Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You have the best taste in music… and then the wiggles come on and you’re like freaking out… totally weird, I’ll never understand the wiggles.

Dear The Wiggles, maybe you have to be 3 and under to get it… and you’re probably crazy rich.

Dear upcoming pedicure, I CAN’T FREAKING WAITTTT.

Dear Rider Strong, at one point in my life when I read the Disney Adventure’s magazine I was in love with you (well your character Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World).  Heard ya just got married… and you look exactly the same but with a beard.  Congratulations.

Disney Adventures Magazine, I just looked you up… you ran from 1990 – 2007… very interesting…  I wonder if my mom kept them in a box some place… who am I kidding, I wonder WHERE my mom kept them in a box some place.

Dear wedding tasting I am attending, OMFREAKINGGODDDDDDDDDDD I am so excited to eat so much coconut shrimp!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Smellen, where ya been my baby sister it’s been 5 days since I’ve seen your face.

Dear C Rel Cus, betcha didn’t know you’d have a friday letter.  Or that I just made up that name for you.  Come over with bagels and cookies again pleassssse.

Dear Florida, are you warm?  please be 70’s when I visit you.

Dear Patriots letting air out of balls, THEY WOULDA CRUSHED THE COLTS ANYWAYS SO WAHH wah wahh I dontcare.  and I dont even like the patriots… I just might have a thing for Tom.

Dear Parenthood, where the HECK IS HADDIE!!!  I almost called her maddie….

Dear Janmanisabobalogadingdong, stop being with your bf and visit me and NF when you’re in Syracuse.  BOOOOOOOOM I said it… if you even READ this thing.

Dear tropical island, I want you.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, when we ask if you’d like to go to Florida to see Mickey Mouse you say, “no I have to stay here.”  but then seconds later you tell me, “I have to get a picture with Mickey Mouse.”  You do NF and you WILL…. and you’re comin, you’re not staying here!

Dear blast of thunder and lighting, Is blast the correct word to use?  Well it certainly wasn’t an average thunder and lighting flash and boom – and not to mention it is MID JANUARY! WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT why did that happen!?  SO freakkyyyy… omg was it a freaky friday moment like the movie… omg I would love to be NF for a day… I just dont trust him to be me though…

Dear Brandi Glanville, you didn’t address the $1,000 groceries for a week comment in your cast blog… I am disappointed about that

Dear Mariah Carey, If I were you I’d 100% go to Caesars Palace with the greats!  I love Celine Dion, Cher, AND Britney Spears and it’s been a dream of mine to go see them in Vegas (well it’s my sister’s best friend’s dream to see Celine in Vegas… and I’m dying to see Britney… and Cher).

Dear Greys and Scandal, I feel like it’s been way too long since you’ve been on!  I miss you!  Jan 29th so two more weeks.  K I think I can handle it.

Dear Parenthood, I said it a million times… WHY oh why is this show ending?!  I can’t believe there are only 2 more episodes!!!

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, since when did everyone love to hate you so SO hard?  I love to go to for some unrealistic ideas and inspiration.  I GOTTA see your Watch What Happens Live episode… maybe tonight.

Dear Tee-vee, Miss you – I hope you come over for breakfast this weekend

Dear Smellen, I wish I was eating a Red Robin burger tonight…. but wth is this snow STORM!!!  According to what I read Thursday on the news it was going to be a normal milder kinda weather day… uhhh you cant predict lake effect (at least not well?), and I am not mad at you for any of that and you do not control the weather reports so sorry for this letter.

Dear Kylie Jenner, I don’t believe the rumors that you’re pregnant… but I would really love it if you were…. just bein honest.

Dear Jenelle Evans, I haven’t seen this “leaked” video of you fighting with Nathan’s brother… I didn’t even know Nathan had a brother… I hope you go on couples therapy… again, just bein honest

Dear PLL, HOW are you still on and going… who is A?!!!!!!  I gotta know.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, we’ve watched Frozen 4 days in a row… let’s make it 5!!!!!!

Dear C, I can’t believe we had a 10 minute discussion about Frozen vs Tangled.  You LOVE Tangled.

Dear Smellen, let’s eat avocado salads from that place like asap

Dear Jessica Biel, you’re so pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby and that makes me very happy.  See evidence here.

Dear Mad Men, It has been SO long since you were last on TV and so much longer for you to come back on for the final 6 episodes…. it’s driving me insane but it’s also making me lose interest.

