So WHAT Wednesday


Today is SO WHAT Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I have cankles
  • I don’t remember what it’s like to sleep through a night without getting up to pee
  • I am not sure if I have a smart tv or not… or how to find out
  • I can’t wait to go to an abs class
  • NF was born only 7 days from today this far in my pregnancy and that freaks me out
  • I may or may not eat a blooming onion today… and I think that’s probably the worst idea for my bloated feet/legs/ankle area
  • I thought Kocktails with Khloe was so dumb… but I am still going to watch the next episode
  • I am so interested in all of the Kardashian’s diets… Khole doesn’t eat dairy… but I know Kourtney does… but there’s no way in hell I’ll be paying for any of their apps
  • I don’t believe anything about Rob and Blac Chyna… totally false and weird
  • I AM PISSED at TMZ for spoiling the bachelor… you did it with Andi’s season and you did it again my eyes can unsee what you put up today… I hate you I hate you I hate you
  • It make laboring sounds when I put my shoes on even when I conscientiously try not to
  • I am invited to a super bowl party and I am pumped to go… but there’s a good chance I’ll be birthing a baby out that day or around that day and not attending
  • I LOVE Erika Girardi on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I really didn’t think I was going to
  • I do NOT like Kathryn Edwards on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… I like Faye Resnick
  • I can finally breathe out my nose after weeks of battling a viscous sinus infection
  • the cheese cake factory has the most intimidating menu I’ve ever encountered
  • my bathroom fan is fixed and I have used it every time I take a shower… I just ALMOST forget but I don’t…
  • garbage day in the winter stresses me out… like do I put it on the snow bank?  Do I block my driveway… what if it gets all snowed on….
  • My car looked dirty the entire month of January
  • I had my mom look at dressers with me ALL day Sunday only to decide that yeah I’ll take that one you have in the garage, and yeah I’d like you to paint it of me too, thanks mom
  • I am a boy mom (mom of boys)
  • I usually don’t re do my make up after the gym though I should…
  • I don’t think anyone reads this except my sister
  • I REALLY hope I win the super bowl square thing this year… I never ever do


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’d like to start watching How to Make a Murderer… I am afraid I already saw/read a spoiler and didn’t realize it
  • I just had to look up the final score of the Syracuse Basketball game… lost in OT so sad
  • I STILL can’t breathe out of my nose at night… this is torture!!  It’s day 14!!!!!  and 5 on antibiotics!  I have limited amount of days left to sleep before having a new born… these nights are precious to me and they’re being robbed by my nose
  • Real housewives of Beverly Hills is like 100x better than Atlanta
  • I was confused when Kim said Rob’s Rita Ora tattoo was a cabbage patch doll… why would he change it to a cabbage patch doll?  but it’s about his weight… COLD Kim
  • I thought a 3 year car payment plan was short… um no… 3 years is a very long time
  • I refuse to buy a bigger coat to get me through Jan and some Feb while pregnant… I will just look ridiculous
  • I always buy a 4 family pack of avocados and eat 2 or 3 and throw away one… so there’s actually no savings doing that…. but I ALWAYS intend to eat them all… just 4 avocados in a week is too much… I need to make Kourtney’s avocado pudding asap
  • Just like everyone else I am still writing 2015 on everything
  • I need to drink more water… but more water equals more peeing… OK OK not an excuse
  • NF makes this fake farting sound and I can’t STAND it
  • NF calls October, Octurbo, just to drive me nuts…
  • Basically NF has been doing things to get on my nerves… but I know it’s because I’ve been sick and no fun
  • no body really reads this
  • I am drinking from an SU mug and I didn’t even watch the game last night #impostor
  • there is no way I could handle listening to the entire Adele CD without crying for forever and ever
  • the gym needs to thin out for real #yournewyearsresolutionisridiculous
  •  I hope you find my pretentious tone humorous and not disgusting
  • I am wondering… when do all the new shows come back?  The Middle and Modern Family are new tonight!!!
  • ABOUT the girl who stole the woman’s credit card information at starbucks… I will find an article for you to read, hold on… here … I saw them talk about this on The Talk… and I loved what Sara Gilbert said about it.  People believe they are good but they still did a bad action.  You can be a good person and do a bad thing… just stop doing things that are bad.  Hmm… she explained it better…
  • NF has this crazy thing with thumbs up… and thumbs down… and thumbs side… I’ll explain it to you later
  • Happy birthday to Ryan!



