Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, you make me smile everyday all the time.  I love you!

Dear Frozen Yogurt, are your prices going up?  or am I just piling on more?  You’re such a great treat, I am SO glad more frozen yogurt places are popping up!

Dear Lindt Chocolate, yeah so I’d love to work for you and sell/eat your chocolate all day.

Dear Smellen, hey harness expert.

Dear Mccrae, are you really going to stick it out with Amanda and become Mccranda for LIFEEEEEEE!  I’d actually really love to see an all star big showmance Big Brother… has that already happened???  I don’t think so, right?  I mean I know they had Jeff Schroeder and Jordon Lloyd and Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas back for season 13… but I want more showmances MORE!

Dear New York Giants, am I totally wrong thinking that this is America’s team?  Maybe I’m completely biased, but I love my New York Giants… I mean possibly one could decide that the Patriots are America’s team (because of the name)… and Tom Brady is the all american best looking dream man… but no… New York Giants!  They’re the one!  Come on Eli Manning he’s adorable!