Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, Sooo, you blew kisses for the first time last night and I LOVEEEDDDDDDDD IT!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you.  Can you stay this cute foreverrr?!!!

Dear UPS, why do you deliever between 10:30 and 2:00 and require a signature.  I changed it online that I’d pick it up, but when I got there, the truck had already left with my package??  WHYYY?  Now I have to wait until Monday.  Thanks.  That was my fixed camera and NOW I won’t have it when I meet Jill Zarin, Kathy Waklie, and Tamera Barney tonight.

Dear Jill Zarin, Kathy Waklie, and Tamera Barney, Can’t WAIT to meet you tonight omgomgomg!!!!!!

Dear old camera, I will have to pick up batteries to put in you tonight.  You used to be just fine for me… but since I’ve become accustomed to your replacement… I’m not really feelin you.  Ugh.  I’m so mean, but you’ll just have to do this weekend.

Dear President Obama, yesterday your arrival turned our city upside down.  They shut down the thruway and during rush hour traffic!!  Not to mention we just happened to get a giant storm when you finally arrived.

Dear NY State Fair, sooo I’m going to you tonight, and tomorrow… hopefully I don’t fair od and pass out.  I haven’t had any fried food in 30 days so I can PIG OUT on fried dough……. but I didn’t think about how I might get sick from it?  WHO CARES it’s worth every second ahhhhh fried dough I can’t even WAIT!!!!

Thursday Thoughts


big brother

WHO will go home tonight on BIG BROTHER 15!!??  And why do I care so much…?  It’s Howard, Candice, or Amanda.  Aaryn picked Howard and Spencer to go up – then Spencer won veto, and Aaryn replaced him with Candice.  American is MVP and put Amanda up.  The house still doesn’t know America is MVP.  WHHHAT!  So I think it’s going to be Howard.

bb15 week 5

I asked C who he thinks will go home after recapping him…. he said Amanda cause she didn’t wear a two piece for Mccrae’s birthday.  HA. It’s going to be Howard though… Helen’s in control.

fried food

I am not having ANY fried food starting July 22nd – August 22nd.  Why?  Because THE NY STATE FAIR starts August 22nd and I’d like some fried dough, maybe a bloomin onion, maybe some more fair food…. and if I take an entire month OFF from fried food I think I will feel okay about it.  So far it’s been really easy… it’s been 11 days and all I’ve had to do is turn down an offering of a single fast food hashbrown once.  I guess I don’t really have a problem with it.  Chocolate on the other hand…

candy crush

AHHH I’m late… I know Candy Crush was all the rage months ago… but I’ve finally discovered it.  THANKS for wasting an hour of my night the past 4 nights.  I even played another game up until level 8 to get more candy crush lives…. that’s insane!  What’s REALLY insane is paying for lives… I will NEV-ERR do that… if I do send me to candy crush rehab asap.