So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • it was 0 degrees outside yesterday morning and 33 degrees outside this morning… makes total sense
  • I’ve seen Big Hero 6 probably 7 times in 2 weeks…. is it spring yet
  • My goal is to never have a energy bill as high as January again
  • After not seeing our grass since maybe early December?  I feel like, what is the point of landscaping or doing anything nice to your yard when it’s barred by 4 feet of snow for 1/3 of the year…
  • I am really looking forward to Survivor tonight… I hope it doesn’t disappoint
  • I was annoyed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills played the 15 minutes of the previous episode at the beginning of last nights episode… I felt jipped of 15 minutes of an episode!


So WHAT Wednesday…


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • It’s the last day of the year and I haven’t made any resolutions for 2015… does anyone ever really keep them anyways?
  • I’ve seen the same 4 team umizoomi episodes on demand about 5x each and as it’s making my toddler smarter I feel my intelligence just slipping away
  • I happened to see the post right after she posted it on fb that Giada put up announcing her divorce to Todd and I was sincerely sad
  • I finished The Newsroom and I am sad that it’s all over
  • I don’t understand why people love (like REALLY love) the zoo… I mean I guess I like it ok, it’s a staple in a child’s memory ya know going to the zoo.. but it’s kind of depressing..and smelly.
  • I am really not ready for January 5th and the regular schedule to happen
  • I was watching Saved by the Bell and I was blown away at how attractive Zack Morris was back then… I thought it was just in my memory, but nope
  • 3 people immediately told me that Macy was pregnant from teen mom
  • I’ve been so focused on Christmas and now that it’s over I am really freaking out about life
  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is not as entertaining as New Jersey I’ve officially said it (probably more than once) why is it the Brandi desperately wants Lisa V to like her show… so boring


So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so WHAT if…

  • I’ve been sick for 9 days and I just want to be betttterrr please for Christmas I can’t be sick!!!
  • I’ve been totally slacking at the gym and my fitbit steps but what can ya really do when you’re sick?
  • Christmas shopping has been difficult for me this year because I have a hard time not buying myself stuff too…. mmm that’s every year.
  • Wegmans has been out of anise (licorice flavor extract used in baking) for over a WEEK…. all the Italian grandma’s bought it all for their Christmas cookies (did that sound offensive because I mean that in the most endearing way possible… I am not Italian, though I aspire to some day be an Italian grandma, and that’s why I wanted to buy anise to make some pitzelles, for my Italian granmda in law who no longer makes them and gave me her ancient Pizzelle maker).
  • I am half way through season 2 of The Newsroom when i found out the forever finale was this week…. I don’t want it to end forever.
  • I am concerned Syracuse basketball is not going to be so good this year.
  • I’ve decided there is no way I want to be in a bathing suit ever in my life, and if that means I don’t go swimming again I think I am ok with that.
  • I like Real Housewives of New Jersey more than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… they are the only two I still watch… but I will probably start watching NY again since Bethenny is coming back.
  • I pretend like I sing much better than I actually do when driving in my car
  • Potty training is exhausting
  • Last week when I was sick I woke up at 3 am crying saying I just wanted my mom (I’m being really real, who doesn’t just want their mom sometimes?  especially when they are themselves a mom)
  • I had a $10 off Big Lots coupon that I got from spending over $50 on Black Friday that I was sooo excited to use… and when I went it had expired 2 days earlier, and I still tried to use it (didn’t work obviously)… what happened to the days when cashiers just used expired coupons?…were there ever those days?  anyways, I was more disappointed that I should have been about that happening.
  • I tried the Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks and was very impressed and I had no idea how to pronounce praline
  • I actually do not know how to pronounce a lot of words now that I think about it
  • I think my sister is really the only person who reads my list of so what’s each week, and is disappointed if I don’t do it… so this one’s for you Elbie.
  • I don’t do Elf on the Shelf.
  • instead of buying tissues, I carry around a roll of toilet paper from room to room, and my ocd 3 year old puts it back in the bathroom everytime I’m not lookin.


