Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, we’ve watched Frozen 4 days in a row… let’s make it 5!!!!!!

Dear C, I can’t believe we had a 10 minute discussion about Frozen vs Tangled.  You LOVE Tangled.

Dear Smellen, let’s eat avocado salads from that place like asap

Dear Jessica Biel, you’re so pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby and that makes me very happy.  See evidence here.

Dear Mad Men, It has been SO long since you were last on TV and so much longer for you to come back on for the final 6 episodes…. it’s driving me insane but it’s also making me lose interest.

Dear Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, how am I just hearing about this now?  So sad and scary!

Dear Parenthood, (no spoiler bc I didnt see it yet) I haven’t watched you yet, but I will finish soon!  and I am prepared for some tears… please Zeek don’t die!

Dear Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, I couldn’t possible really believe that you two were ever going to last forever… but I am always (not always, I want Niki and Juan Pablo to call it quits) cheering the final couples on.  Andi and Josh would have made amazing looking children.  They are no longer together.

Dear the Bachelor 19, I basically have to watch you if I want to keep up with the discussions surrounding me… it seems like this show is extremely popular with woman and married men (as is DWTS) and if I don’t watch, I am totally out of the conversation

Dear Super Bowl, I might be the most excited about this Super Bowl ever… even though I love the Giants (and they are NOT going to be in the Super Bowl)… it’s all about where you are and what you’re doin for the game… and this year, it might be the best (I hope?!)

Dear E!, I loved this article “The 19 Dumbest Fake Jobs that have ever been on the Bachelor

Dear McDonalds, Now… if this is correct I love it… Mcdonald’s will start giving books with happy meals.  Now… NF will not eat anything in a happy meal besides maybe lick an apple slice, eat the cookies (do they still give you the tiny package of cookies) and inhale the chocolate milk or juice (is he the only 3 year old that refuses to eat a french fry?  and when he was really tiny would only suck the salt off them?)  OK, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a happy meal from time to time.  If we’re on the road and gotta stop a happy meal hits the spot – it’s enough to fill me up, but not enough to make me feel tremendously guilty, and I get a toy!  and now a BOOK!  Nice.