So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I want my kids to grow up and consider me their hero
  • My sister’s wedding is in like 10 days not to mention her bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner etc etc
  • I am stronger than I think I am
  • my eye has been twitching for almost 2 weeks now
  • I love decaf non fat toasted graham lattes
  • NF doesn’t like swim lessons and as a parent I am totally confused as to what to do
  • My bridesmaid dress doesn’t even come close to fitting me in any way and after they alter it I am sure it’ll look like a completely different dress… but that’s ok right because I am the pregnant maid of honor… right?  ughh
  • Sometimes I need to remind myself to just breathe
  • I am so happy survivor, modern family, and The middle are on tonight, and that scandal and grey’s is on tomorrow night
  • I am exhausted
  • I am one of 14 left out of 50 in the nfl pick game… I hope I make it to next week
  • I want to vacuum my car, but don’t know when I’ll ever have the time right now
  • I’m ready for Paula Deen to be off DWTS


So What Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying so what if…

  • I can’t BELIEVE I am still in this pick 5 thing that started with 50 people… only 12 people left… what if won!?  I actually really really want to win now.  How it works is, everyone starts with 5 picks.  Week 1 for the nfl games you pick 5 teams to win, you can put all your picks on one game or 5 or any combination.  The game with the biggest spread is unpickable.  after week 4 the 2 games with the biggest spreads are unpickable.  If the team you picked to win loses you lose that pick the following week.  I have only 1 pick left!  But I still could win it!
  • I plan to watch survivor tonight
  • I’ve been using coconut oil like crazy hoping my stretch marks don’t get too bad
  • I like carrot cake


Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you make me smile everyday all the time.  I love you!

Dear Frozen Yogurt, are your prices going up?  or am I just piling on more?  You’re such a great treat, I am SO glad more frozen yogurt places are popping up!

Dear Lindt Chocolate, yeah so I’d love to work for you and sell/eat your chocolate all day.

Dear Smellen, hey harness expert.

Dear Mccrae, are you really going to stick it out with Amanda and become Mccranda for LIFEEEEEEE!  I’d actually really love to see an all star big showmance Big Brother… has that already happened???  I don’t think so, right?  I mean I know they had Jeff Schroeder and Jordon Lloyd and Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas back for season 13… but I want more showmances MORE!

Dear New York Giants, am I totally wrong thinking that this is America’s team?  Maybe I’m completely biased, but I love my New York Giants… I mean possibly one could decide that the Patriots are America’s team (because of the name)… and Tom Brady is the all american best looking dream man… but no… New York Giants!  They’re the one!  Come on Eli Manning he’s adorable!