Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear my breakfast, though I did not eat all of you…. yet… I love you.


Dear tacos I ate last night, you were 100 times better than whatever it was I ate at Chili’s on Wednesday.

Dear I can do it chart, Wow.  Thank you… you’re really making chores fun for NF.  He’s usually pretty enthusiastic but he is like over the top excited to floss and put his clothes in his hamper… it’s amazing.

Dear Then and Now with Andy Cohen, I only knew to DVR this show from a promo instagram post Andy put up recently… SO glad I did.  I love it!  So far I’ve only watched 1989 but I have 1994 and 2000 set up to record in the future… I just researched it and that’s all of the dates he’s doing… WHYYY I want ALL the years!


Dear Fashion Police, FIRST I must say NO ONE compares to the legend, Joan Rivers.  Okay, that said… Margaret Cho is pretty funny on the show and I guess I’m good with her officially joining.  I am totally fine with Kathy Griffin being out, and Melissa hosting.  Melissa keeps the memory of Joan alive I think.  I miss Kelly Osborne but her best moments were her reaction to Joan, which no longer exists.  Giuliana is a staple to me… you can’t lose her.  I am waiting for Khole to guest host!  K done.

Dear Smellen, hope you’re reading this and it entertains you.

Dear Christmas, you’re sneaking up on me.

Dear Oprah, I am loving you book, What I know for Sure.  LOVING it.

Dear Kourtney Kardashian ap, I still don’t know exactly what is in your avocado shake…  pudding… drink… whatever it is… if it’s just avocado, milk, and a little sugar I will be disappointed.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday



NEW YORK: Today is the 12th anniversary of 9/11.  And I have to shout out my home, my life, the place I’ll raise my children, New York.  I’m loving it.  I will never forget.


NF: THIS little guy here… who might be ready for the potty?!  Any tips or tricks I need to know about before we start this adventure?  (not that anyone reads this?)

Lamar Odom and TMZ: TMZ can’t get ENOUGH of Lamar Odom and basically knows every single move he makes and reports it…. and for some reason I can’t stop looking for the latest update.  The most recent headline, “Lamar Odom buys popular ingredient for homemade crack pipes” … okay, normally I think tmz is ridiculous but a NBA player like Lamar doesn’t just go out and buy copper scrubbing pads to clean the kitchen with.  But they don’t have an actual picture of him and the grocery bag – just his alleged driver… and now I find myself thinking, why do I need to know this information, and more importantly why do I care?  I just do, I’ll answer myself.

Bethenny: Bethenny’s new talk show started on Monday….  and to be honest, I am not really enjoying it.  It’s too crude for me.  I mean I don’t even want to list the topics discussed on the show on here because I feel like it’s inappropriate.  I feel uncomfortable having it on with my toddler in the room.  BUT what I do love about this is that it’s better than Maury (oh my god by a million, I dislike the who’s the father talk show episodes).  I am sad because I wanted to really like this show.  Sorry Bethenny, I’m sticking with Ellen.  But let’s all be real here, who’s missing Oprah like whoa.


Daphne Oz is having a BAYYBAYYYY!!: Oh my goodness… I wish we were pregnant at the same time (but we’re not).  I’ve been waiting for Daphne to have a baby (we’re the same age ya know)…. and FINALLY it’s happening!!  She’s so cool – I love her on the chew and I LOVE Carla Halls reaction in that picture.  I hope Clinton Kelly does baby Clinton Craft Corners… oh this is just the best ABC news!!


Kimbo Slice: I had no idea Kimbo Slice is only 39 years old, I seriously thought that he was like 60… but that’s because I get him confused with Mr.T.  Anyway, I like Kimbo Slice and always root for him whoever he’s fighting.  I love when fights end in a knock out in like under 45 seconds.  (Maybe having Kimbo Slice was a pretty random addition to my “what I’m loving wednesday” but whatever, it’s my list – gotta keep it a little unpredictable!)

Tom Hanks has jury duty: This just makes me happy just because it makes me feel like Tom Hanks is a real nice regular person.