Pop Sugar April 2013 review…

POPSUGAR is a $35/month box…  you’ll recieve full size items of anything related to fashion, beauty, etc… some are celebrity favs… it’s pretty much a great suprise to give yourself every month.

POPSUGAR – you can sign up here… http://popsu.gr/bbeL

My April Box…


Tatcha Evening Aburatorigami Fresh Evening Beauty Papers: ($15):  Ehhh.  I’ll keep these in my gym locker.  I don’t think I have a shine prob… I wasn’t super pumped about getting these.


Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar: ($3.99) YUMM!  I love dark chocolate, and I love quinoa!  I ate this in a day (I had plans to make it last longer than that).  It tased like a crunch bar but dark chocolate.


Black POPSUGAR Brand Green Garmento 4-in-1 Bag:  ($9.99) Other people I saw got blue or black… I got black.  I guess that’s okay.  I saw this on shark tank and I thought it was a good idea.  I like never get my clothes dry cleaned.  I can see myself toting a brides maid dress in this or something.  The material is like the recycled grocery bags, which I guess suprised me.  This isn’t a bad thing to own, it could come in use some day.


ShopShashi New Nugget Bracelet: ($30.00) mine is not a perfect circle like the photo… it’s like the “nuggets” are too tightly woven in that they bend, which could be cool, but I was spending too much time trying to make it more square… this bracelet is cool, but I could never see myself spending $30 on it.  I don’t know when I’ll wear it either.


KAI Fragrance Oil: ($48)  This was pretty fancy.  I liked the smell and I thought it was pretty cool the celebs it said that liked this.  It smells kinda flowery.

Overall I came up with $106.98 for a $35 box.  Not bad… except I wasn’t really that happy with this month’s box.  I felt like it needed one more item in it.  I think I’m going to take a break from POPSUGAR box and not renew.  Watch the May box is going to amazing now.