Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re obsessed with the computer.  I get you dressed, you scramble to your feet, and sprint to the computer – you roll/throw yourself up onto the chair and immediately put the headphones on your head and start clicking/typing away (even if it’s off)!  It’s sort of cute, but why don’t you run out of your room and play with YOUR toys?


Dear Smellen, we’re going to win at bingo – I can feel it!!!!!!

Dear first day of summer, thanks for feeling like the first day of summer and not the middle of winter!

Dear people who stand at registers doing lottery ticket things, whether you’re the person scratching, or buying 20 scratch offs listing them off one at a time, or disputing a winning amount – whatever… every single person waiting behind you, is annoyed.  I am purchasing MILK… this milk is more important than your gambling habits.  You’re holding up the lines!

Dear Sam Champion, I know you’re married… and to a man… but I must say, you’re the handsomest guy on Good Morning America and I LOVE your smile!