Too Cute Tuesday

too cute tuesday

I am not going to do a traditional “Too Cute Tuesday” because I just have too much to discuss!  So this will probably read more like a Thursday Thoughts…


I need to talk about “Girls” on Sunday first…  I was so excited for season 4 and it’s FINALLY HERE!  I wish the episodes were an hour!  I really like Adam.  The first Marnie scene shocked me and made me uncomfortable and I can’t get the image out of my brain (tmi? it’s just honest).  I LOVE that Sosh’s parents are both named Mel Shapiro and that it’s the worst and first thing that ever happened to her.  I love Sosh’s style.  Natasha Lyonne appearance!  And why is she in an odd equestrian outfit? and why does she say unconscionable a billion times?  Marnie’s mom’s phone case!!?  Elijah’s ex boyfriend has brunch with the lisas!  I googled what Moussaka was.

Celebrity Apprentice season 14 cast at Pie Face Set 2

The celebrity apprentice is my favorite reality tv show on tv right now.  Am I team Brandi or Kenya????  Brandi ALLL DAY!  I gotta white girl booty too.  And Brandi showed up with 40k to bring to that fund raising challenge!  Did I mention I really like this show??!


Fashion Police last night… I have severely missed Fashion Police 50% for the fashion 50% for Joan Rivers… so I was only 50% satisfied with last night’s show… idk if they were being easy on Kathy the first show, because obviously she can’t and won’t be Joan – I just didn’t think it was vulgar/shocking enough like it was with Joan… I used to scream watching Joan Rivers say the most absurd dirtiest things on the show… and last night was totally tame in comparison.  Maybe it’ll be a whole different kinda show and I need to just except that.


I’ve watched the 1st episode – but I didn’t see last nights…but I will comment on last weeks episode… I am shocked that he kept the drunk girl, and a few others… but you don’t really know everything, it’s all edited… and I REALLY do think they tell him like we’d really like if you kept these girls or influence him in some way or another.  Right?  Don’t you think?


TMZ is saying that Real Housewives of NJ will “hibernate” until Teresa is out of prison… Which I guess I am okay with.  I can wait if it means Teresa’s coming back.


ANNND I leave you with Jennifer Lopez…  No words…. just stare at her.


So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • I’ve been sick for 9 days and I just want to be betttterrr please for Christmas I can’t be sick!!!
  • I’ve been totally slacking at the gym and my fitbit steps but what can ya really do when you’re sick?
  • Christmas shopping has been difficult for me this year because I have a hard time not buying myself stuff too…. mmm that’s every year.
  • Wegmans has been out of anise (licorice flavor extract used in baking) for over a WEEK…. all the Italian grandma’s bought it all for their Christmas cookies (did that sound offensive because I mean that in the most endearing way possible… I am not Italian, though I aspire to some day be an Italian grandma, and that’s why I wanted to buy anise to make some pitzelles, for my Italian granmda in law who no longer makes them and gave me her ancient Pizzelle maker).
  • I am half way through season 2 of The Newsroom when i found out the forever finale was this week…. I don’t want it to end forever.
  • I am concerned Syracuse basketball is not going to be so good this year.
  • I’ve decided there is no way I want to be in a bathing suit ever in my life, and if that means I don’t go swimming again I think I am ok with that.
  • I like Real Housewives of New Jersey more than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… they are the only two I still watch… but I will probably start watching NY again since Bethenny is coming back.
  • I pretend like I sing much better than I actually do when driving in my car
  • Potty training is exhausting
  • Last week when I was sick I woke up at 3 am crying saying I just wanted my mom (I’m being really real, who doesn’t just want their mom sometimes?  especially when they are themselves a mom)
  • I had a $10 off Big Lots coupon that I got from spending over $50 on Black Friday that I was sooo excited to use… and when I went it had expired 2 days earlier, and I still tried to use it (didn’t work obviously)… what happened to the days when cashiers just used expired coupons?…were there ever those days?  anyways, I was more disappointed that I should have been about that happening.
  • I tried the Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks and was very impressed and I had no idea how to pronounce praline
  • I actually do not know how to pronounce a lot of words now that I think about it
  • I think my sister is really the only person who reads my list of so what’s each week, and is disappointed if I don’t do it… so this one’s for you Elbie.
  • I don’t do Elf on the Shelf.
  • instead of buying tissues, I carry around a roll of toilet paper from room to room, and my ocd 3 year old puts it back in the bathroom everytime I’m not lookin.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: I’m loving NF because he’s adorable.  This morning at M’s (The lady who watches NF)  I let him take a handful of puffs and he immediately squated down and feed them to the mini three dogs (two toy poodles and a black shih tzu, Gabriella, Bioncia, and Nino).  We tell him, no no the puffs are your food, not dog food… he has a melt down.  We give him a few pieces of dog food to feed to the dogs – and what does he do?  Immediately pops them all into his mouth.  No nooo, that’s dog food not your food!!  Another melt down.  Oh boy, what is the deal with dog food!?  You’re a wild one NF.



Gia’s pink hoodie friends: Why were Gia’s friends all wearing pink hoodies… reminds me of mean girls, “on Wednesdays we wear pink.”  Well, I loved it.


The Heat: I saw this on Friday… and there was ONE part that I laughed so hard I cried – and for about 4 mintues.  I missed some of the story line because of this part.

