so WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I don’t think I’ll be having contractions tonight and a baby tomorrow like I did this far into the pregnancy (38 weeks exactly) like with NF….
  • I sort of hope that I am still pregnant for the Super Bowl so I can pig out…
  • I have given up watching Teen Mom… yes… I can’t do it anymore.
  • Speaking of Teen Mom, Olivia on the bachelor is the worst everrrrr but ya gotta love the crazays they MAKE watching the bachelor entertaining…
  • I am terrified of getting a cold right before I go into labor… and I think it’s happening right now… ughhhhhhhhhhhhh please please no… after having the worst sinus infection of my life for over 3 weeks I just CAN’T handle it
  • I am going to eat lettuce wraps from PF Changs tonight and no body can stop me… well maybe this baby can if he miraculously decides to come out in the next few hours… and if that’s the case someone has to deliver them to me in the hospital… please…
  • I need to eat a churro before giving birth, it’s on my pregnancy bucket list
  • this entire so what wed seems to be related to how pregnant I am
  • NF can’t hear for some reason and it’s kind of adorable (I’m trying benadryl and having him chew swedish fish to pop the pressure etc… I think it’s getting better
  • I think I need to drink some orange juice asap…
  • The whole Rob and Blac Chyna thing is so bizzare and I’m over it being a story
  • I want to read Teresa Guidices tell all book… and I do NOT want it to disappoint me
  • PRETTY sure I knew Amber Portwood’s Fiance was a con man the moment I heard, we meet on twitter….
  • I am ready for scandal and grey’s to be back on already


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear knobs, you’re impossible to find!!!!!  I can’t find the right ones for baby V’s dresser!!!


Dear Mom, Thank you for painting that dresser for me in 4 days… and delivering it… and for putting up with me

Dear Smellen, it’s sad when I call you the first thing you say is, are you having a melt down or are you in labor.  Today it was neither…. but there’s still hours left in the day…

Dear baby in my belly, I think I’m ready for you to come out now…


Dear donuts I ate Saturday, I still feel guilty about you.


Dear new bassinet, I think you’re exactly what we need for baby v…. I really hope you work out perfectly…


Dear Kourtney Kardashian, I get your #fbf I do.

Dear phone, I can’t stand when you don’t do a back up because I am not on wifi and you tell me every 45 seconds, like how do I fix that

Dear NF, you are the very best and I’ve missed you while you’ve been at Disney World… I am jealous but I know you’re having the BEST time and I am getting a LOT done (I’ve relaxed and rested too).  Can’t wait to see your happy face very soon!

Dear Rob Kardashian, wtf is going on with you and Blac Chyna, this can’t be for realz

Dear inspiration/motivation to make kale smoothie, you’re slowly fading away as I am more more hungry for some actual food

Dear lay down bike thing at the gym, I tried you for my swollen ankles… I didn’t find it that great and I didn’t get steps on my fitbit for using it… sooooo you’re out.

Dear going into labor bag, I should probably pack you right?