Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, You amaze me every day.  You’re going to be the best big brother ever!

Dear Baby V, soooo I’m ready when you are!

Dear the truth, “the truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off” – Gloria Steinem AMEN!  yes.

Dear life, you are so sweet.  I am so happy to have what I’ve worked so hard for.  I am grateful for each day.  I appreciate the good people who support me.  I appreciate my health and peace.

Dear fitbit, what 38 week plus pregnant lady do you know gets over 100k steps a week, that’s right.

Dear ABC’s original movie, Madoff, I loved it.

Dear Super Bowl, I just hope I get to watch you!

Dear crane that fell in NYC, I have a huge fear of something dropping out of a window high up down on to me (like in cartoons)… a massive crane falls and kills someone UGH… so scary.

Dear Phish coming to town, thumbs downnnn.

Dear J lo dubsmash without make up, I’ve watched you like 100 times.


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Friday, it took FOR-EV-ERR for you to come this week…

Dear NF, last night you told me about bears in the desert…. now… was this from a tv show you saw??? orrr… Idk I googled it and saw that there’s the gobi bear… are you really talking to me about gobi bears?  Or am I looking too far into this?

Dear Scandal and Grey’s, it feels like forever since you were on… and american crime is just not good like I thought it’d be…. I need my ABC dramas back

Dear shoveling, you were a bad idea….

Dear Hobby Lobby, so glad I chose to visit you over target last night….

Dear Top Chef, it still feels like there are 10433 contestants on… can we get a double elimination or something to move things along?

Dear lindor chocolates, why can’t I just eat ONE of you!?

Dear sprinkle, I can’t believe you’re tomorrow!  What am I going to even wear?

Dear current wardrobe, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  LIMITEDDDDDDD.

Dear Smellen, I hope you are making tiramisu cake because I need everyone to try it.

Dear sinuses, WTF.  It’s been WHAT 21 days?!!!  I just want to breathe normal!!!!!

Dear life, you scare the bajeezus outta me…. sooo I think I’ll listen to bob marley’s 3 little birds (every little thing gonna be alright).

Dear Powerball, can’t win if you don’t try… I didn’t try…

Dear Kylie, you’re currently in my opinion the most annoying kardashian(Jenner).

Dear making a murderer, I am on episode 10 ughhhh.


What I’m loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday

nicholas bath1

NF: This little boy couldn’t make me happier.  He’s been saying, “Ohhhh B!”  (or “O BEE!”) and we have no idea what it means.  But he says it, we say it back, he says it again – we’re probably encouraging this as actual language.  He’s been saying ball, car, and keys.  In his “first words” book I ask him where the banana is, and he POINTS TO IT!  I’m amazed.  He also points to the telephone in the book and says, “ELLO ELLO” (hello, hello).  I have no idea if he’s right on track, ahead of the game, he is so incredibly smart to me. (done bragging).  April 30th 2013 was his 1 1/2 birthday!

keep swimming

Life: Typically I keep this blog really light.  Not too much personal stuff.  Three weeks ago my dad found out he had kidney stones.  Two weeks after that he had surgery to get them out.  They couldn’t get them out for whatever reason – but they found a tiny tumor.  They removed the tumor and checked it for cancer.  He has (or had) bladder cancer.  He goes in for a second try in a week to get the stones out.  The cancer is low grade.  He had no symptoms.  If it weren’t for the kidney stones and the surgery to get them removed (because they didn’t pass) no one would have known about the bladder cancer.  So hallelujah to kidney stones.


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches: Looking for something to make in your slow cooker?  Looking for something to make that a man will love.  THIS IS IT!  and it couldn’t be easier.  All you need is a slow cooker, chicken breasts, buffalo wing sauce, package dry ranch salad dressing mix, butter (probably optional), and some rolls.  Add cheese or blue cheese whatever to your liking.  Whoa!  This would be terrific for Football Sundays.  Buy slider rolls – and people will dig right in making their own mini buffalo chicken sandwiches.  Check it here…


Target:  Before I started reading blogs I never really knew about the incredibleness of Target.  I gave it a shot.  I had NO idea what I was missing.  Target is the perfect place to go at 8 AM with a baby/toddler.  You can get your starbucks coffee.  Slowly browse in a clean store with random amazing finds with basically all the other mom’s that know the secret of Target.  Toddler getting crazy?  Didn’t bother to bring puffs? (for the record I didn’t know what puffs were a year ago, now they’re like a life staple)  So grab a container, pop it open, and start feeding it to him, and pay at the register.  I have no shame.  Who is there to judge at 8 AM?  The other mom’s doin the same thing, I don’t think so.  Anyway, what I want to say is, thanks bloggers for letting the wonders of Target be known.


Chelsea Houska’s Hair: I’m always lovin this girl’s hair.