Girls Season 4 Episode 2 “Triggering”

Girls Season 4 Episode 2 “Triggering”


The episode starts off with Hannah being elated that $250 in Iowa gets you what a fortune would get you in NYC… so she goes for the $800 a month house.  Personally I’d rather be in a tiny place in Iowa, than a giant house alone… exactly because of bats and empty rooms… which is what Hahhah deals with her first days living there.


Hannah rides her bike around campus with her retro hipster hot pink helmet… but it doesn’t seem to be going so well.  I am not sure we’ll see her riding this bike in future episodes because it is taken after she was told she doesn’t need to lock up her bike (because it’s Iowa).


New Character from the writers’ workshop played by Desiree Akhavan.


Marnie says… “No one is moving to Iowa ever, but I’m so, so glad you’re happy.”  AH Marnie you drive me crazy knitting that scarf ugh.

book store

The book store scene… hilarious.  Brought me right back in time.


I lived in a cell phone dead zone in college from 2004-2005… but it was my first cell phone (that I JUST got) and it was way more common.  I think I’d die if I was Hannah right about then… but it gets worse… bats…


I’d 100% sleep in the bathroom with my comforter every night terrified of bats.


Hannahh… worst first day of classes outfit ever.


I like D.August… I pretty much loath the rest of these people at the writer’s workshop thing


Bike is gone.


“TMI is such an outdated concept.  There’s no such thing as too much information, this is the information age!”


I love that Sosh and Jessa are watching Scandal… and the weird Huck and Quinn romance.  And I probably looked JUST like Soshanna watching that.


SO happy Elijah came to visit… and I loved the college party… all of it.  It really made me miss those days, but at the same time, so glad it’s over.  But I still want to do it again, maybe one more time.


Giving the blunt truth advice to a random crying girl in the line for the bathroom then cutting her… omg totally real life.

I can’t wait for next week.


So WHAT Wednesday


Today is Wendesday and today I am so WHAT if…

  • I am sad that Lolo Jones was eliminated first off DWTS… she was so awkward and beautiful I couldn’t stop staring at her!  And I loved/hated her reason for doing the show during that clip montage (is that what you’d call it) during the result show she said something like her prom date thought she was a bad dancer and stopped dancing with me and I haven’t slow danced with a man since.  Ouch.  I wish I got to see her on GMA this morning.  Lolo never got to learn how to be sexy and I REALLY wanted to see that.


  • I am loving Big Brother and at the same time I am ready for new fall shows and for Fall to officially begin.  And I want Derek to win and I am really glad they finally got Frankie out.

download (1)

  • I bought a $30 table cloth from Wegmans because I liked it and I knew it was over priced but it was the first table cloth I ever bought and I’ll love it forever.
  • I am still not sure of what the tv line up is for the new shows… and I was thrown off seeing that The Mindy Project was new last night…
  • I think that having 4 DWTS judges is going to be an issue with time
  • I am love with Teresa Giudice this season of Real Housewives of NJ.  I am not in love with Amber Marchese and her husband on the show… I came in skeptical… and I am still skeptical.
  • Since we moved I have no grocery shopping routine set…
  • NF is finally off baby food… now that he’s almost 3
  • omg my baby is almost 3
  • I am loving cable… mostly for the DVR… 3 years without it – I am really appreciative of it but then I am like wait a second I am paying a lot for all this… so maybe my attitude will change…
  • why the f is sesame street not on netflicks right now… better get your agreements or whatever in order cause that was a go to fav
  • I LOVED the first 3 seasons of Girls and I can’t WAIT for season 4
  • I also loved Mad Men and I can’t wait for the finale season… but I don’t want it to end… but I also didn’t want the 50’s to end in the show either but time moves forward
  • I wanted a pumpkin roll from Wegmans and they were SOLD OUT TOTALLY… UHHHH… get on that Wegmans… you’re sitting on a gold mine
  • I felt SO bad for Jace on Teen Mom 2 while all that chaos was going on before Janelle’s baby shower…I am NOT a fan of Nathan.  I frickin love Jace.
  • This post makes it seem like I watch too much tv…