumor?  Could it be sooner?  Please you’re an amazing show… why did I wait so long to watch you?

Dear Candy Crush, I thought I dumped you… Why am I playing… PS Im on level 186… is that good?

Dear storm Hercules, pshhh this is NOTHING.  Yes it’s cold… but the last time it was this cold I can remember it… yeah it was 2004 and I was a senior in high school… but THEN THE NEWS SAID, the last time it was this cold was a decade ago and my head exploded.  WHAT… what did you say weatha man??  A decade ago… that can’t be right… ahhh 2004 was a decade ago?!  what what whatttt.

Dear Scandal, I have to say… I really can’t wait for you to be back on next week!

Dear Pretty Little Liars, it’s been what… like FOREVERRRR and you finally start back up next week… I just don’t know if I can do it… I need some REAL answers… this show has gone on for far too long.  Who am I kidding… I’ll watch just to see what the girls are wearing.

Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom….  She’s been doing give-aways like crazzzyy and I want ALL of them… unfortunately it seems like so do a ton of other people and I have a very slim chance of ever winning… but that doesn’t stop me from trying!!

The 2nd part of the winter season finale of Scandal is on tonight and I CAN’T WAITTTTTT!!!  AHH last weeks episode was SO good it could have ended there!  BUT NO!  There is another one!!!
Nashville’s winter season finale was last night… and I gotta say I am soo losing interest in the show.  Nothing crazy happened until the last minute and a half and it didn’t shock me.  Ohhh Nashville… I had high hopes for you but you’re fading.
He needs a hair cut… but sometimes it looks good… like Harry Styles good.. like you’re thinking does that look good?  I can’t tell but I think it does??  I’m thinking he needs a hair cut before he sees Santa Sunday?
This is how NF leaves his “hubby” (hubby means horsey but yes I know this is a giraffe) when he’s done with him… why?  It’s so awkward.
I made NF a book on called The People You Knew When You Were Two.  I originally wanted it to be for his 2nd birthday.  I am so glad I waited because I received a coupon code in the mail – then I found a coupon code online and I was freaking out because the book I wanted to have made was up to like $63… BUT with the coupon codes it came to like $21?!!  WhAT!  No way.  I was so excited I had two mugs made!  Bad part… I just realized the shipping says it’ll come by Dec 20th – 24th… that MIGHT not be in time!!!!