Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear Scandal, You did not disappointment last night!  I had my doubts since I never thought Shonda Rhimes could top the winter finale… but I was wrong wrong wrong.  I mean she’s kept Grey’s going this long – why would I think she’d lose a gem like Scandal… That Olivia Pope with her dramatic lip quiver.  Idk if that will ever get old.

Dear ATM, so I can deposit money into you?  You can also deposit checks if I sign them?  I am so not 2014…  oh and it blows my mind when people take photos of checks w their phones and deposit them… whaaa???

Dear Casino, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow… but no bingo or gambling for this lady… just VIP club dancing bachelorette party FUN!

Dear Smellen, thanks for the shoes!!  It’s the best to have a sister with the same shoe size as you!!!

Dear Candy Crush, STILL goin strong!!

Dear NF, so Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday you decided to cling to your bed screaming NIGHT NIGHTTTTTT when we tried to leave the house in the morning!!! but Tuesday and Friday you were an angel.  What’s that about?  I can’t deal with your inconsistent behavior.. let’s just be an angel Mon-Fri.  Thank you!

Dear Cher, You can wear whatever outfit you want because you’re fabulous for LIFE.

Dear Hillary Clinton, I love how you made the softball jab at the woman who threw the shoe at you!