So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I just wrote down in my calender that Big Brother starts June 24th (and I can’t believe I looked it up because C asked me when it starts)
  • I don’t know anyone who watches Silicon Valley, but they should… it’s very funny
  • I am getting a new garage door – and I am totally second guessing the one I picked… like can’t sleep at night
  • I hope Riker Lynch wins Dancing with the stars
  • It’s been like 90 degrees with the worst humidity and this morning it was 45 degrees out and we’re going to have a frost tonight?  what what whaaaa….
  • I hope Carolyn Rivera wins Survivor now that Tyler’s out
  • my car still isn’t washed for Mother’s day….
  • I have zero desire to watch the bachelorette except to find out how they’re going to pick one bachelorette the first episode
  • Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck was disturbing and interesting and very long


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I can’t believe how personable and social you are… you’re bffs with anyone you see.

Dear Chris Soules, I am sad to see you off dancing with the stars… you were really improving.

Dear Bethenny Frankel, I wish I could pull of a jump suit like you do for my birthday…


Dear Smellen, thanks for making me the lunch i want for my birthday… it better be amazing, thank you.

Dear C, I want my car washed and cleaned perfectly for Mother’s day… and pancakes with blueberries.

Dear Janmanisabobalogadingdong, please visit again soon.  NF talks about how Jan gave him those remote control cars and one still needs batteries.

Dear Magz, your baby is perfect.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy, I love you.  I hope everyone doesn’t gasp and die when I say this but, I never really liked Derek… he was kind of an ass…..  sorry… may mcdreamy rest in peace.

Dear Teen Mom OG, I have to admit, glad Farrah’s back… but I don’t think I’d trade in Bentley to get Farrah.  And Amber… my intuition red flag gut is screaming that you should not marry a super fan 20 years older than you… at least not this soon.

Dear Tyler Fredrickson, I wanted YOU to win survivor… you were the best and my favorite.

Dear Starbucks gift cards, can’t wait to try the s’more frap ❤

Dear Teevee, NF loves you… thanks for sharing your lemon water.

Dear Orange is the new black, I can’t WAIT!!!!!