So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I caught NF with my kindle the other day and I said, Hey!  What are you doing?  and he replied “SECOND HOLD ON, I’m checkin my spacebook.”  (I need to remember these moments!)
  • I can’t remember the last movie I saw in a movie theater… was it seriously The Heat in 2013??!  I can’t think of one I saw more recently than that!
  • I would LOVE love love a Sex and the City movie #3
  • Heather is super annoying on Real Housewives of NY… I am seriously team Bethenny right now
  • I don’t get what’s going on with Shia Labeouf ever… 8:58 into the video is the JUST DO IT part…
  • I want lettuce wraps from PF Changs RIGHT NOWWWW
  • I’ve read the same highlights magazines over and over and over and I look forward to a new one in the mail probably way more than nf
  • I can’t find shelf bra camis anywhere but areopostale and they discontinued them… then got them back.. and now are sold out of sizes other than XXL… WHY areopostale… just bring them back!!  It’s a problem.
  • I’m over Pretty Little Liars… just tell me who A is already
  • I’ll be sad when Game of Thrones is over… but I am really looking forward to True Detective… great job HBO transitioning
  • I could use a frappuccino right now
  • I could always use a frappuccino


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, when we ask if you’d like to go to Florida to see Mickey Mouse you say, “no I have to stay here.”  but then seconds later you tell me, “I have to get a picture with Mickey Mouse.”  You do NF and you WILL…. and you’re comin, you’re not staying here!

Dear blast of thunder and lighting, Is blast the correct word to use?  Well it certainly wasn’t an average thunder and lighting flash and boom – and not to mention it is MID JANUARY! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT why did that happen!?  SO freakkyyyy… omg was it a freaky friday moment like the movie… omg I would love to be NF for a day… I just dont trust him to be me though…

Dear Brandi Glanville, you didn’t address the $1,000 groceries for a week comment in your cast blog… I am disappointed about that

Dear Mariah Carey, If I were you I’d 100% go to Caesars Palace with the greats!  I love Celine Dion, Cher, AND Britney Spears and it’s been a dream of mine to go see them in Vegas (well it’s my sister’s best friend’s dream to see Celine in Vegas… and I’m dying to see Britney… and Cher).

Dear Greys and Scandal, I feel like it’s been way too long since you’ve been on!  I miss you!  Jan 29th so two more weeks.  K I think I can handle it.

Dear Parenthood, I said it a million times… WHY oh why is this show ending?!  I can’t believe there are only 2 more episodes!!!

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, since when did everyone love to hate you so SO hard?  I love to go to for some unrealistic ideas and inspiration.  I GOTTA see your Watch What Happens Live episode… maybe tonight.

Dear Tee-vee, Miss you – I hope you come over for breakfast this weekend

Dear Smellen, I wish I was eating a Red Robin burger tonight…. but wth is this snow STORM!!!  According to what I read Thursday on the news it was going to be a normal milder kinda weather day… uhhh you cant predict lake effect (at least not well?), and I am not mad at you for any of that and you do not control the weather reports so sorry for this letter.

Dear Kylie Jenner, I don’t believe the rumors that you’re pregnant… but I would really love it if you were…. just bein honest.

Dear Jenelle Evans, I haven’t seen this “leaked” video of you fighting with Nathan’s brother… I didn’t even know Nathan had a brother… I hope you go on couples therapy… again, just bein honest

Dear PLL, HOW are you still on and going… who is A?!!!!!!  I gotta know.


Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Thursday!!  and I’m linking up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts.


He put this hat on himself and plopped down to watch some Family Feud

My BABY is going to be 2 next Thursday…. uhhh what?  This can’t be real life.

I am working on making him a book called, “The People You Knew When You Were Two.”  (I totally came up with that title on my own – cleaver right?)… well, it’s overwhelming me.  How do I have so many pictures of one person with NF and like none of another?  It’ll come out nice though, I just know it’ll take me like way too much time because I’ll be obsessing over it.


Alison Dilarentis… dead or alive???

I wasn’t really feeling Tuesday night’s episode of PLL… for a few reasons…

#1 no wardrobe changes…  I love to see what the girls are wearing… and they were in costumes the entire episode


they were really impressive costumes though

#2 they wandered around a grave yard, then a tunnel, then a scary house, then outside a scary house – claiming “we have to get out of here!!” the whole time.

#3 Nothing really happened until the last 5 minutes.

AND NOW I have to wait until January 7th for it to start up again?!  I was not aware of that… I was under the impression that it was starting back Oct. 22 and was going to be on each week after that.  The mystery continues… and so does the show PLL.  Will it ever really end?


I LOVE Sue Heck

My favorite part of Wednesdays… is to see what Sue Heck’s up to… and last night she didn’t fail to make me laugh!