So What Wednesday…

It’s So What Wednesday… and this week I’m saying SO WHAT IF…

  • I’m 27 and I watch Pretty Little Liars.
  • watching the bachelorette finale actually really made me want to be proposed to.
  • Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursday nights are Big Brother nights and I wouldn’t mind if there was ONE more day a week it was on (wow).
  • I REALLY envy the Real Housewives of NJ’s homes.
  • All these “so whats” so far have been about TV.
  • I bought these Coach winter boots (Theona) from the factory outlet online for $79 (down from $228 – 65% off) and immediately had buyers regret, tried to call and cancel the order three times (unsuccessfully) and had a mini melt down – had a whole box of dry pasta nuggets fall on my head while making dinner / calling Coach / and feeding a yelling toddler dinner.  I’m okay now, and I have accepted that I will be the new owner of Coach boots soon… I mean come on how could I have not bought them… they were $79 down from $228 (still convincing myself it was a good purchase).

coachbootstheona+wegmans-nuggets+ nfeat = kimcry

  • the only reason I KEEP on walking during my walks – is the map my run ap.  I want to beat my last distance and make a cool design on the roads.  I hope this never gets old.
  • I signed up for Chinese cooking classes and I don’t really know why I picked Chinese.

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

big brother


I am totally cool with Elissa getting MVP 3 weeks in a row, keep them coming!  … I almost even voted for her, until I realized I had to sign in or something and that was too difficult on my kindle.  If Elissa wins this whole season…. and being MVP helped her… I don’t care either.  Merica is choosing Elissa sooooo if she wins that’s fine.

ginamarie ginamarie2

Did anyone else think it was hilarious/weird that Ginamarie carried around a pair of redshorts to cry/blow her nose into after Nick left?  Oh, and did you think it was hilarious/weird that she was acting this way after knowing Nick a couple weeks?


I have all of Teresa Giudice’s books (secret: I haven’t made anything from her books).  But I am dying to get them signed by her.  She has signings all the time but mostly in New Jersey.  Come on Tere come to a book store near me!  Maybe that should be in my totally trying August edition – to actually make one of Teresa’s recipes.


I was thinking of getting this headband – since Spencer Hastings wore it on PLL… and it’s $14 at Urban Outfitters…. but I didn’t….


Lastly, I want Melissa Gorga’s sweater from last episode to lounge in.  I read that it is or is very similar to Victoria Secret Pink Longsleeve V Neck Raglan Top.  I need to look into this.

Thursday Thoughts


Well, I am a BIG fan of the show The American Baking Competition.  This week Whitney Appleton Beery, AND Carlo Fuda visited my blog and left comments.  So cool!


Last night on the show it was bread week!  Darlene made the most amazing looking twist and turn pesto wheel.


I wish that they put that recipe on but they didn’t.  But who am I kidding, bread!?  Aint no body got time for yeast and proofing!  I have to admit, anyone who makes a yeast bread is pretty talented in my world.  Here is Elaine’s Old Fashion Loaf recipe.  This also looked very good!


I think I am just as shocked as everyone else.  This was totally unexpected.  RIP James Gandolfini.

teresa interrogizing

Anyone else catch Teresa Giudice on this week’s episode saying “I’m not interrogizing you sweetheart.”? I love it!!

Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

american baking comp

Last night on The American Baking Competition (episode 3)…  I love Elaine’s cakes!  She made Coconut Pineapple Upside Down Cake and it looked delicious.  Oh and poor Kolette!  The judges keep telling her to work on her presentation and it just not working out for her.  BUT she totally made up for it in the suprise inside cake where she made a towering checkerboard cake!  Which really inspired me to bake more again…  and Elaine’s suprise inside cake chocolate and vanilla with strawberry mouse inside the shape of a heart- OMGGG it looked amazing!!  I wish they posted that recipe!  I am TOTALLY going to make at least ONE of the recipes from the show this summer.


there’s a suprise inside!!!!

the view

This week on The View my girls from Real Housewives of New Jersey were on (sans Teresa Giudice).  I loved it but they were only on for like 7 minutes.


Nicholas saying I love you – ohhh I cried and cried!  It made me so happy and touched my heart!



Anyone watch the Bruins vs Blackhawks game 1 of the Stanely Cup?  Maybe if you were living on the West Coast… because that thing didn’t end until the THIRD overtime!  And overtimes are an entire 20 minutes if no one scores.  Sadly the Bruins lost … glad I went to bed after the first overtime.

Thursday Thoughts…


celtic circle necklace

I bought this necklace for my Niece’s 11th birthday.  I have a celtic necklace I wear sometimes and she said she wanted one.  The celitc knot is charm size, but it being tiny makes it delicate and sweet.  The etsy shop is here: – she makes nice handmade jewelery at incredibly affordable prices.  This necklace was $12 with $3 dollars shipping.

This Week’s Reality TV Villian Awards…

The Bronze Medal goes too…


Joe Giudice!!  He makes the list for calling Milania’s Aunt Melissa “Horsey Face” on the phone before meeting her for a play date.  Not nice Juicy Joe!


The Silver Medal goes too…

Brian Emmett!!!  From the American Baking Competition.  He sort of cheated by making two batches of cookies – when the rules were to present what you made.  They were kind of not clear about that… but the show needs some suspense.  I guess he just makes Silver.

 The GOLD medal goes too…


BEN SCOTT!!!  From the Bachelorette.  Ben did bring his son to the first episode to meet Desiree and he was adorable (the boy, not Ben).  If I was that boy’s mom my head would have exploded.  I don’t really understand Ben’s relationship with the mom, he says they’re best friends…   Anyway, that’s not why he won the Villian award.  He won it when he ALREADY had a rose – and was cutting guys off like a creep.  Something about this guy gives me chills… I do not trust him and it seems like Desiree really likes him.