So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I caught NF with my kindle the other day and I said, Hey!  What are you doing?  and he replied “SECOND HOLD ON, I’m checkin my spacebook.”  (I need to remember these moments!)
  • I can’t remember the last movie I saw in a movie theater… was it seriously The Heat in 2013??!  I can’t think of one I saw more recently than that!
  • I would LOVE love love a Sex and the City movie #3
  • Heather is super annoying on Real Housewives of NY… I am seriously team Bethenny right now
  • I don’t get what’s going on with Shia Labeouf ever… 8:58 into the video is the JUST DO IT part…
  • I want lettuce wraps from PF Changs RIGHT NOWWWW
  • I’ve read the same highlights magazines over and over and over and I look forward to a new one in the mail probably way more than nf
  • I can’t find shelf bra camis anywhere but areopostale and they discontinued them… then got them back.. and now are sold out of sizes other than XXL… WHY areopostale… just bring them back!!  It’s a problem.
  • I’m over Pretty Little Liars… just tell me who A is already
  • I’ll be sad when Game of Thrones is over… but I am really looking forward to True Detective… great job HBO transitioning
  • I could use a frappuccino right now
  • I could always use a frappuccino


So What Wednesday



It’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I can stop watching Grey’s Anatomy and then start again and pretty much immediately be back into it
  • I feel like Scandal can’t ever be as good as the winter finale… did it peak!?
  • I’ve been saying I’ve been over winter since January I think… and it still feels not even close to over
  • I don’t think I’ll be playing co-ed softball this summer and I’m sad about it
  • I need a new car but I still haven’t done a thing about it
  • I haven’t bought any new clothes since December 11th… that’s an accomplishment but it’s also procrastination… I think that I do need some new clothes
  • I haven’t gotten a hair cut in 13 months… that is total procrastination… my hair starts to seriously dread by the end of the day… when I brush it I am literally ripping it out
  • I reloaded the twitter page with Ellen’s group pic that she wanted everyone to retweet to beat a record like 40 times to watch the number go up and up and up and it was the first thing I checked Monday morning
  • I am underwhelmed with the dancing with the stars cast this season… but I think I always am
  • I am SO behind on Pretty Little Liars I may have given up on the show… they just don’t make it easy to watch without cable

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You officially say “no” now.  It’s actually pretty shocking that you’ve waited this long to add that word to your vocabulary.  So far you use it in adorable ways… like when I change the channels, no, no, no, no like you’re saying next, next, oh not that channel next, next.  I’m fine with that… it’s when you start adding it to the “MINE!  MY PHONE!” it’ll get old quickly.  No, it is not your phone, you are 2, I didn’t have a phone until I was 18 years old… and I don’t think you should either… but you probably will because we won’t have land lines – and if you’re home alone, I’ll want you to have a phone…. but maybe you can call me from your ipad (will ipads still be a thing?) or something on skype… who knows what’ll happen 10 or 15 years from now… your older cousins got ipads and kindles for Christmas this year and they are 6 and 11… like seriously?  is that normal these days?  If you’re 6 you should get a bike and dolls right?  Not a kindle… I have a kindle… it was a big deal for ME to have a kindle… sorry this letter has turned into a rant about Christmas presents.  In all honesty I wish my parents bought me a Nintendo which is probably the equivalent of getting a kindle these days.  And they never did… but I turned out okay… right?  Oh and I love that you say coffeeee ALL the time.


Dear C, Thank you so kindly for taking care of me yesterday.  I did however yell your name about 15 times from the bedroom like Kate Winslet did in Titanic to Leonardo DiCaprio a the end with zero voice left “JACK…Jack…jack…come back..jack..jackk…jacckkk….jack” (insert C’s name).  You finally came in and by that time I was so dramatic and pathetic that I just sobbed… and instead of telling me to get my ish together you did the exact correct thing!  You picked up NF and you picked up 4 cans of chicken noodle soup and made me some.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Dear Target, I HATE TO LOVE YOU.  Seriously.  WTFFFFFFFFF.  I got targeted.  That’s what we’re calling it didja know?  My info got OUT and I was a victim of identity theft.  Do I know it was because I shopped at Target, no… but I did… and it happened… so I can assume right?  It happened to my sister’s boyfriend who shopped at Target then too.  How many people has this really happened to?  Because you think, oh no it won’t happen to me.  I don’t even win GIVEAWAYS ever… what are the chances it’ll happen to me.  WELL IT DID TARGET… and I did receive 3 gift cards to your store for Christmas and I’ve used almost all of them… so there’s my loyalty toward you.  I can never stay away.  But seriously though is there some law suit I can jump on and get $20 in like two years from all this?  Sorry Target… you really blew it… I’ll still shop there… but man… that really sucks for you.