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!


image credit: abc news

WHAT in the WORLD is up with this season of Dancing with the Stars??  Here are my thoughts… So Monday was week 9’s episode… and Elizabeth (Jesse from Save by the Bell) was sent home… So we have Amber Riley, Leah Remini, Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne, and Bill Engvall left.  The past like 7 weeks Bill Engvall is shocked beyond belief that he’s still on the show… and so is the rest of America… WHO is voting for him???  He doesn’t get very good scores… who knew Bill Engvall has such a large fan base.  So on to my next thought…. is it all rigged?  I’ve been watching A LOT of Scandal… and I’m thinking it has to be rigged… like the week with the technical difficulties and no one was sent home… total cover up scandal.  I saw the same thing happen on The X factor – due to technical difficulties no one was sent home.  Conspiracy!!


image credit: IMDB

I’m in the middle of season 2 of Scandal… it’s a terrific show to binge watch since you’re dying to know what happens at the end of each episode.  It’s on Netflix… I recommend it to everyone.  OH and I love ALL of Olivia Pope’s Clothes… and SPEAKING of…

I was watching season 2 episode 8 the other day – and I saw this dress… and it’s like almost the exact dress my friend wore to her son’s baptism on Sunday… I texted her immediately… we were both so excited that her dress was seen on TV (I love seen on TV clothes).  She was worried about her dress choice, but seeing that Olivia Pope wore it eliminated her apprehension.

And on to my next thought… searching for that dress online I stumbled upon the site and if you’re a true Scandal fan you’ll totally LOVE it.  There’s a Olivia Pope Fashion page and I LOVE IT.  MAYBE I should start collecting Scandal clothes and stop looking at the Pretty Little Liar clothes… ya know cause it’s probably more age appropriate??


image credit: reality TV magazine

So I’m not THAT into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… but I did watch the first episode… I still need to watch Monday’s episode.  My thoughts on the two new housewives… well Joyce Giraud has the most amazing hair on the planet… and Carlton practices witchcraft.  My rule in life… never trust anyone who practices witchcraft.  (sorry if you’re reading this and do practice witchcraft… I don’t mean to offend).


image credit:

I received my birchbox and I got box #18…. and I am still not sure how I feel about… review to come soon.


image credit: amazon

Is just barely 2 years old too young for Elf on the Shelf?  Will he get it?  Will I really do the fun things you’re supposed to do with it???  Is it worth the $30??  What are your thoughts?

Some TV thoughts…

So here’s some thoughts on TV lately…  Hopefully I hit some / all / at least one… of the shows you watch and you can tell how you feel too..

First off… The View… all I have to say about The View right now is that it’s WEIRD without Joy Behar and Elisabeth.  and it’s WEIRD to see Elisabeth on Fox and Friends (which I do not watch purposely, it’s just on the TV every morning at our Italian, Catholic, Republican, woman I LOVE that watches NF).  I also NEED to mention, Jenny McCarthy has perfect hair…


Jenny McCarthy’s hair… does it get any better???

Next I need to discuss The Chew.  I was SO excited to watch this live on the day off I took for NF’s 2nd birthday.  I was going to pretend to be a stay at home mom and watch The Chew when he napped.  Unfortunately C got out of work early and came home and ruined my whole plan and put sports center on.  AHHH so I asked him if I could watch The Chew, and he pretty much said yeah whatever, and took a nap.  So it turned out fine and I was able to watch.



THEY DID NOTTTTT disappoint!  Daphne had the idea going as the Spice Girls for Halloween and it was perfect.  Everyone fit their spice girl amazingly!!  I didn’t care about the food they made at all – I just loved the costumes.

The Middle… the very best part of The Middle is Sue Heck.  If you don’t watch the show… you just should because Sue is amazing.  This week Sue holds a seance with some friends and calls for the ghost of Christopher Columbus and swears she sees the Santa Maria.  I died.


Calling Christopher Columbus!!!


Telling everyone what she saw…

And now… I CAN’T forget to mention… LAST NIGHT ON DWTS….. OMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG CHER!!!!!!!!


I love you Cher.

It was amazing.  I loved every minute of her being on the show.

ohhh the girls of bh

Sooo Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started last night – and I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch…

Everyone knows how I feel about The Neighbors… it’s like my favorite show.   My fav quote from this episode is, “Oh Reggie, love actually doesn’t exist in this house between September and Super Bowl Sunday.  There is no love.  There’s only Lovie Smith.  Lovie Smith was the head coach of the Chicago Bears and there’s no surgery that can make me un-know this.  The only thing that I do know is that one day you’re a love struck 16 year old girl who’s boyfriend calls you every other night at exactly 8 PM the next thing you know it’s 20 years later and your marriage has taken a back seat to ALL THINGS NEW YORK GIANTS.  In the next 3 months he’ll have less of a dialog with you than Adam Rosenblam and the rest of the members of the Time Teblow’s division of the greater New Jersey fantasy football league.  I’m sorry, what was your question?”


I hear ya Debbie Weaver!

OH… and can’t forget SNL’s parody of What does The Fox Say… THE BESTTT!!


That’s all for now!!