So WHAT Wednesday


  • My sister’s wedding is 3 days away and I think I finished my maid of honor speech… I think…
  • I like Meghan King Edmonds blonde better
  • I bought a motivational sign off etsy
  • I am out of starbucks money on my gold card… and I refuse to pay for starbucks unless it’s from a gift card… don’t worry one is on the way from some rewards thing
  • people are asking if I am ready for Halloween… WHAT my sister’s wedding is Saturday… I can’t think that far ahead right now
  • I am almost out of go to pregnancy outfits for this stage and weather
  • I love Modern Family, it always makes me smile
  • I couldn’t be happier when NF actually gets in and swims at his swim lessons
  • I can’t believe NF will be 4
  • I couldn’t finish Below the Deck last night, it was just not interesting to me and I can’t stand Rocky
  • I have been following Lamar’s condition very closely