So WHAT Wednesday…


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I am going to do a tasting for my friend’s wedding this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited especially since there is no pressure, because HEY it’s not my wedding, I’m just there to try the food!
  • I don’t know why but today I think Cory Monteith is hot
  • I have Elton John’s I’m still Standing stuck in my head
  • I’m obsessed with watching Watch What Happens Live dvr’d on the treadmill, it’s perfect for a quick work out
  • Obama’s State of the Union Address… I will not comment.  You will not know how I feel good or bad or indifferent.
  • I wonder how Teresa Giudice is doing right now
  • I wonder if Hannah on girls will move back to NYC from Iowa and at what point in the season will that happen
  • I love chocolate a lot
  • I MISSED the 2nd episode of Fashion Police!!!!!!  It better be on demand.
  • I am going to sound really annoying to some of you right now… but weight loss competitions at the gym stink because I can’t possibly participate in them because there is no chance I can lose enough lbs to win (even when it’s percent of weight loss and by gender)…. so I am not eligible to win free memberships or prizes (I KNOW there are worse things in the world to happen to me, but there I said it….. and I love to win prizes and get free things so this kinda thing is something I’d love to do).  AND I am not saying I am perfect super skinny etc… I’m just saying I don’t have enough % weight to lose to win a competition.
  • I might wear a fanny pack on vacation because it just seems right…. and I REALLY want it to be neon colored.
  • It was 2 degrees today and I hate that a lot
  • I really want to eat Chocolate all day long
  • the easter bunny is so weird
  • I miss watching the neighbors on ABC on Fridays or Wednesdays
  • christina milian and lil wayne are together….. it’s kind of exciting
  • I am KIND of obsessed with diamond candles right now… get a candle (I get credit through that link)… they are so so so fun


Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Sooo, you blew kisses for the first time last night and I LOVEEEDDDDDDDD IT!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you.  Can you stay this cute foreverrr?!!!

Dear UPS, why do you deliever between 10:30 and 2:00 and require a signature.  I changed it online that I’d pick it up, but when I got there, the truck had already left with my package??  WHYYY?  Now I have to wait until Monday.  Thanks.  That was my fixed camera and NOW I won’t have it when I meet Jill Zarin, Kathy Waklie, and Tamera Barney tonight.

Dear Jill Zarin, Kathy Waklie, and Tamera Barney, Can’t WAIT to meet you tonight omgomgomg!!!!!!

Dear old camera, I will have to pick up batteries to put in you tonight.  You used to be just fine for me… but since I’ve become accustomed to your replacement… I’m not really feelin you.  Ugh.  I’m so mean, but you’ll just have to do this weekend.

Dear President Obama, yesterday your arrival turned our city upside down.  They shut down the thruway and during rush hour traffic!!  Not to mention we just happened to get a giant storm when you finally arrived.

Dear NY State Fair, sooo I’m going to you tonight, and tomorrow… hopefully I don’t fair od and pass out.  I haven’t had any fried food in 30 days so I can PIG OUT on fried dough……. but I didn’t think about how I might get sick from it?  WHO CARES it’s worth every second ahhhhh fried dough I can’t even WAIT!!!!