So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I was over the moon happy fashion police just automatically dvr’d on my tv… it was a wonderful surprise!  I miss Joan Rivers!!!  And Nene was ok for an ep but not perm.
  • I’d rather see Nas than Snoop Dogg… but Salt N Peppa before either of them in concert… just sayin state fair… free is free and I should probably steer clear because it will likely be too hood for this pregnant pale mom, but we will see
  • I’m totally bummed that Don’t Be Tardy episodes aren’t on demand… will they be?
  • I can’t stand dishes in the sink or an unmade bed.. like can’t leave the house until that’s completed – I know there is always later, but those 2 things just can’t wait until later… maybe the dishes, but it pains me
  • I secretly wish I could just wear wigs as fabulous as Kim Zolciak and look normal
  • NF looks 10x better with a fresh hair cut… I wish I didn’t stretch it 8 weeks, it really should be every 5
  • I can’t STAND Raquel “Rocky” on Below the Deck… and from her bio I thought she’d be the most interesting… no she’s the most annoying
  • NF starts his sports and swimming class soon!!!
  • I am the only pregnant person in “gentle” yoga every time