I’m Totally Trying July Edition

totally trying it july

1. Watch This is 40 – Jen from http://www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com/ recommends it so it’s gotta be good.

2. Try a new cocktail – It will be my mission to try a new cocktail this month and I’ll report back to you what it was and how much I liked/hated it.

3. Read Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan – I loved Jim Gaffigan’s stand ups on Netflix soooo I’d probably love this book too.

4. Cook with shrimp – I didn’t do it in June… soooo I better do it in July?

5. Give to a new charity – I’m excited to do some research and find something

5. The Goodies Company Subscription Box – I’m going to try a new subscription box!

I’m Totally Trying it – The June Edition Results

totally trying it JUNE

My results…

1.  Read Jacyee Dugard’s Book – A Stolen Life
This was a tough book to read.  Not tough in that it wasn’t interesting, or that it was too hard, no not in that way at all… it was tough because wow Jacyee Dugard’s life was actually really stolen at age 11 for 18 years.  The explicit details of her kidnapping and sexual abuse and life in captivity were horrific.  The first night I started reading this book I got to about 20%  in (I read on my kindle and it goes by %).  I thought, how can I stop here, I will have nightmares, and I for sure did.  I thought about not reading on after that – it wasn’t helping me sleep (I read before I go to sleep).  I decided that no, I had to read on because I knew it ended – that she is free today.  I am glad that I did finish this book.

2.  Cook with Shrimp
I never did this.  Total totally trying this June edition fail.

3. Buy pants from Target
I totally did this!  I purchased gray capris for under $25.  I do recommend trying pants on when purchasing them anywhere.  You just never know.

4.  Watch the new show Save Me on NBC
I LOVE this show!  I am sad though that it probably won’t have another season.

5.  Read Amanda Knox’s Book – Waiting to be Heard
Before reading this book I had some knowledge of the story – but not really.  Now I feel like I know enough to talk about it… but I do feel a little weird that I know it specifically from Amanda’s perspective.  I found it interesting to learn what prision was like in Italy and learn the details of the trial and how it’s unfold.  I will continue to follow this story… and yes, I guess that I do believe that Amanda is innocent after reading this book.




I’m Totally Trying it – April Edition

totally trying it april

I’m linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for I’m totally trying it…

This is my first try at totally trying it… and it’s already almost half way into April… so I decided to start kinda small.

Jessica Alba’s Book: This was one of Jen’s picks.  I read reviews and it looks pretty promising.  I was planning on reading Caroline Manzo’s book next… but I read reviews on that and I was scared away.  I’m excited to read Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life, and finding out what the rest of you thought of it too.

Find Leopard Flats: I mean, I will find a pair, and then wear them.  I have zebra flats I love and I just think a leopard pair would be great… and I’m totally ready to try it?!  I guess this is sort of a stretch on trying new things…

New Show on ABC: So far I’ve seen two episodes of How to Live with your Parents for the rest of your life… and I am a fan.  I’m going to keep watching and really stick with this new show.

Boar Bristles: I was looking for a new hair brush on birch box and they only had like one.  And it was spornette luxury cushion… which has boar britles.  Sooo why not I’ll try it!  I have birch box points to spend!