Friday’s Letters

Friday letters

Dear C, yeah you.  After having this blog for about 9 months?  You finally found out.  Totally my fault messaging YOU about it when I though I was talking to my other friend (happens to the best of us).  Secrets out.

Dear NF, you’re top 3 words this week are dada, baby, and elmo……. It’s really adorable that you say dada and point to dada’s picture… but hey!  What about me!!

Dear Smellen and Janman, see ya tomorrow!  Can’t wait to pick all the applessss!

Dear GinaMarie Zimmerman, So what’s the deal?  What are you doing now with your 50k?  Is it too soon?  What do you think of being fired from your job?  Are you with Nick?  I need to know!  TMZ let’s GO!

Dear Sue Heck, I’ve missed you!!!  omg I can’t freaking wait for The Middle!!

sue heck 5

Dear Andrew Kravis, I can’t believe NBC gave you 2.6 Million dollars on Million Second Quiz.  That’s soo much money!

Dear Jeopardy, I am so loving the new shows… it’s the best turning it on and seeing a returning champion a week later and you’re like AHHH that guy is still on!!  YEAH!  I basically always want the returning champion to win, unless I really don’t like them for some reason.

Dear apples, I so don’t like cutting apples.  I know they have those pealer things… but I don’t have one.

Thursday Thoughts

Today’s Thursday and it’s time for Thursday Thoughts…

I see my future in this picture… will this be my son in 13 years texting girls?  (in this picture he has the air conditioning remote).

Last night was the season finale of Big Brother 15.  The final two, Andy Herren and GinaMarie Zimmerman.  Andy played the best game… GinaMarie was more entertaining.  I should have known better to think GinaMarie had a chance.  Duh, Andy is (was?) a public speaking teacher… he did like 1,000x better than GinaMarie at answering the questions.  And is anyone else wondering what’s happening with Nick and GinaMarie now that she’s out of the house?

I used to be a die hard fan (which I thought it was “die heart fan” and I just had to look that up.. and I’m certain I’ve looked that up before).  Anyway, I’ve watched prooobbbabbly 20 of the 26 seasons of Survivor?  I wasn’t going to watch this season, but it happened to be on before the Big Brother season finale (good one CBS).  My thoughts, I like this new dynamic!  Who do I want to win?  Too early to decide.  I am interested in seeing if Colton Cumbie has really changed… and I love that Gervase Peterson is back!  Although, I did not like how he celebrated when their team won, after he proved he couldn’t really swim.


Lorde aka Ella Yelich O’Connor, 16 years old from New Zealand… I’m in  love.  I’m even MORE in love now that I’ve heard her do Royals live here.  I have to admit, I sorta wish she was from NY.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

It’s Wednesday and THIS is what I’m LOVING!


NF: You’re saying so many new things!  I swear you said, “Ut oh, we’re ok” about 100 times on Saturday!


Lorde – Royals: I obsessed.  You can see the music video here.  It’s the BEST song to come on as I’m driving my 2003 awesome rusted car without a passenger side door handle.  Oh and this girl is only 16?  and I am in love with her hair.  I’m determined to learn all the words and maybe make a music video with my sister… am I too old to do that still?

and we’ll never be royals (royals)
it don’t run in our blood
that kinda luxe just aint for us
we crave a different kinda buzz
let me be your ruler (ruler)
you can call me queen bee
and I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule
let me live that fantasy


New Jeopardy episodes: I’m totally loving that new episodes of Jeopardy are on.  They also have a new-ish set and graphics.  Not a complete make over, it’s different, but basically the same… in a few weeks I won’t even remember what it used to look like.  I love returning champions – and I want them to win more and more and more!  The guy on right now has a 4 day total of like $130,000!  Whatt!

big brother

Big Brother Finale on tonight: doesn’t this mean that summer if officially over?  We’re down to three players… Spencer Clawson, GinaMarie Zimmerman,  and Andy Herren.  I want GinaMarie to win… but I have to forget all the dumb mean things she said to Candice Stewart.  I just read an article here – about how all three finalist have lost there jobs outside of the house.


DWTS: I am totally loving that Dancing the the Stars is only on ONE night this season.  No more waiting until the last 5 minutes of Tuesday night’s episode to tune in to find out the results live.  I do see how this is tough on the contestants though… it was weird when So You Think You Can Dance.  So far I am sooo loving Amber Riley and Snooki (Nicole Polizzi).  here are my predictions for the season


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split: is this really breaking news?  We’ve all just been patiently waiting for this to happen… even before the can’t stop, vma’s, and the hammer licking wrecking ball video... she was engaged at 19… it was just like hello, why would anyone take that seriously?  Didn’t you deep down want it to work, and be the most long lasting relationship in celeb history… but then she did the vma’s and you were like, LIAM RUNNN!!  Thankfully he did.  Miley… get this out of your system… actually don’t… this is actually more entertaining than a come back/clean up you’re bound to have in a year.  This paragraph is probably confusing to read… but my thoughts about Miley are confusing… I just DON’T know Miley.  All I DO know is that I am glad I don’t have a daughter that idolizes you.


Fisher-Price Learn to Flush Potty: I don’t know if I am technically loving this… because I think it’s staring at me while I go…. and it randomly started singing in the bathroom when NO ONE touched it.  But I do love that NF has a potty now… and that this one is pretty cool with the flushing and song singing.

Wegmans Italian Classics Arrabbiata Sauce

Wegmans Italian Classics Arrabbiata Sauce: I love this sauce.  It’s so fresh and refrigerated and spicy!  So good on spinach ravioli.