Dear Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, how am I just hearing about this now?  So sad and scary!

Dear Parenthood, (no spoiler bc I didnt see it yet) I haven’t watched you yet, but I will finish soon!  and I am prepared for some tears… please Zeek don’t die!

Dear Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, I couldn’t possible really believe that you two were ever going to last forever… but I am always (not always, I want Niki and Juan Pablo to call it quits) cheering the final couples on.  Andi and Josh would have made amazing looking children.  They are no longer together.

Dear the Bachelor 19, I basically have to watch you if I want to keep up with the discussions surrounding me… it seems like this show is extremely popular with woman and married men (as is DWTS) and if I don’t watch, I am totally out of the conversation

Dear Super Bowl, I might be the most excited about this Super Bowl ever… even though I love the Giants (and they are NOT going to be in the Super Bowl)… it’s all about where you are and what you’re doin for the game… and this year, it might be the best (I hope?!)

Dear E!, I loved this article “The 19 Dumbest Fake Jobs that have ever been on the Bachelor

Dear McDonalds, Now… if this is correct I love it… Mcdonald’s will start giving books with happy meals.  Now… NF will not eat anything in a happy meal besides maybe lick an apple slice, eat the cookies (do they still give you the tiny package of cookies) and inhale the chocolate milk or juice (is he the only 3 year old that refuses to eat a french fry?  and when he was really tiny would only suck the salt off them?)  OK, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a happy meal from time to time.  If we’re on the road and gotta stop a happy meal hits the spot – it’s enough to fill me up, but not enough to make me feel tremendously guilty, and I get a toy!  and now a BOOK!  Nice.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF: I love a sleeping baby.  He’s ALMOST 2… in 15 days!  I can’t believe it!  So, Monday we were watching Wheel of Fortune… and at the end when the contestant does the final puzzle and there is the time clock.  NF went right up to the TV when the timer started, and shouted out letters, “A, E, O, M, R, O, E, A, B, E, B” and the timer ran out and he said, “OHHH MANNN!!”  (like he didn’t guess it right in time just like the guy on tv) I was floored.  I couldn’t believe what I just saw!  It was adorable and hilarious and I loved every second!!


Parenthood: I’ve never missed an episode.  I absolutely love how realistic they’re making the new baby.  The scene where Jazmin is trying to relax in the bath, and Crosby is trying to feed the baby with a bottle, and tells her to keep relaxing, even though she can hear the baby crying.  I am so glad they are showing this stuff, and not just poppin out a baby and then life’s back to normal, because that’s not real and TV does it all the time.

American Heart Association's 2012 New York City Go Red For Women Luncheon

Snooki dancing to Britney’s Work Bitch: Amazing!  I love the mom Snooki I really do.  I love the week where the contestants do a dance inspired by their most memorable year.  Monday’s DWTS was my fav!


Yoplait Whips: I’ve only tried the orange and the chocolate… and I really love them.  They’re such a treat!  They’re under 200 calories and that’s good with me…. not that I’m really counting but if they were over 200 I might reconsider having one.

TV shows Fall 2013

As Big Brother 15 slowly approaches it’s  inevitable summer season end… I should start figuring out what NEW shows will be starting soon – and if they are worthy enough to be added to my TV watching schedule.

Some new shows:


The Blacklist: I’m just not interested.  James Spader is great – it’s just not my kinda show.

Sean Saves The World: I don’t think this will be on my line up, unless there is nothing else on Thursday.  It reminds me too much of The New Normal, which I invested my time into and it was cancelled.  I think I’ll have a difficult time picturing Sean Hayes anything but his character from Will and Grace, and then when he ISN’T Jack from Will and Grace I’ll be disappointed.  I’m feeling pessimistic about this one.

The Michael J. Fox show: My mom LOVES Michael J. Fox.  I might just watch this because I know she will and then we’ll have something to chat about.  MJF worked/works as a news anchor but stopped and has Parkinson’s Disease (and does in real life).  It reminds me of the local meteorologist we have in our town who has MS and still does the weather.  His hands tremble and his speech is affected but no one is bothered by it… he’s an inspiration!  And I think this show will probably make me cry with happiness and remind me to appreciate the little things and to really love the people I love.

Ironside: No interest in another NYPD show.  Only interesting thing I have to say about this is Michael Caleo is an executive producer / writer and he was a writer for The Sopranos (and was nominated for an Emmy).

