Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday and I’m linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.
Well Tuesday it was 50 degrees in NY… and then Wednesday we had a blizzard.  All the snow was pretty much melted from the warm day on Tuesday.  Wednesday morning as I am driving to work I hear everything is closed… but it was just lightly raining… and BOOM starting at about 8:30 about 12 inches fell fast and heavy.  This is a photo of my parent’s house at about 5 PM.  The plow literally got stuck by their drive way.  That’s my parent’s house in the background.
Sooo… Juan Pablo wasn’t on GMA Tuesday morning like he was suppose to be… and I according to TMZ producers we fine with that because his image is hurting the franchise.  I read that here.  K I’m done talking about him.  Ess ok I’m over it.
This little guy started saying, “NO FAIR!” today… where did he pick that up?  And he’s obsessed with Finding Nemo.

So What Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT IF…

  • I am probably too excited about the cast reveal of Dancing With The Stars next week.  So far it’s been leaked that Nene Leakes and DJ from Full house will be on the show.  Can’t wait!
  • It’s 14 degrees outside.
  • Gas prices are going up… SO WHAT I can’t let this get to me, I have no control over it.
  • If Sesame Street Live tickets are like $25… because my sissstterrrr got us 2 tickets from work!!!
  • I am sad Juan Pablo on the bachelor doesn’t seem to be as perfect as I imagined after Tuesdays episode… It’s a TV SHOW and I was just too into him… so it’s probably a good thing.  I don’t really care if he ends up with Claire or Nikki.
  • Syracuse isn’t #1 anymore… the tournament is all that matters right?
  • I want to watch the Teen Mom specials… but I am afraid it’ll make me too sad… I always cry watching all the Teen Mom episodes.

Friday Letters

Friday letters


Dear NF, The beginning of January you went to bed like a champ.  Lately not so much.  This week you went nuts from 730-8 like full hyper speed… then putting you to bed was like torture… for both of us.  On another topic, I love that you sing the amen song.  And since when did you start saying echo?  And I can’t believe you count now!  Even if  it’s 3, 4, 9 usually.  And you call 6 up up down 9 and turn your head like you’re trying to look at it upside down.  Oh, you still call W cereal… and I hope you do for forever.

Dear The Bachelor Juan Pablo, you’re the best bachelor ABC’s ever had, I really do think so.

Dear The Olympics, Where’s the hype?  Are we too caught up on the Super Bowl to even talk about you?

Dear Friday nights, I think I’ve always been weird on Friday nights.  The pressure you bring.  Everyone is like TGIF!  And you come and I am like yes!!!  Then Friday night comes… and I’m pretty much doing the same thing I did during the work week except I don’t shower the next morning and I stay up maybe 30 minutes later.  I get a feeling in my stomach I’m missing out and then it’s time to go to bed and I did nothing fun.

Dear Super Bowl, I hope I enjoy you?  No one’s team is in it… so I don’t really care about the outcome.  I did buy a square so that should make you a little more exciting?  And the half time show?

Dear Smellen, you said you’d call me back and you did NOT.  I’m jealous you and your boy friend do things like go to Kohls’s on Friday nights together.  You’re probably watching a movie together right now. #doisoundlonelybecauseiam

Dear Abs Class, I hope I am sore tomorrow.  I really really do.

Dear Grocery Store, I am going to see you tomorrow as early as possible (by 8:45 AM is the goal?).  I really hope it’s not a zoo because of the giant Syracuse Duke game and the Super Bowl.

Dear Syracuse Basketball, I’m not into you this year and I have reasons that have nothing to do with you.  I’m sure once March Madness is here I’ll care more.

Dear Laundry Machines, I HATE that you’re 25 cents more a machine.  Gathering $3 in quarters today was rough… rougher than $2.50 that’s for sure.

Dear Winter, I’m over you too!

Dear Tredmill, I wish I owned you.  I’d go on you right now and run a mile.

Dear Shark Tank, you made me so hungry tonight!  I wanted that cookie dough so bad!

Dear Garmin, thank you… you bring me right where I want to go.  Living without a smart phone isn’t so bad because I have you.

Dear Stomach, NO I will not feed you right now.  There’s no need it’s too late and almost time for bed so stop.

Dear Mind, Have I lost you?  Maybe?

Dear Blog Readers, who are you?  Comment so I know.  Who really reads this thing?

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday




NF: my adorable little boy.  I’m loving him always.

candy crush

Candy Crush: STILL addicted.  Still.



Juan Pablo: is he like the best bachelor they’ve ever had?  At first when they said they picked him I was surprised… I don’t know why… he’s amazing.



Teen Mom 2: the new season of Teen Mom 2.  I cry every episode I just can’t help it!  I became pregnant with my child at 24 with someone I just started dating, and I am still with him today.  If we were 16 I know it would have been 100 times harder so I just feel so much for them and the babies who are all about to be 4 years old!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s arms: they are like not even real life.  I can’t stop staring at them.  They are just so incredibly thin.