Dear Smellen, OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you got me riding boots for Christmas… I’ve been searching for a pair for two years… and I couldn’t find one… and bam.. you just buy me a pair in 6 1/2 and done and done.  Love love love love love love love them.

Dear new gray tall ugg boots, yeah yeah yeah maybe you are for college girls… but you are like walking on WARM CLOUDS!!  I love you.

Dear Book Club, yes the book was long… yes the book was boring… yes the book was long (again I know).  But more than just TWO people need to complete the book!  We’ll pick a simpler book for this month.

Dear Orange is the New Black, It took me 5 days to complete the whole 1st season…. WHYYYYYYY isn’t the second season not coming out until the Spring… is that just a rumor?  Could it be sooner?  Please you’re an amazing show… why did I wait so long to watch you?

Dear Candy Crush, I thought I dumped you… Why am I playing… PS Im on level 186… is that good?

Dear storm Hercules, pshhh this is NOTHING.  Yes it’s cold… but the last time it was this cold I can remember it… yeah it was 2004 and I was a senior in high school… but THEN THE NEWS SAID, the last time it was this cold was a decade ago and my head exploded.  WHAT… what did you say weatha man??  A decade ago… that can’t be right… ahhh 2004 was a decade ago?!  what what whatttt.

Dear Scandal, I have to say… I really can’t wait for you to be back on next week!

Dear Pretty Little Liars, it’s been what… like FOREVERRRR and you finally start back up next week… I just don’t know if I can do it… I need some REAL answers… this show has gone on for far too long.  Who am I kidding… I’ll watch just to see what the girls are wearing.

Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday!!  and I’m linking up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts.


He put this hat on himself and plopped down to watch some Family Feud

My BABY is going to be 2 next Thursday…. uhhh what?  This can’t be real life.

I am working on making him a book called, “The People You Knew When You Were Two.”  (I totally came up with that title on my own – cleaver right?)… well, it’s overwhelming me.  How do I have so many pictures of one person with NF and like none of another?  It’ll come out nice though, I just know it’ll take me like way too much time because I’ll be obsessing over it.


Alison Dilarentis… dead or alive???

I wasn’t really feeling Tuesday night’s episode of PLL… for a few reasons…

#1 no wardrobe changes…  I love to see what the girls are wearing… and they were in costumes the entire episode


they were really impressive costumes though

#2 they wandered around a grave yard, then a tunnel, then a scary house, then outside a scary house – claiming “we have to get out of here!!” the whole time.

#3 Nothing really happened until the last 5 minutes.

AND NOW I have to wait until January 7th for it to start up again?!  I was not aware of that… I was under the impression that it was starting back Oct. 22 and was going to be on each week after that.  The mystery continues… and so does the show PLL.  Will it ever really end?


I LOVE Sue Heck

My favorite part of Wednesdays… is to see what Sue Heck’s up to… and last night she didn’t fail to make me laugh!

Thursday Thoughts

So I wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween at all… but my friend invited me to a party and said she wanted to be red coat from PLL… and I said I wanted to be Mona… and… I’m doin it!
I had a 25% off coupon code for American Eagle and there’s free shipping… I got this for $20 which isn’t that bad… and I’ll probably wear it all the time.  AND I can be Mona in it.  I just have to make a Radley ID badge and some black gloves.
Now I just wish season 4 would start up again!  Oct 22nd!
Is anyone still watching Nashville?  I am… and my favorite part… when the two girls sing.  I love it!  But sadly… I’m tired of Rayna’s story line and her “losing her voice”.  And I hate the lady who is pretending to be pregnant (Nashville is really good at making you like or hate characters and then change it up on you… like Avery is growing on me, and I would never think that from the beginning of season 1).
What is everyone thinking of all the new Fall TV?  Loving anything?  Hating anything?

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you’re all ready to go, coat on, sneakers on, cookie monster in your arms… I open the front door and you fall to the ground like one of those animals playing dead staring up at their predator.  We’re on day 3 of this.  It’s sort of adorable, sort of terrifying if you decide to do this in public.

Dear Breaking Bad, I finished you.  You were amazing but I am really glad you’re done and over with because – I just could not handle it anymore.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, I feel like I was just preparing for the withdrawals I was going to have from you not being on but with all the new tv I hardly noticed you were gone.  Now you’re back next week!

Dear cold, cough, upper respiratory infecwhatever you are, go away you’re not welcome in my home!

Dear Bruce and Kris “split”, this isn’t even news?  So Bruce got his own home in Florida?  If I had Kardashian $ I think I’d have a home in Florida too… ya know just mine… no big deal.  If they really got divorced divorced then I’d be more surprised.  Oh and I know Brody is probably everyone’s fav Jenner boy… but I kinda think Brandon is cute?  Yes? Anyone?

