What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


NF:  Oh my goodnesssssss!!!  I could kiss those cheeks all day!


White Barn candle scent from Bath and Body Works: The Bath and Body Works sale seems like it’s been going on for-ev-errr… and FINALLY I walked inside the store.  I don’t need any more lotions, body washes, candles etc etc etc.  I no joke have a large tupperware container labeled “lotion” with about 30 bath and body works lotions.  I could be a different scent each day of the month if I wanted to.  Anyway, I went in and they gave me a 20% off coupon immediately.  I bought a honey suckle body wash for $3 and a large candle for $10 or something and my total was $11 after 20% off.  I was smelling all the candles and some I loved, some I hated, I wanted to go for a non-food candle, since I apparently don’t own any!  So I came across White Barn and I LOVED it.


Pretty Little Liars: I’m finally totally caught up with the show!!

laos printed

Laos Printed Dress from Fancesca’sI am in love with the store Francesca’s.  I bought this dress, and another one, and a belt.  Unfortunately, not everything they have in the store is online, so I was only able to find the link to this dress.  This dress is navy – not black and I can’t tell if the one online is black or the navy I got in the store.

mary murphy

Mary Murphy (Judge on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox): This lady cracks me up!  I’ve always loved her since the beginning of So You Think You Can Dance!  I watch the show for 3 reasons, Mary Murphy’s crazyness, Cat Deeley ridiculous height difference from the dancers, and the dancing.

cat deeley tall

(look how much taller Cat is than the male dancers)