Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear hair, goodbye.  I donated 8 inches last night… I had no idea it was really THAT long…


Dear NF, I could not believe when I tried to wake you up this morning you kept your eyes closed like you were sleeping and said to me, “I don’t have time for this.”

Dear sickness, ok…I’ve had enough, seriously, I surrender… omgggg

Dear How to Make a Murderer, I could watch all 10 hours of you in a row… instead I am trying to make it last

Dear Smellen, miss you.

Dear fitbit, every body thinks I’ve slowed down because I am so pregnant… nooo it’s because I’ve been so sick!  I’ll be back don’t you worry

Dear 34 weeks pregnant, omg.  next week… I am only like maybe 3 weeks away… omg… I am not even ready for this

Dear tastebuds, I haven’t been able to taste food in over 2 weeks… blahhhhhhh, you’re ruining my last days being pregnant… I want to taste things!



So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wednesday and I am saying SO WHAT if…

  • I’d like to start watching How to Make a Murderer… I am afraid I already saw/read a spoiler and didn’t realize it
  • I just had to look up the final score of the Syracuse Basketball game… lost in OT so sad
  • I STILL can’t breathe out of my nose at night… this is torture!!  It’s day 14!!!!!  and 5 on antibiotics!  I have limited amount of days left to sleep before having a new born… these nights are precious to me and they’re being robbed by my nose
  • Real housewives of Beverly Hills is like 100x better than Atlanta
  • I was confused when Kim said Rob’s Rita Ora tattoo was a cabbage patch doll… why would he change it to a cabbage patch doll?  but it’s about his weight… COLD Kim
  • I thought a 3 year car payment plan was short… um no… 3 years is a very long time
  • I refuse to buy a bigger coat to get me through Jan and some Feb while pregnant… I will just look ridiculous
  • I always buy a 4 family pack of avocados and eat 2 or 3 and throw away one… so there’s actually no savings doing that…. but I ALWAYS intend to eat them all… just 4 avocados in a week is too much… I need to make Kourtney’s avocado pudding asap
  • Just like everyone else I am still writing 2015 on everything
  • I need to drink more water… but more water equals more peeing… OK OK not an excuse
  • NF makes this fake farting sound and I can’t STAND it
  • NF calls October, Octurbo, just to drive me nuts…
  • Basically NF has been doing things to get on my nerves… but I know it’s because I’ve been sick and no fun
  • no body really reads this
  • I am drinking from an SU mug and I didn’t even watch the game last night #impostor
  • there is no way I could handle listening to the entire Adele CD without crying for forever and ever
  • the gym needs to thin out for real #yournewyearsresolutionisridiculous
  •  I hope you find my pretentious tone humorous and not disgusting
  • I am wondering… when do all the new shows come back?  The Middle and Modern Family are new tonight!!!
  • ABOUT the girl who stole the woman’s credit card information at starbucks… I will find an article for you to read, hold on… here … I saw them talk about this on The Talk… and I loved what Sara Gilbert said about it.  People believe they are good but they still did a bad action.  You can be a good person and do a bad thing… just stop doing things that are bad.  Hmm… she explained it better…
  • NF has this crazy thing with thumbs up… and thumbs down… and thumbs side… I’ll explain it to you later
  • Happy birthday to Ryan!