So WHAT Wednesday


Today’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • NF kissed a girl at the park last night and I wrote it down in his baby book
  • I stayed up way too late watching the Baltimore riots on fox on Tuesday night
  • I was too upset about Willow Shields being voted off Dancing with The Stars… she had high scores!!!  She cried and it broke my heart, I kept forgetting that she was 14 (only remembered when they kept reminding you).  So I REMEMBERED to vote.  I kinda think that ABC purposely places a shocker elimination around week 7 to hype up the show… but I so desperately want to believe the voting is real… the voting IS REAL!
  • The DWTS 10th Anniversary Special was a nice surprise for a Tuesday night
  • I want Robert and Kym OFF DWTS already (is ABC secretly keeping him on to promote Shark Tank UGH)
  • Bethenny on Real Housewives of NYC…. I loveeee but she is RUDE!  So rude.
  • I can’t handle that there are only two more episodes of Mad Men left
  • WHAT is Shonda Rhimes DOING TO ME with Grey’s
  • I can’t believe that survivor is on their 30th season… and I am sad Jenn Brown is out
  • I’ve been trying to drink 100 oz of water a day for over a week now… and I pee ALL THE TIME… I don’t feel or look any different either
  • my car really needs to be washed
  • I am not hungry but I just want to keep eating
  • I buy more things than I need to at target to get the gift cards
  • I am trying not to be but I am fascinated by Bruce Jenner
  • Tyler Fredrickson will probably win survivor this season
  • SO glad Jon Bones Jones was fired by Reebok… good


Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear TeeeeVeee, I can’t wait to see Billy Joel with you tonight ❤

Dear Eiien, thank you for the Billy Joel tickets ❤

Dear NF, you need a hair cut in the worst way…. so soon I promise

Dear Calagry, you are a wonderful city

Dear Kelly Remington, I hope YOU or Carolyn Rivera win survivor this season because you are bad ass getting stitches in a challenge like it aint no thing