Graze Box Review #8


Graze box is a box that comes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or pretty much however often you want… it comes with 4 fun, healthy, creative snacks!  It’s only $5 a box (that includes shipping).

Korai Chutney: I didn’t like this as much as the fruity mango chutney.  The curry bites tasted very fresh though.

Vanilla Cherry Frangipane: cherries, almonds, vanilla pumpkin and vanilla sunflower seeds… mmmm soo good!

Scandinavain Forest: blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins, and apple.  Pretty good!

Missippi bbq pistachios: eh Im over pistachios right now.

Graze Box Review


Graze box is a box that comes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or pretty much however often you want… it comes with 4 fun, healthy, creative snacks!  It’s only $5 a box (that includes shipping).  Totally worth it!  Go to and use this code PZ1C7LJ.

  • Jaffa Cake: I got this in my 2nd or 3rd graze box.  My review for it then was that I liked it.  This time though, it was melted…. so it was just like this… and I think I liked it less.  (it was sort of like a candy bar… but not really formed well.



  • Summer Berry Compote: I got this one before too… and I really do like the short bread dippers… but you only get three.  I ate this in like 30 seconds.  Carla Hall does a lot of “compotes” maybe I should look into this.


  • Bounty Hunter: milk chocolate, coconut flakes, and cranberries… yes please!  I liked this.  But it was also melted so the milk chocolate just made the coconut and cranberries stuck together.  This one I put in the fridge for a while before I ate it so it’d stick together better.  But I would have preferred the chocolate to be little pieces like it was intended.

bounty hunter

  • Fruity Mango Chutney: THIS is what I love about graze box.  I would never snack on mango chutney regularly!  I loved the black pepper dippers, which they gave you a lot of… and the mango chutney was sweet and spicy at the same time, it was just a flavor I’m not used to tasting and I thought it was a great change!


Graze box review #6


Graze box is a box that comes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or pretty much however often you want… it comes with 4 fun, healthy, creative snacks!  It’s only $5 a box (that includes shipping).  Totally worth it!  Go to and use this code XDGNFDH.

  • Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack:  my first repeat.  I said that I “liked” this and now I will get it occasionally.  SO I just switched it to “try” because I didn’t fall totally in love with them.. they were just good ya know.  Just good that’s all.
  • Texan Corn Salsa: corn chips, salsa almonds, and roasted corn… the little corn chips were my favorite part.  They were like a tiny crunch and I liked eating them.
  • Tropical Daiquiri: pineapple, lime infused raisins, and green mango.  Well the dired pineapple was quite chewy and so were the green mangos – but they were okay.  It was the lime infused raisins that had me scratching my head… they were so weird.  This was just a chewy fruit mess in my mouth and I didn’t enjoy it.
  • Poached Pear: pear, raisins, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon infused raisins.  The pears were chewy and good.  The raisins had me a little confused, but I think I liked regular, mixed with a little lemon raisins more than I liked the lime ones.  The best part of this mix were to my suprise, the vanilla pumpkin seeds.  They were vanilla and sticky on the outside, and then a snap when you ate them but not chewy like some pumpkin seeds can be like.

Graze Box Review!

My 4th Graze Box


  • Fruit and seed flapjak: Rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits.  This tasted pretty similar to regular grocery store granola bars.  ONE of them I ate (there were 3) had really hard pieces of seeds?  I was unable to chew it.  It was like rocks.  The other two didn’t have them.  I didn’t like them because of that. (it’s not in the picture because I ate it before I took the photo).
  • Mississippi bbq pistachios: These were good.  They reminded me of the bbq flavored sun flower seeds.
  • My Thai: Sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites.  I loved these!!  SO good!
  • Marvellous Macaroon:  Amaretti drops, almond slices, coconut flakes, and white chocolate buttons.  WOOOOOOW This was amazing!!!  I really really liked this.

Graze Box Reviews

My 2nd and 3rd Graze box…


  • Toffee Apple: I thought I’d like this.  But I didn’t.  The sticky toffee just didn’t do it for me… and the granny smith apple slices were so tiny and chewy.  I decided to ask to not get this again in my box.
  • Dark Rocky Road: pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons, and cranberries… why the heck not?!  This was just okay.  I wasn’t wild over it.
  • Black Pepper Pistachios: I’ve had pistachios before, but never with black pepper.  hmmm not my favorite.  I am not in a pistachios kinda mood the past year.
  • Bonnie Wee Oatbakes: red onion marmalade with cheese and chive oatbakes.  GROSS.  I hated this.


  • Java Cake: roasted hazels, orange infused raisins, and dark chocolate buttons.  The hazelnuts were excellent, can’t go wrong with dark chocolate buttons, but the orange infused raisins were weird… it was like my mouth was expecting a raisin and got an orange flavored raisin(that’s actually exactly what happened).  I guess it was pretty good.
  • Pomodoro Rustichella: Cheese croutons, tomato, basil and oregano almonds and mini tomato breadsticks… this was okay, not my favorite from the savory selection.
  • Super Berry Detox: blueberries, green raisins, goji berries, and cranberries.  (I haven’t tried this yet and will update when I do)
  • Summber Berry Compote: Berry Compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers.  Yum.  This was good.  I liked the shortbread dippers.

My first Graze Box…


My first graze box.

  • Honeycomb Crunch – I LOVED THIS.  It was chocolate covered honeycomb, raisins, and almonds.  SO good.  I love everything chocolate.
  • The British Barbecue – rosemary crostini, mini basil breadsticks, fiery seeds and smoked almonds.  Savery is right.  This snack was delightful and flavorful!
  • Garden of England – mini strawberries, blackcurrants, and apple.  Ummm I thought these would be dry and crispy but they are soft and leathery.  But still tastey… but the blackcurrants, which I’ve never had before were bitter.
  • Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack – rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon.  I scarfed this down after spin class.  At first I thought, this is bland… but then I started to really enjoy the texture.  It’s mushier and fresher than a regular granola bar… then I looked at the nutrition facts and it has 95% of your daily vitamin A.  So I looked up what vitamin A is good for your eyes and my eyes are terrible espeically lately (I won’t get into that).  SO I feel pretty great about eating this instead of like a cup of goldfish crackers.