So What Wednesday!!

Today is so what Wednesday and this week I’m saying so what if…

  • I track Lamar Odom’s every move via tmz.
  • I watched the Tigger Movie last night basically by myself because NF wasn’t interested… *spoiler alert*… there is only one Tigger and he doesn’t find his family… but he realizes his friends are like his family… uhhh I saw that one coming like 6 minutes in.
  • I researched energy efficient hair dryers because someone told me that hair dryers make your energy bill go up a lot.  Energy is included where I live now, but when it’s not anymore (i.e. we move) I am going to be so aware now of my 10 minute hair drying routine costing real $.
  • I bought those foot pad things that take the toxins out of your feet… and they came from China and took like two months to arrive…. should I be sketched out and not try them?
  • so what if I got pretzels with my sandwich when I really wanted potato chips… I just felt like it was a healthier decision?  Is it even?  Someone research this for me, thanks.
  • I’d like to never hear or read the name George Zimmerman again.
  • I went on a wine tour and only bought two bottles of wine and now I am regretting it sooo much, I should have bought lots and lots more!