What I’m Loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday

nf zooo

NF: How could I not be loving this guy!  He’s the size of a big penguin!


Grits: I’ve been eating grits from a cafeteria for weeks and I just thought it was the white oatmeal.  I JUST found out it’s grits… I mean I had a feeling it might not be white oat meal… maybe it was called hot cereal?  I put granola and a little brown sugar in it.  It reminds me of the cereal I used to make for NF when he was really little.  Anyway, I just found out I’m loving grits.  I saw that they have different flavors on the quaker website… I don’t know about all that – I’m stickin with the plain.


This photo of Teresa and Gia: I’m pretty ready for RHONJ to start!  and I’m loving this photo Teresa shared last week of her and Gia years ago.  So so cute!