Dear Smellen, thanks for dealing with my “Sheldon”ness.  (Last night someone in our cooking class said I reminded him of Sheldon… which would make my sister Leonard).

Dear Celebs read mean tweets, I laughed SOOO hard watching you.

Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you love walking up and down those apartment stairs dontcha?!

Dear Smellen, glad you read this thing and you care when I don’t post.

Dear Janman, excited to see you this Sunday… and that you get to experience what life is like with a toddler and NFL football.

Dear NFL Football, go easy on me this year… I don’t want to dread you.  Make it about fun, food, friends, family… not screaming at the tv the entire day… thank you.

Dear Pumpkin flavored anything, I haven’t had any of you yet… I refuse in August… but it’s September now… MAYBe it’s okay… but if I drink you, that means Summer if officially over… I think.

Dear C, keep on being good to me!

Dear wine tour tomorrow, Pah-lease do not get me too drunk.  I think since I was pregnant I am unable to drink and enjoy it.  I hopefully will enjoy this, sans baby boy.  And don’t make me ridiculously tired either.

Dear pedicure I had Thursday, I didn’t want to spend the $ but I am SO glad I did.  I’ve been doin them myself for a year now… and seriously every now and again you gotta get a good one.  Also, I had them do a dark purple (yeah I googled fall 2013 colors so what)… and I typically am not so great at painting the dark dark colors… so having a professional do it… perfect!

Dear Sushi I had Thursday, AMAZING following to my pedicure… loved you!

Dear Candy Crush, STOP taking OVER my 9-11 PMs!!!!  This is my cleaning, reading, relaxing time… I play candy crush, and request more lives, and wait for another life, and before I know it I wasted two freaking HOURS!  Whattt.

Dear Big Brother, Why’d you have to have a double eviction?  You totally ruined my Amanda being out celebration by immediately sending Elissa out too.  BOOO!  500th episode of Big Brother did not go the way I wanted it to.

Dear new season of TV, I’m not ready for you yet!!  Usually I’m dying for new TV to be on… but right now I just feel so overwhelmed!  What do I watch!  How do I keep up with it all!?

Dear new workout routine I added, love you!  You’re making me sore in all new ways!

Dear Lamar Odom, so TMZ said you went to a sushi place, had miso soup and 2 green teas but no sushi.. your bill was $7 but you left a $20…… WHAT?!  Why do I need to know this… and why did I remember every detail of the article I read.  TMZ you stalk Lamar’s LIFE …anndd I guess that means I do too?  Sorry Lamar, have your miso soup in peace.  And I hope you get off crack or was never even on it… truthfully I mean it.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, I thought I needed a break from you… but I didn’t…. I want you backkk!!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: I love that you hold my hand now!!

Apple Straws: My sister and her bf introduced these to me over the weekend.  Oh my goodness.  So good!  And they are a pretty good snack for NF too!  We love them.  They are at Wegmans for $2.50 a bag… I picked up 4!


When Rocky and Adrian see their baby: We’ve been watching the Rocky movies in order and I cry everytime!  Also, Rocky Jr looks EXACTLY like NF when he was born.  See…


SEE THE HAIR!  Rocky Jr. had the same hair!!

W6 177

When Rob Lowe (Billy Hicks) plays the saxophone in St. Elmo’s Fire: there is just SOMETHING about Rob Lowe super sweaty and rocking HARD on the sax… I can’t take it!


The PLL Summer Finale: AHHHH can’t wait for Oct 22nd!!!


Kathy Waklie: I shook her hand this week!  It was amazing!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

black and white smaller

NF: I love the photos C’s cousin’s girlfriend took of NF.  OH, and I love NF… he’s so cute!  You can check her out at or! or ohsnapme!

I love the site where I can find all the clothes from TV shows I love…


Emily’s Hoedown Outfit from PLL: These girls… unbelievable… they have a school dance and they’re dressed hoedown style to a T. has where you can buy their outfits too… I LOVE this site.

Aria’s Hoedown Outfit from PLL: How cute are those boots?!  You can get them here.  They still have them in turquoise 6.5 for $57…… but seriously… when would I ever wear them?  It’s not like I go to rosewood and have ho-down dances.


Hanna’s Hoedown outfit from PLL: This isn’t an exact match because Hanna’s is a dress and the link is a romper… either way Hanna rocks it.

Spencer’s Hoedown outfit from PLL: Wow, Spencer can pull off some overalls… I pretty much thought no one could pull of overalls these days unless you’re a toddler.    I also want to know what kinda school dance allows all those midriffs showing.  Ugh I wish I went to Rosewood minus A.


Paige’s Hoedown outfit from PLL:  Even Paige has it goin on.  Oh and another midriff.