Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you make me smile everyday all the time.  I love you!

Dear Frozen Yogurt, are your prices going up?  or am I just piling on more?  You’re such a great treat, I am SO glad more frozen yogurt places are popping up!

Dear Lindt Chocolate, yeah so I’d love to work for you and sell/eat your chocolate all day.

Dear Smellen, hey harness expert.

Dear Mccrae, are you really going to stick it out with Amanda and become Mccranda for LIFEEEEEEE!  I’d actually really love to see an all star big showmance Big Brother… has that already happened???  I don’t think so, right?  I mean I know they had Jeff Schroeder and Jordon Lloyd and Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas back for season 13… but I want more showmances MORE!

Dear New York Giants, am I totally wrong thinking that this is America’s team?  Maybe I’m completely biased, but I love my New York Giants… I mean possibly one could decide that the Patriots are America’s team (because of the name)… and Tom Brady is the all american best looking dream man… but no… New York Giants!  They’re the one!  Come on Eli Manning he’s adorable!



Thursday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


I framed NF’s first painting last night.  I love it!


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Big Brother started last night and I wasn’t intending on watching it… but since it was on when The American Baking Competition usually is on – I watched it.  Annddd that’s all I need is one episode and I’m hooked.


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My early favorite is Rachel’s sister, Elissa.  Rachel is from one of the only other seasons I’ve seen.  I watched that season while I was pregnant.


That’s Rachel, Elissa’s sister.  The most entertaining person on big brother ever (at least that I know of).  And they look A LOT alike.

american baking comp

LAST night, after big brother, was The American Baking Competition… my newest favorite summer time show (I hope they have another season!!!).  My three favorite contestants right now… (yeah I have three)…


Elaine Francisco, James Reddick, and Francine Bryson.  I would be happy if any of these three won the competition.  Ah even Darlene Pawlukowsky winning would make me happy.  So the show’s down to  5 people and I just realized that I’d be happy with anyone winning except Brian Emmett.  Sorry Brian if you’re reading this (the contestants have been finding my blog).

Last night James Reddick made a chocolate souffle in the technical bake challenge.  The recipe for it is here.  He had never made one before and he won the challenge… I was SO happy for him!  He would have been star baker if he hadn’t totally screwed up the show stopper.  You can find all the recipes that puts up here.


On the Bachelorette this week… Ben was sent home.  Bye bye Ben!



Anyone read the Real Housewives blogs?  The comments are BRUTAL!  I read the blogs sometimes and then think about commenting… then I read some of the comments and I think whoaaaaaaaaa… don’t really wanna jump into that cyber cat fight!  Why are they so harsh and crazy?!  People are wayyyy to into Teresa’s drama.