So What Wednesday…

It’s So What Wednesday… and this week I’m saying SO WHAT IF…

  • I’m 27 and I watch Pretty Little Liars.
  • watching the bachelorette finale actually really made me want to be proposed to.
  • Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursday nights are Big Brother nights and I wouldn’t mind if there was ONE more day a week it was on (wow).
  • I REALLY envy the Real Housewives of NJ’s homes.
  • All these “so whats” so far have been about TV.
  • I bought these Coach winter boots (Theona) from the factory outlet online for $79 (down from $228 – 65% off) and immediately had buyers regret, tried to call and cancel the order three times (unsuccessfully) and had a mini melt down – had a whole box of dry pasta nuggets fall on my head while making dinner / calling Coach / and feeding a yelling toddler dinner.  I’m okay now, and I have accepted that I will be the new owner of Coach boots soon… I mean come on how could I have not bought them… they were $79 down from $228 (still convincing myself it was a good purchase).

coachbootstheona+wegmans-nuggets+ nfeat = kimcry

  • the only reason I KEEP on walking during my walks – is the map my run ap.  I want to beat my last distance and make a cool design on the roads.  I hope this never gets old.
  • I signed up for Chinese cooking classes and I don’t really know why I picked Chinese.

Thursday Thoughts



PLL latest episode is not working for me on and it’s driving me crazy!  I refuse to buy it… I will get it to work before it expires.


Sooo I saw this on WornOnTV on the latest episode (that I HAVEN’T seen yet) and I thought – ha so cute!  THEN I saw the price tag.  This seems to always be the case… $198 at  WHAT?!  Who pays that for a ripped up sweater that says As If on it?  Sigh, I’ll never have the PLL wardrobe… (that’s probably a good thing since I’m 27 and can barely get away with it).


As for big brother…. I have a few things to comment about.  Does anyone else think that ‘Merica voted for Elissa to be MVP again, and didn’t understand that ‘Merica is now the MVP picking who was to go up for eviction, therefore not purposely putting Elissa up?


I felt awful for Judd being in solitary confinement with an alarm that goes off every 9 minutes.  But it was also hilarious.

I also thought Amanda looked good when she dressed up for Mccrae… and Elissa was mean.  If somebody doesn’t want to wear a two piece bathing suit, that’s it, no more questions.  We’ve also seen her in a two piece sooo relax mean girls!

Who do you think will be going home tonight???  I think it’ll be Kaitlyn.


BEST NEWS!!!  I am going to see Teresa Guidice, Jill Zarin, and Tamera Barney in August!!!!!!!!!!  I will hopefully get my books signed, and get a picture with them, ahh!!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: My little boy!!  Oh I love him so so much.  He started saying, “buh bye, buh bye, buh bye, buh bye, buh bye…” this week!  Ahhh he’s so cute!

chris and nicholas baby

C: I love this picture of C.  Spending the week away on vacation has made me miss and appreciate you!


PLL Red Coats: I want a red trench like from Pretty Little Liars.

big brother

Big Brother: I’m so into Big Brother this summer – and I’m excited it’s on tonight!!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF:  Oh my goodnesssssss!!!  I could kiss those cheeks all day!


White Barn candle scent from Bath and Body Works: The Bath and Body Works sale seems like it’s been going on for-ev-errr… and FINALLY I walked inside the store.  I don’t need any more lotions, body washes, candles etc etc etc.  I no joke have a large tupperware container labeled “lotion” with about 30 bath and body works lotions.  I could be a different scent each day of the month if I wanted to.  Anyway, I went in and they gave me a 20% off coupon immediately.  I bought a honey suckle body wash for $3 and a large candle for $10 or something and my total was $11 after 20% off.  I was smelling all the candles and some I loved, some I hated, I wanted to go for a non-food candle, since I apparently don’t own any!  So I came across White Barn and I LOVED it.


Pretty Little Liars: I’m finally totally caught up with the show!!

laos printed

Laos Printed Dress from Fancesca’sI am in love with the store Francesca’s.  I bought this dress, and another one, and a belt.  Unfortunately, not everything they have in the store is online, so I was only able to find the link to this dress.  This dress is navy – not black and I can’t tell if the one online is black or the navy I got in the store.

mary murphy

Mary Murphy (Judge on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox): This lady cracks me up!  I’ve always loved her since the beginning of So You Think You Can Dance!  I watch the show for 3 reasons, Mary Murphy’s crazyness, Cat Deeley ridiculous height difference from the dancers, and the dancing.

cat deeley tall

(look how much taller Cat is than the male dancers)

Pretty Little Liars beaded friendship bracelets

I bought these Pretty Little Liar beaded friendship bracelets as a Christmas present for my sister.  One for me one for her obviously.  Any loyal fan should own one!  It’s creepy and fantastic.  It’s even more creepy that I have … Continue reading