Welcome to the Family: Ummm Mike O’Malley is a funny guy… but the plot… young pregnancy before marriage and an unhappy dad that will obviously will fall in love with the idea later (this hits close to home for me)…  will I find it relatable and funny?  Or will I find it inaccurate and annoying?  I’m thinking the latter.  I don’t think this show will last long enough for the babies to be born, which is fine because then the plot falls apart anyways.

Dracula: Vampires were SOO 4 years ago.  Over it.


Mom: A Chuck Lorre comedy… I love Allison Janney (ever since Juno).  But this show will probably be ridiculous… and I don’t think I’ll watch.


The Millers: I’m going to go out and say it right away… Will Arnett = Gob… and NOTHING can top Gob.  Just STAY GOB!  Running Wilde, Up All Night, and now The Millers… I do not want to say it but I think we’re doomed for another failed sitcom.  (However the mom, Margo Martindale, seems to be pretty funny from the previews).

The Crazy Ones: Uhhh… Robin Williams… returning to television… I was JUST thinking, where has Robin Williams been?  And BOOOM the TV genuineness snag him for a new TV show with…. WHAT!  Sarah Michelle Gellar (another disappearing act).  Yeah, I’ll be watching this…. pretty much because of the two MAJOR stars.  I just can’t imagine this pair wasting their time on a flop… it’s gotta be good, right?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: No thanks.

Back in the Game: Isn’t this sort of like Family Tools?  Except it doesn’t have Leah Remini in it.  My kids are going to grow up at the softball fields (they play pretty much every day of the week seriously)… but does that draw enough interest for me?  There are SO many shows about a single mother moving back in with their parent’s.  I just don’t think this is going to be a home run (haha get it…).

Betrayal: Ohh another one word named sassy drama… like Scandal, Revenge, Mistresses… It comes on Sunday at 10 PM… maybe I can get into it… maybe it’s just on too late.

The Goldbergs: I want to love this… I really really do… and Wendi McLendon is hilarious… I just think this show could fizzle out quickly once they run out of 80’s jokes

Super Fun Night: I 100% want this to be the best show ever… BUT… how much fun can Rebel Wilson be over and over… will I O.D. on her funniness after 4 episodes and say… ugh I have a Rebel hangover and I want out.  I will REALLY give this show a shot – I am expecting some laugh so hard I’m peeing moments… so if it’s anything less I’ll be disappointed.  That’s some high expectations.  (Wouldn’t this make a better movie than tv show?)

Lucky 7: Why do they have to win the Lottery… why can’t it just be about 7 people who work at a service station in Queens…. maybe I’m weird but I’d like that better.

Trophy Wife: I thought this was a movie?  Eh maybe I’ll watch it… I do like Marcia Gay.


almsot human

Almost Human: I started reading the descrip of this and I nodded off.  Not a good sign.  So it’s the year 2048 and he’s a cop and he was in a coma after a catastrophic snooooorrrrree.  Am I the meanest?  Sorry, it just takes a lot for me to get into any sci fri…. for some reason I decide it’s too much effort for me to imagine the future with androids and ridiculous technology.


Brooklyn Nine Nine: I want to want to see this but I don’t.  It just looks like a rip off of Reno 911?  But I LOVE Andy Samberg!!  This show has a really good chance I watch it since it’s right before New Girl.


Sleepy Hollow: nope.


Dads: Old man/young bachelor man humor.  Inevitably they get gfs and their dads or sons cramp their style?  idk I’m just not that excited about this one.


Enlisted: I have no interest in this exceppptttt… they are extremely hot.  Sold.  (am I shallow???)  Parker Young was my favorite part of Suburgatory… and now he’s in camo?  Enlist me in Enlisted!!! (I’m hilarious right?  Maybe I’ve been reviewing too many shows in a row that I’m deliriously writing nonsense… is anyone still reading this blog post?)


Us & Them: who doesn’t love Rory from Gilmore Girls??  Except her MOM from Gilmore girls, Lorelai, DATED Jason Ritter on Parenthood…. it’s a little weird… if you followed all that…. then you understand..

That’s all I’ve got for now…. as for the regular season shows I’m pumped to have back on…. Modern Family, The Neighbors, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Nashville, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, and Parenthood.  (I’ve given up on Glee … yeah I admit it… no more Glee…. oh and Grey’s… they’ve been out of my life for some time now also ).  I might watch Survivor this season…. and Dancing with the stars… who am I kidding.